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  1. I googled Fenwick and Lami G70 blanks and came up empty....I was thinking Fenwick also.....maybe others will chime in. Thanks.
  2. Can anyone ID this blank ? Freshwater rod, rated 8-12 lb test. 6 1/2 ‘ Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  3. ^^^ This....always knew it is kill the man with the ball.....good game.
  4. Price reduced to $45.00 shipped
  5. $53.00 shipped check or postal money order. Fished twice, in excellent condition. No hook pointers.
  6. Fished once. $28.00 shipped check or postal money order.
  7. Sold to pearl...pm sent
  8. Not interested in trades. $55.00 shipped is lowest I’ll go.
  9. $60.00 Shipped, check or postal money order. In Excellent condition....no box or paperwork.
  10. Pm sent
  11. Sure. How’s $22.00 shipped. Personal check, cash, or postal money order sound.
  12. I don’t do pay pal, but will accept a personal check also..... where do u live ? I’m in Sandwich.
  13. $80.00 shipped, postal money order. No Box or paperwork. In excellent shape.
  14. I have these two canal style pencils. Yellow BM is 3 1/8 oz. new, never fished. Mackerel pencil is a Gibbs I believe, and 2 7/8 oz. I am asking $55.00 shipped, check or postal money order.