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  1. If people release 33" fish, rather than entering them for a chance at the mystery prize, don't knock it. It's a good thing.
  2. OK, so that's a positive change from my Derby days. It used to be that they were drawn from the fish entered for each species. I've never won a mystery prize, even though I won a number of dailies. Even on days when there were only 3 fish entered, and 4th daily wasn't filled.
  3. The worst wind is dead E or W. There are no places where you're even partially sheltered. SW is brutal between the two highway bridges, no matter which side you're on. When bob_G and I fished the Cape side in a SE blow from a passing hurricane, we were basically fishing the other side.
  4. Kinda sad that people are weighing in just-legal bass for a chance at a Daily or Mystery prize.
  5. You should post this over on the Gibby Facebook page.
  6. Pretty much. Some have no taste, others taste bitter, and some will make you sick, but none of them will kill you. Boletes are easy to identify---small pores under the cap, not gills.
  7. Maybe you're very lucky that you only took a little nibble. Looks a lot like this amanita phalloides----aka the death cap. One of the most, if not THE most, toxic mushrooms in the US.
  8. There was a guy, maybe 20 years ago, who was seen fishing way out past Noman's. Multiple Derby boat winner in the past, for blues, and I think bonito. Other guys saw him out there, and warned him that he was outside the boundaries. He told them that he was just trying to get his guest into some fish. Then he waltzed into the Derby weigh-in later that night with a big bluefish. He was reported. He got a 10 year ban. You can only venture outside the boundaries to re-fuel in Nantucket or Hyannis harbor. If you leave, then you can't weigh in a fish, no matter where it was caught.
  9. Anywhere from 1.5 to 5 oz, depending on a) where I'm fishing, b) stage of the tide, and c) moon phase. Towards the end, if I needed 5 oz, I waited until the moon tides were over.
  10. Was that the one who just passed away in July?
  11. The brown ones could be amanita muscaria---they're toxic. If you have to ask what kind of mushroom any of them are, you should live by this creed:
  12. The boat boundaries include the Elizabeths and Vineyard Sound. There are too many eyes on the water during the Derby to make cheating risk-free. Some Derby legends have been banned for 10 years because they were caught cheating.
  13. The originals were less than $100.
  14. I've caught schoolies in the Canal in December.
  15. The only lot that will be closed then is the one next to the Bourne Bridge on the Cape side. But there's room for about 6 vehicles to park outside the gate and walk/bike in. All other lots should be open, and uncrowded at 3 AM this time of the year.