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  1. How long is proper to wait before you draw straws to see who gets eaten? Four hours at least, right?
  2. Havent listened to this in 20 years. Its remarkable stuff, but man is it "dated" as hell. I see a recording studio with shag carpeting on the walls-orange Miles supposedly picked heroin back up right after he did this
  3. Corrupt

    I think the reaction is to hide their feelings on the subject. The only man on this website that has openly admitted he voted for Hillary Clinton and thinks she was a good choice as President in Brian BM. Only one. A lot of other guys said they didnt want to vote for Hillary. But they had to to stop Donald Trump. Those men are either misinformed or ignorant of the process or lying. Why do you say that little? Well Ill tell you. Most of these people are typing from MEGA left wing states. States where hillary would win-really win-against the coming of Jesus. Jersey, NY, MA, CT Hillary won by double digits. SO, there was no "have to vote for Hillary" in these states. None. Ergo: 1 They are ignorant how the elections work. 2> They are so ashamed of their liberalism that they want to place a disclaimer on their (actual real total) support for Hillary. 3. Flat out lying when they say they didn not vote for Hillary. I am sure I could name names that fit each category, but decorum prohibits me from listing them here.. Anyone else get this vibe?
  4. Its cause she is a crook. Its a play on words--"Crooked Hillary"
  5. For attemping to anally rape a boy with a basebell bat, the kid got three days' suspension from school
  6. You stand on nothing. My guess is that you count on nobody actually reading what you post. there is not even a refutation in the article. Guys come here, go up and actually read this article. Seven paragraph telling what Andrew Mcarthy says. One at the end woth some "former federal prosecutor" . His rebuttal??? "Welll thats not what happened. The FBI is on the level." Git nothing left to defend, do ya Knew bee? I really do think yoy guys stepped in it. If nothing else, just Meuller's face on tv drives democrat poll numbers down and R's up. Keep whacking away. Anf if you can find any more articles as hard hitting and biting as that last one please feel free to post!!
  7. I didnt even look in here. Did we get the same **** here as last time? Our resident teacher told ud\s last time the word "proficient" means really good. So kids are smart even if they are not proficient. Thats just a term some bureaucrat uses. Which, by happenstance makes me think the gang over at the English Department aint too slick neither. Moonie gets partial credit for chutzpah. He once looked us all ib the internet eye and said that the usa is behind other countries because we put all the poor stupid people on the chart. And IF we took them OFF the chart, then our chart would look like their chart.
  8. Thats Maura Healy behind her, arch leftist crooked hatemonger. I was goinjg to make some notes on her, but there is just too much. Anyway, thread needed some pep, glad I was able to a accommodate. The question is beneath most decent americans, but the OP is fully aware of that. Hey guys, how gross would it be to be some P Hat hanging around political chat rooms still defending Hillary Clinton after 33 years?
  9. Yesterday, Hillary spoke at Harvard. It was NINETY degrees in Boston. She wore that same giant heavy woolen Mao mumu that she had on the other day, where she was photographad such that we could see the devices strapped to her girth. Complete with the big shawl. At her speech, she discussed how she wanted to be the CEO OF FACEBOOK!! Now, as her body gives way, her mind is going as well. Here she is. Yesterday. Its 90 outside.
  10. We are getting some info finally on just how effed up that county is wrt keeping its citizens safe. From a lawsuit filed against Hillary Clinton flack Scott Israel by the parents of one of the children left in the school defenseless by Israel's employee Peterson, aka The Coward of Broward. Looks like they were involved in a cover up/brooming of a crime at the same school. By none other than the Sheriff's son. (WHOAH) WOW! (Homo) sexual Battery IN SCHOOL. My first question for discussion. Would anyone care to guess the punishment that was meted out for Israel's son? Answer that and we will press on. This could flip this whole case on Davig Hogg's head!!!
  11. Id like to see those letters.