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  1. .
  2. Dismissed upon payment of $100 court costs. That's my next prediction.
  3. Once she's identified, they may well just send her a summons instead of arresting her. They can't prove how much was taken, so the charge will be Larceny Under $250---a misdemeanor.
  4. I only go there when some tool needs an ass kicking or to be read the riot act.
  5. No thanks. I spent 34 years arguing for a living, I sure as **** ain't gonna do it for fun. And, furthermore, this time zone bull **** sucks.
  6. I've posted a much clearer copy on my Facebook timeline, and the setting is public, so anyone can see it, not just my friends. User name Michael Prevost.
  7. It's a her, and this was at the Lobster Trap on Shore Rd. in Bourne. You'll even see her fishing around to see if there are larger denomination bills.
  8. Oh, good, I'll have to keep this in mind, and maybe send more crap over here.
  9. Reminds me of old time Roller Derby, when the Bay Area Bombers would always come from behind and pull out the match on the last jam.
  10. Apparently, the levels were so high that the thinking now is that their piss samples were tampered with. You know curling has arrived, when it has either a doping scandal, or a less violent Tonya Harding episode of sabotaging a competitor.
  11. The hockey is pretty bad. And Finnish TV is using Kimmo Timonen as an analyst.
  12. This is your first and only warning from me. Don't ever mouth off like that to a site moderator again. And yes, you DO have to pay attention to him when he's acting as such. Comprende? You will also notice me as one of your followers----there's a reason for that, and it's not because I think that you have anything to add to my fishing knowledge. I unhid it. He needs some context for my warning, and that I damn well mean business.
  13. Ho ho, hi ho, it's off to PG we go..............
  14. It's a spinning jump, like the axel and the toe loop, but that's about the extent of my knowledge. Supposedly, the axel is the hardest. Considering the history of men's skating, I was a bit surprised to hear that there was a Mrs. Dick Button, and that they had 2 kids.
  15. We saw them in a small venue, when they just formed the band---the Cape Cod Melody Tent in Hyannis. Oteil Burbridge was their bassist then. Is he back now? They had another guy on bass for awhile, I think.