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  1. Cnn hired an audio expert. I mean come the **** on.
  2. I live in nj. Even worse. So my vote doesnt count much, but as an american i am given the opportunity to vote and i do it. I have an infant child and maybe in his lifetime he will see the northeast flip red. We will see.
  3. Guess what a day passed on the tapes and im still voting for trump in 2020
  4. No leak. Cohens lawyer was on program. Guiliani said on ingraham they got word at 6pm they were going to be released. I hope he taped him in florida bc that would be a crime. You need two to consent.
  5. The point is his base doesnt care. But ****** are too stupid to realize it. Who gives a flying ****. He cheated on his wife with hot chicks. Great. Who cares.
  6. So what he paid off a playboy model. Who cares. Makes me want to vote for him more. His core base could care less about this. Im jealous of all the hot ass he gets.
  7. I dont know about you, but i cant wait to vote for trump again in 2020. MAGA.
  8. Well thats a nice surprise
  9. I went for a walk by the water yesterday. Huge surf and not a sole in the water. Chocolate muck! Basically unfishable where I was in MOCO. I'm sure that's the same after a NE blow
  10. Those days are LONG gone
  11. Whats the best way to unhook them and put them back?
  12. Man you got the ticket. Nice job.
  13. I know highend is not trying to be a dick but he has a good point. If you even hook into something on an 8’ tics you will be toast. Most people fish 11+’. Plus you need to catch fish and use them as big baits to catch big fish. Hire a guide it will be worth it.
  14. How long do you think it will take to dissolve?
  15. Thanks for all the tips gents.. Curious as to why you crush and grind off the barb? Do sharks not have the concept of spitting the hook. I know crush barbs with bluefish and we have to keep line super tight b/c when they tailwag out of water they can easily spit hook. I was most likely having problems with my twists b/c the wire was too thin. That makes sense. I'm going to get 200#+ and see if it makes it easier. Im having a hell of a hard time finding the mustard 3x 12/0's online that will get to my house fast and I might have to take a ride to the shop this weekend. Will sharks' bend out gamakatsu 10/0's as well? I can't imagine a bent hook out in my mind that's so big but what do i know.. Also, I saw a mention of a 16" pliers to help release the hook, now I didn't flip thru all 64 pages, but what's the best way to remove hook and release, is it on back, hold up nose to make them calm, remove hook, and then drag back into water? I'm used to catching big dogfish, 3'+ and I just put them easily back in, but they are harmless. I don't want my leg to end up in their mouth