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  1. Cooked too long. 325 up to 160 and done. 3 hours tops
  2. Than do what my wife is doing right now. Yes she and Sue G went 5 AM Black Friday Shopping. Ohh emmm Geee. But thats nothing. They took FOUR GIRLS between the ages of 11 and 13. Id rather dunk my head in the Septic Tank. Thank you Jeff Bezos, you are a God among men! Would you? On the other hand, screw you Scrooge. I am not one to fuss and cry about not enough work to do, that comes from working for yourself for 30 years. But what kind of freekin Scrooge has a guy deliver an RFP on the day after Thanksgiving? Its not even too difficult, the event is generic, very out of the box, simple to spec. Even though, I have a call that will take up the attention of me and a couple of the minions. Makes me suspect of these people right off the bat, so I highballed it. Take that Ebeneezer.. What a strange day.
  3. Great minds and all. Doing the same this afternoon, for turkey and andouille gumbo. I did the regular turkey in the oven, and I got one of those rolled up boned out breasts. Open it up and spice it up, dabs of butter, and tie it back up. Smoked that.
  4. Forcing an employee to perform lewd sex act in public is an act of sexual molestation. Even if the force is not physical, but psychological. JFK did that. There is no doubt in my mind that he committed other lewd violent sex acts as well.
  5. A serial adulterer. He committed adultery on his wife within days of his marriage
  6. Forced a secretary to fellate one of his staff members while he watched and mastubated in the white house swimming pool. That crosses the line. Sorry.
  7. If a person gropes women against their will, is it ok to you if they will advance the cause of abortion? It is among elite Democrat circles.
  8. If that Huffington picture was "all in good fun", there is no way she would have run that story. No way. She doesnt even name the women.
  9. In this new era of sexual perversion, molestation, homosexuals runnning wild, this is a valid and interesting subject. Were the democrats lied to all these years about Soetoro? Could it be that we didnt really know who he was (Hawaii, lol) Speak out, I just want to get a gauge. No need to discuss, just the answers will be the discussion. Who here thinks Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama) has committed homosexual acts? I do, flat out absolutely do. Id bet my house he ****ed that Reggie Love. You? Any doubters?
  10. Untouchable. Face it you lose. I do really wonder if Trump IS behind this now. Is this why Steven Bannon left the White House? Corey Lewandowski? Hes a sneaky little ****, ya know? Nobody on the leftist side of the aisle can dare say they didnt have it coming after the last ten years of bs.
  11. OK all you libs, how many of you said that photo of al franken grabbing Arianna Huffington;s (old, saggy, dried, strechmarked) tit was a big joke? Well who is having the big last laugh huh? She just ran a story that TWO MORE women were molested by Al Franken. Wanst so funny after all was it? If your party had something resembling a leader, they could put a stop to this stuff. Here is my questions for discussion More than one writer, blogger, talking head in the last couple days have decided to back off the molester meme and support the dem perverts. 1) If a "democrat Wave" is coming, why not just let them go? Give them the boot and pretend you give a ****. Or is there no wave coming? 2) More than one person has called to support Franken for the sole reason that he is pro abortion. Well maybe he is a little rapey, but he is one of the biggest fans of abortion in the senate. I find that repugnant. Do you? I look forward to your discussion.
  12. He didnt do any of that. Its not like AL FRANKEN, where we have PICTURES.
  13. Slowing down the march od Socialism is a noble cause. I dont care who you are and how you do it. You think the socialists would give you some sort of respect of benefit of the doubt? Hell no. Sue them.
  14. Its freekin KILLER Delicious, whoever it is. I hope it continues. Ridicule IS man's most potent weapon.