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  1. I appreciate everyone's advice on this. If I go with a light braid and snap off plugs I will go with a shock leader, as stated in my opening post. Also, this is one specific situation I am talking about, I am casting to breaking fish and it is easy to see how far out they are. If I don't need the distance I will go with the spool that has the same 40lb braid that I use now. I am leaning towards 20lb PP Slick.
  2. We all have our own methods of finding fish at the Canal, one of mine entails throwing plugs a long way. Jigging, finding rips and holes is another way. Changing a spool or setting up a distance rod is not a big deal, for me anyway. I see plenty of guys riding around with several setups in their bikes. If the guy with the conventional can use 20lb mono I can't see 20lb braid being an issue. I'm wondering how 10lb braid compares in strength to 20lb mono. Maxquatro looks interesting.
  3. At the spot I fish most often at the Canal distance matters. At my age I need all the help I can get. I recently purchased a distance reel that will come with 2 spools, braid and mono. The braid spool is very shallow. I normally use 40lb braid but I am considering going down to 20lb for this spool. I got to thinking about this after talking to an old timer with a conventional, he uses 20lb mono with a shock leader. Would it be possible to drop to 10lb braid with a shock leader?
  4. I make these weights by cutting an egg sinker in half (not an easy job), then I drill the weight out and, using my vice, press in a brass gas hose barbed connector. Certainly a lot harder than buying them but I like about 2oz and I don't know if they are available in that size. Plus I use a slim profile blank and need to be sure that the diameter of the weight is equal to or smaller than that of the plug. Honestly I don't find a big advantage for this type of weight over using 2 X 1oz tail weights inserted in the plug. Even a plug with an external tail weight can still wobble on take off or in flight.
  5. Keens do have an open toe model, the Daytona. I bought a used pair on eBay for $22 shipped. I have Kold Kutters that I will screw into them for grip. I have a pair of Tevas with KK's in them but the thinner soles makes them uncomfortable, the Keens should work fine.
  6. Keens have a very thick sole but the closed toe box holds sand and pebbles. Maybe they make an open toe model.
  7. I put a hook into my thumb at home, it wasn't in very deep. I tried to cut down to the barb with an exacto knife so I could pull the hook back out. It didn't work so I went to the ER. The doc said he was going to push the hook through and cut the barb. I told him that I thought that was going to cause a lot of unnecessary damage asked if he could back the hook out. He took a closer look and reached in to the barb with some kind of surgical tool and slipped the hook back out. He said that the flesh was cut almost to the barb and this allowed him to pull the hook back out. It seems like standard practice is to push the hook all the way through, depending on how deep the barb is this might be a more damaging way to get the hook out.
  8. The 'quiet' rod has the reel taped on it right now. I switched out the reel on the 'loud' rod with one that has Power Pro Slick on it, there might have been a slight improvement, but today was not as quiet as when I first became aware of the whine so it is difficult to be sure. When I take the reel off the other rod I will try it on this one.
  9. Buy an Osprey suit.
  10. Tonight I went down to the Cape Cod Canal to test two rods that I bought over the winter. I have been using both of these rods for some plugging but tonight I wanted to test them side by side for feel and distance with a jig. Both rods are 11ft and similarly rated. One of them is highly rated and well reviewed for general surf casting, a 1-5oz rod. The other I bought on closeout from an outfitter in Texas, including shipping I paid $75, they listed it at about $280. I bought it mainly because it had Microwave surf guides, I figured that if it was a piece of junk I could strip off the guides and use them on another blank. I alternated a half dozen casts with each rod and one thing stood out right away. On a high speed retrieve bringing the jig back in one of them had a very audible, high pitched whine. I'm sure I would get used to it but it was a little annoying. The other rod was completely silent. This high pitched noise is something I have heard before but I have never really paid much attention to it. Tonight, on a side by side test it was very noticeable. I was using two different reels, one had 30lb Power Pro, the other 30lb Suffix 832. I'm wondering what could be the cause of this vibration. I'm thinking that it's the braid as it slides over the tip. But is it the braid, the lip of ring in the tip, the flex of the rod, or the blank itself?
  11. Can they stand on their hands?
  12. Rosenstein has nothing to hide, he welcomes an immediate investigation. If there was a problem he would have said it was a "witch hunt".
  13. I would look into getting an owl, but search to see if it would be effective for chipmunks and squirrels, I'm thinking it would be. We had a very persistent mockingbird in the backyard, I'm sure there was a nest somewhere. Whenever either of our 2 cats was in the backyard this bird would go nuts making a very loud alarm chirp. This would go on for hours, it didn't bother the cats, they would just lay in shade. In desperation for some P&Q I bought a fake owl and stuck it on a post, no more mockingbird. You might have to move it around every now and then to keep the pests from getting used to it. The ones they sell now have a head that rotates freely in the wind. On the down side it would probably keep a lot of wildlife out of the yard. And it might not work on night creatures.
  14. Treat any stumps with a killer, even small ones, or they will keep sending up suckers.
  15. That's a monster job. I would say mow it regularly and see what you've got. Obviously it's not irrigated so it will probably burn out every summer. The drought resistant grasses should take over. Crabgrass might be problem but hey, it will take the heat so you might want to let go, at least for a while, you can control it later if you want. If you want to treat the broadleaf weeds and clover think about a backpack sprayer for spot applications, the granulars don't work very well for this. With a piece of land that big you are going to want to avoid overfertilizing because it will give you a massive clipping problem if you get some wet weather and can't get on it with the mower. You might think about a used commercial mower rather than the garden tractor type. Back when I got started in the GC business I worked at a course that didn't have irrigated fairways, the boss couldn't wait for some summer heat to cook the turf so he could stop mowing, I have hunch that might be you!