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  1. Funny. I offered him a wad of cash to move to top. He said he needs prize at end. I would do anything to fish with skinner. His youtube channel is nuts. Guy catches more fish in an outing than i do in a season. I will say that from the seminars most of the speakers kept repeating how sorry they were for us jersey guys bc all out structure is gone thx to Sandy and beach replenishment. How nice it was to continously hear that. Ha!
  2. Its funny. I walked by skinner a few times as well. He doesnt seem like an outgoing guy. I decided to pass on his book bc i would rather buy the ebook and he cant sign my ipad. Hahha i caught up with jamie at flatlanders. Bought a couple of accessories from him and im just waiting for my bag to be built. Guys did a great job throwing it. Boy was it crowded. The grs line alone wrapped around the backroom. No plug is worth that kind of money imho. Seminars were good. I sat thru joey baggs seminar but it was wierd because we cant fish for stripers until march 1st. Oh well. Overall good show.
  3. Yup. That was a zoo
  4. Shocker. Grs plugs sold out in 45m
  5. Line is pretty long. Goes fast
  6. Christ. So whats the best time to head over there. Will i be able to get in for the first seminar
  7. Thats literally insane that people wait all day and night. I live two miles from there and i might just wait for the morning line to subside.
  8. Well a few more hours to go.....
  9. Dan - qq - If our hand is stamped, can we come and go, for example, if we want to leave to get something to eat or head home for a few? I'm looking forward to meeting you as well. You going to be at a table?
  10. Plug flippers? Thats a new one. Bc if its anything like the concert ticket flippers i might freak the **** out. 5x retail.
  11. A week to go. I'm excited. I live down the street, did people really wait there all night for the surf show? I mean how crowded does it get? I was expecting a little show, but this thing seems massive. I've never been to one, so I'm excited. On average, how many people show up to this based and door entrance fees? Now i saw some people say things are expensive. Like what are we talking? Up charge of x%? Anything to watch out for /avoid? Thanks and looking forward to meeting all SOL's
  12. It was disgusting in the spring run to see piling up 15+lb bluefish stacked up in a hot spot for weeks on edge in moco. You can't eat that much fish... I love catching bluefish...
  13. Duh, I see below.. I searched but I didn't find anything... Ok, I'm excited for surf day..
  14. Just curious how no one mentioned this in the NJ thread? Is it not allowed to be spoken of?
  15. 12" in colts neck. 24" drifts.