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  1. OMG after they talked, i was like, man they are downplaying this.. what a joke...
  2. Wow 8 @ 14" That's nuts... And 1 weakfish now...
  3. That big fish gives me a little hope for december...
  4. The fishing beach is very deceiving to fish sometimes. Depending where you go. There are large cement things in the water to the left, also, there is a significant drop off to the bar, so if you aren't aware it could be dangerous. RIP fellow fisherman.
  5. Rest in peace. I carry a dive knife to cut outside of waders. Pfd is interesting but if youre alone its useless. Doesnt someone have to call. Dont ever underestimate the ocean.
  6. The lower courts are going to still hear cases against the travel ban and use his twitter as some sort of evidence. Heard this on foxnews. Leftist idiots slowing progress
  7. Perhaps the shortage of bass is related to the shortage of xmas trees or global warming. Nuff said...
  8. Nomoco. Fished a few spots. Not a hit. Nadda. Saw no one catching either
  9. Are you a liberal? It sounds like it. And youre leaving ny?
  10. NJ is one of the only states you can make 200k+ and still be broke. Hahaha its a **** state that only is getting worse bc of murphy and the new federal tax plan. But hey thats life and Im stuck for now. As for the federal tax plan the final one isnt passed yet so you will not know what effects you until you are a few years in. I just heard 6k lobbyists working against the passing of it. Joke. **** K street
  11. I live in NJ. I voted for trump. This plan hurts conservatives that live in nj. But the fact is i cant leave nj bc of work family so my only hope is that the federal plan makes the state govts fix their broken system for my sons generation. I am for tax reform for sure.
  12. I saw no one mentioned 9/11 museum. An amazing experience. Especially for folks that lived thru it.
  13. Agree.... No fish..
  14. Perhaps your avatar should be updated to reflect CnR
  15. Leaves are about a month off. Lets hope stripers are as well.