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  1. My house, my rules. You're coming in to do work, safety first, keep your shoes on and I'll clean up afterwards. You're a guest or family, shoes off. I have wood floors, white area rugs, and a computer controlled heating system that keeps the apartment at a constant 72 degrees. Your feet won't freeze. Don't like it, don't come over.
  2. Nope. The military remove their head coverings in the mess hall or galley---officers and enlisted personnel alike.
  3. Every cop I've ever seen eating in a restaurant had his or her hat off.
  4. You know when it's OK to eat with your hat on? Where you're at a ****ing picnic or otherwise eating outdoors. Indoors, you shouldn't be wearing a hat in the first place. If anyone comes to visit me, they'll find 2 things right by the front door----a hat rack and a shoe rack. Both fashion accessories stay there if you come inside farther than the hallway.
  5. Vani is a ****ing idiot. She was also shocked to find out that the air on commercial airliners is 78% nitrogen and not 100% oxygen.
  6. The course for that horse is free and cold on a hot day, and the only one available.
  7. Why would I dink that piss water, when I can have the original Budweiser instead? It's called Czechvar now because after Busch stole the name, they copyrighted it. But the brewery is still called the Budweiser Budvar Brewery.
  8. Europe did away with pennies years ago. Stuff gets rounded to the nearest 5 cent mark. Doesn't seem to have caused too many fights, or affected economies in the least. Sometimes it costs you 2 cents, sometimes you save 3 cents. Checks? What are checks? Most people here have no idea how to write one. Everything is done electronically with direct deposit, on-line banking, and debit cards---like, you know, it being the 21st century and all. But yeah, I can see people getting shot over whether something that costs $3.73 gets rounded up to $3.75 or down to $3.70.
  9. Yes.
  10. Google Eddie Byrne. I don't know what you'd call having your brains blown out by 4 men in an ambush, while seated in your cruiser. I call it an assassination.
  11. Lack of snowfall in the mountains is also a contributing factor, as the reservoirs depend more on snow melt than rainfall for replenishment.
  12. Tim Colemen? He died from an apparent heart attack---his body was found on the beach still wearing waders. Similar to our own 10x10. Tony Stetzko died in the hospital from an aggressive strain of pneumonia, if that's who you were referring to.
  13. The PFD won't help if you die from hypothermia, which is what killed Bob ( a USCG vet who was a good swimmer) and almost killed Gregg.
  14. Funny, that year, I was thinking how generous that Bob was for always being first in line to help others out, and I guess it must have been in the shared part of my brain, because I understand that the Tamster, a prior GOS winner, nominated him.
  15. Is he the wreath guy, or was that a different one?