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  1. 35 Citizen Nothing else. She lost.
  2. Its the mark of a savage.
  3. Tribute to The late great Hoyt Axton:
  4. Ate DOGS!!!!!!!!!!
  5. 35 years old. US Citizen. Its already in the rulebook. Sorry sore losers Next.
  6. Whats the difference between this and Google drive? I glanced over an article and it was gobbledy****.
  7. For a high school student.
  8. Can yo imagine the rage and fury if this kid had been a,,,you know,,,a sub Saharan Nubian American?
  9. Be my guest. Show me Donald Trump's true conservative ideas, ideologies, etc.
  10. It was Valerie Jarrett.
  11. We have all that too. There were 7 or 8 cameras on the boats, plus about two days of B roll. Little brother has been busy and we are just now opening up files and looking.
  12. Raw, 7 minutes. We have lots more, several cameras running, but this is the forst of it we have started fooling with. Starts about 2:30
  13. Unionism is a protection racket, but the very definition. It is, by its existence, "mobbing".