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  1. Welcome.
  2. I've even had someone say "thank you baby"
  3. Boat or shore....miles of great rocky shore. Miles.
  4. Cortland is sold also, thanks xp
  5. Absolutely, glad to see someone use it. . Shoot me your email and I'll send you a papal money request.
  6. Cortland Precision Coldwater Plus Blitz. 9w Float / Inter 350gr.. This is a great 9 weight fly line...for 37 bucks....
  7. TFO Pandion 6 2 hander and 9 weight St Croix legend elite 9',
  8. Got me thinking on backing. Has anyone ever gone into the backing more than 50yrd or so? Gone are the days where you just use backing to build up the spool right, with large arbors and so? Keeping on track with the ops question, (who seems to have moved on) the way I see it, if I have a fish take my whole fly line and say 150yrds of backing , she ain't coming back..
  9. Ditto on Great Story. Hope your buddys thumb is ok and hopefully he becomes the newest Fly Rodder.
  10. I always go low on backing, it's rated to 250 with a 10w line, with the serum I would think 200 ish. I never put on any of my reels more than 175 yards. On the T10 I have 160 yards 30lb backing with my serum.
  11. Thanks guys.
  12. I looked all through that site with NO luck.....
  13. Oh, from what I understand (and not really sure) diecast can't take the beating of the cut reels. I guess if you dropped or smacked it against something it could break.
  14. Ditto on on the thumbs up on the Behemoth.