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  1. Sedge Enders is a great product. A quick google search will tell you the approximate time germinates in your area, and you can use it as a pre emergent. Also works as a post emergent.
  2. In my opinion, Fisherman’s view has better food and a better view. The portions will be smaller, with higher prices. It’s very loud in there also. Pilot house has ok food, larger portions, and imo the wait staff is much more attentive, and friendly. Depending on time of day, could be up to an hours wait at either location.
  3. Zbaas ZX20/22
  4. I have been fishing the same old school, burgundy GSB 108 1L for 19 years and love it. Like previously stated, throws 3/4 - 2 1/2 awesome. It is also Great at throwing eels. Biggest fish caught to date on it has been 35lbs, with no problem. I like it so much, I just went to CMS in New Bedford Ma. and ordered a new one, on the newer blanks. 4-5 week turnaround this time of year, and will run about $ 340.00 wrapped with K guides, cork tape, and a Fuji reel seat. In my opinion, one of the most versatile rods out there.
  5. Then why post a phony spot burn .
  6. An old time sharpie from Truro once told me, don’t ever be afraid of casting parallel to the shore. Boy was he right !
  7. Good post. I do this when I’m walking my way to or back from an inlet I like to fish. I’ll cast my lure out, and then just walk 30 to 40 yards or so, sweeping my rod as I go. After about 40 yards of walking or so, I find the lure is just about up on the sand. I do it so as to not waste too much time getting to my destination, or from it. I have taken 3 small fish this year doing it, and it seems to catch me off guard every time.
  8. This is great advice, right there . Well said, my friend .
  9. Im Going to retract my offer, and buy new. Thanks anyway. Glws
  10. Irons 4-9, pw,aw
  11. Would you take 190.00 shipped, postal money order to Sandwich, Ma. ? If so, I’ll take them.
  12. Thanks for the feedback boys, I appreciate it.
  13. Curious to hear feedback as well. My go to rod is a GSB 108 1L, that’s about 20 years old, and was thinking about getting a new one. I created a thread in the rod builder forum, with a few good replies if that helps.
  14. I was wondering If there would be much difference in the blank between the gsb 108 1l I had wrapped 20 years ago, vs one wrapped today ? With the new type of guides today, would it be reasonable to expect greater casting distance ? Would there be any other difference makers in old vs new ? Thanks.