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  1. I just picked the reel up a little while ago, and haven't disabled the auto pickup yet....I guess it's time lol
  2. I just picked this reel up a little while ago right here in the BST forum, and didn't convert it to a manual bail yet. I guess it's time :-)
  3. I lost 4 sp minnows in a week a Few weeks ago . All were 5", 13F. The fish were blitzing for a week, and were lost due to bail closing on cast ..... all lost E of mill creek....I see they were lost in some type of container, so I guess they were not mine ....haaaa
  4. I'm in Ma. 5 minutes from the canal
  5. Where are u located ?
  6. Will you accept $50.00 cash and the choice of 1 lure ? They are unused bm's
  7. I own a couple of 360's, 460's, and a 560. The 360 was paired with a 7 1/2' tidemaster, that I was using for Albies. It was nicely balanced, but I was not crazy with the amount of line it picked up per revolution. I found that when the Albie was running toward me, I couldn't get back in touch with it...very slow. The 460 I used with a gsb 1081L and found that to be balanced well also, but slow on line pickup. That has since been replaced with a Zee baas. The 560 hasn't been used much lately. They were all used with either 14lb or 20lb fireline, and I found that to be a friendly line for those reel, with good cast ability. I have had the bail closure issue on just one of these reels, the 360 that I picked up here for half price, and have yet to disable the manual pickup only because I have replaced that with a stradic 500. They are easy to maintain, but some parts are getting difficult to find. Another issue I have had, is the reel body housing screws are very soft, and the heads can be stripped pretty easy. It's very important to use the correct size screw driver. Over all, I think they are decent reels, especially now that you can get them for cheap money. My kids use them now and beat on them, but I am ok with that. You can get 3-4 years out of them with very little maintenance, and then just part them out. Just a side note, these are all used from the beach, as I don't fish the canal. I have the original ones I think....certainly not the slammer 2 or 3. Line pickup for the 360 I used is 28" per turn
  8. I'm glad to hear both men got out of the water alive ! At first glance, it looks like a harmless beach, but there does appear to be a consistent 2-3' drop off in about two feet of water that runs a good portion of the first stretch of beach. Couple that with a hole, and a panicked fisherman, and that could spell disaster real quick......your friend Rolland saved that mans life, and is a brave man.
  9. Incredible amount of bait on the race this weekend. Macks pushing peanuts up on the beach, but nothing on them. ...tried live lining macks, and plugging...nothing doing. ...oh yeah, saw a couple of seals too.
  10. My apologies, it was a polomar knot. I guess I don't know my knots as well as I thought.
  11. I didn't tie it, I found it. Pretty easy to identify a loop knot.
  12. Cheeks were eaten out.....it was a loop knot tied directly to the barrel swivel
  13. My guess as to what killed that fish was exhaustion of the fight, coupled with the plug still in its mouth. The knot looked good, what looks to be power pro frayed just below the knot.