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  1. I got 5 years out of my first Blue Wave and the one I have now is even older. I like them because you can cram a lot of stuff in there. I don't worry about the weight because I use a double shoulder strap that I bought in Lowes. I have it on my back when I bike the Canal.
  2. Fiberglass rods are great in thunderstorms, much safer. Graphite is a great conductor of electricity.
  3. This year they stocked fish that were crossbred with the infamous Alaskan Lockjaw Trout.
  4. The raid was conducted by the US Attorney's Southern District office. The guy in charge is a Trump appointee. When an attorney and client commit fraud A-C privilege is waived. Multiple warrants, including one for Cohen's home, all signed off on by a Judge. Just draining the swamp.
  5. National Weather Service predicts a low of 24 degrees Thursday night for the Cape! And temps still won't get to 50 through next week. WTF! You won't have to walk on the back of herring, you can walk on the ice.
  6. Since you have fished the Canal have you thought about the Coast Guard? I recently became friends with someone who was in the CG and was a recruiter for a while before she left. If you are interested I could see what she has to say.
  7. I'm new at this but I've been putting in my time with zero results. The people that I have talked to have had the same luck. It is nice get out though. Cape Cod sure has a lot of ponds, at least compared to Long Island.
  8. Either day is fine with me, I'm wide open.
  9. I also use old braid for backing, the uni to uni knot is one reason. I have been spooled once, a 100yd cast plus another 20yd on the drift, the fish took the rest. I might have lost the bass of a lifetime (could have been a shark) because I never thought I would need that much line. It was a big fish in a Moon tide.
  10. I fished from the tip of that sandbar the last time it existed that far into the inlet, never saw it as presenting a navigational hazard. I have also fished the inlet many times by boat but never ventured outside to the outer bar unless it was very calm. What is your history with the inlet? Why do you see that bar by the East jetty as a hazard?
  11. Here is a video which shows the shoaling outside the mouth of the inlet.
  12. Deadly serious. Boaters have access to a deep channel close to the West jetty. I have been fishing while two boats flipped at Moriches Inlet, both took place on the outer bars.
  13. It's not uncommon for Moriches to get sand on the inside of the jetty. I remember it being this bad on two other occasions. It's great to fish, just a short jump down to the sand. It also allows you to get into the main channel without a monster cast. Normally there's a shallow bar inside the East jetty which pushes the main channel out a good 40-50 yds. Also, when you land a fish you don't have to risk injury by climbing down on the slimy rocks. I believe that the other two times I remember it filling in like this it was in the fall. The sand bar on the inside is not the navigational hazard, there is probably a substantial bar in the mouth or just outside it.
  14. I'm coming Phi. I have to go to bed now so that I can get up in time.
  15. National Weather Service just issued a Hazardous Weather Outlook. It is a long range warning for Tuesday through Thursday and says that the storm may be anything from a complete miss to a significant snow storm. Stay tuned.