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  1. I was asking for model number as well. I just bought the 10 6” 1-6oz. Might want something with more action
  2. I heard about that. Thats embarrassing. Us locals prefer april or mid september. Are the crowds gone yet
  3. I would suggest if you want to sell you can start your own thread.
  4. Nice, the TA clip looks stretch a little
  5. Turned south-east on my yesterday afternoon and things just shut down
  6. Im a local moco guy. My normal 20min back roads trip took 1h 5m yesterday. I then realized why i hate the summers.
  7. I will tell you i was stomach high this week with a gator blue and i hooked him good on a gt ice cream. I couldnt get the hook out. I mived as fast as i could back to shore to get hook out while having the blue thru the water on the gripper. Got him on shore. Hook out and then spent a few minutes reviving him. I respect everything i catch. God gave us this ability to enjoy the fish so i try to release as quickly as possible. I ended up crushing my single hook barb and dropping fish on thr tail wag but all as good. So the question is what did i do wrong. You got a gator blue chest high and i couldnt drop faster.
  8. Price drop for local pickup. 150$. Bottom price. This is a steal.
  9. Great. I would need this in spanish as well.
  10. Sudsy. What? I will bring u half a doz from there amd from wemrock or battleview. Then u tell me which is better.
  11. Thats wacky.
  12. I have to say the only thing good about being near delicious orchards is going to be the amount of traffic it will draw to distillery. I live down the street and im amazed how people think that place is good. Place is terrible.