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  1. Gonna be testing out the Fishpond Thunderhead Sling this year. Tired of everything in my Orvis sling getting wet (it's not waterproof so can't fault it) when chest deep.
  2. I like it allot, no trouble casting and I'm not a "super" caster. I also like the SA titan, have one on my 7 weight. Imo, can't go wrong with either
  3. I have had luck with the Beulah Serum line on the flats,, and elsewhere. Floating running and intermediate head.
  4. Outstanding Vid...
  5. I have 4 3tand's and never an issue, so sorry your having yours. The t100 is a semi expensive reel (well for me anyway), out of warranty might warrant a trip to a service center if, like me, dont want to tear things apart and try to fix. I know this is not much help but, its a good reel. Hopefully someone here can help diag. and suggest a repair.
  6. I use a 350gr Serum line on my 9w St.Croix and it seems to do well. But then again, I use the same line on my TFO Pandion 6 weight (2 hander rod rated very high in the weight range). Those 2 rods share all my 9 weight lines.
  7. I use 20lb on my 7w for salt and never felt undergunned. But then again it's more of a schoolie rod. I also like to keep some space after the fly line is on, due to uneven reeling, but maybe that's just me, when I get a fish on reel I am a crazy reeler.
  8. Marcel,,, Ok where's the food....your missing the pics of the local food....
  9. It really is a shame that for someone who really doesn't know the Cape (me), wants to wet a fly a couple times a year, locals, not all, make it tough to do that. Guess that's why I once again bought my buggy permit at IBSP in Jersey, I always know what to expect down there. A small side rant, It sometimes seems, States always want your recreation money and then do not want you to recreate, or at least make it hard..
  10. You will have no problem hitting fish in Sept. RI south shore, like mentioned Montalk, and the Jersey shore, all good places. It may not be the real big girls on the move but,there will be fish. Just get out there and put time in.
  11. This was always a tough one for me, being newer to the game. I started tying multi section leaders in the shorter lengths and longer lengths. I was never very successful at catching, although not sure it was caused by the leader . So, now I just use a section of leader material in varying lengths I figure fit the situation and never did any worst. I have caught my fair share of schools on just the single line of leader material,,,, although never caught any large, hmm...I am just not sold on the idea for Stripers that a special (multi section) leader is really needed.
  12. But always a joy to take a lunch and watch all the casters and boats down river from the Troy dam. Its like watching fishers on a salmon river at times shoulder to shoulder.
  13. I've tried it twice right around first of May, last year, with no luck. A good river enters in the Athens area, can't say more than that, FF'ing in that area was doable, but difficult (relatively a novice) . I remember both times wishing I had a boat. Talking to others in the area, many are successful in the mid hudson. Just remember to handle any fish caught gentally, spawning time.
  14. Totally agree, pictures bring out the life.