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  1. I’ve done well with 5” translucent sp minnows during the day also, but not so well at night. Other 5” sp minnows were working just as well during the day, so my guess is the size of the plug is what interested the bass, not so much the color.
  2. Cowboy no longer available, will repost in another lot.
  3. Sure, pm sent. Thank cowboy is the only plug left available.
  4. Here is a picture of the bottom of the chair. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  5. A40 and CB jr sold. Jr. and Cowboy still available.
  6. I’d like to refinish this Oak chair, but have no experience in this. Other than what I googled and you tubed, I’m clueless. Should I use a liquid stripper, then wet wash, sand , then refinish ? I know there is a stripper paste, but that looks a little tougher to work with, since it has to be scraped off, then possibly scrubbed with steel wool. Sanding it is another option, but when sanding the arms, it completely gums up the sand paper, rendering it useless.....although I like the look after sanding. Also, there is a slight crack in the chair seat. If I put pressure on each side of the chair, I can close that gap. Any recommendations what would adhere that crack best ? I will certainly be clamping it after applying the adhesive. Thanks in advance for all advice, and wish me luck.
  7. $38.00 each for the A40 and CBJr. Pm sent.
  8. All new, never fished. A couple of small blemishes on a few of the plugs. $150.00 shipped postal money order.
  9. I've had this before, and the day I left the ENT Dr.'s office on my way home to schedule a tube procedure, I held my nose and tried to breath out my nose. It hurts like hell, but once the crackling starts, keep at it until you can start to hear a little better, or feel the pressure relieve a bit. Then do the same a couple times a day for 3 or 4 days, and that might clear it up for you. Worked for me. Good luck, because that condition sucks !
  10. Simms is what u want, they will custom make....but not cheap. I bought a 4xl , and they are too big for me. .....bought a 3xl and they fit great......6.2" 315lbs
  11. I just picked the reel up a little while ago, and haven't disabled the auto pickup yet....I guess it's time lol
  12. I just picked this reel up a little while ago right here in the BST forum, and didn't convert it to a manual bail yet. I guess it's time :-)
  13. I lost 4 sp minnows in a week a Few weeks ago . All were 5", 13F. The fish were blitzing for a week, and were lost due to bail closing on cast ..... all lost E of mill creek....I see they were lost in some type of container, so I guess they were not mine ....haaaa
  14. I'm in Ma. 5 minutes from the canal