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  1. If I was one of these pinkos on this website I would be praying that Donald trump doesn’t continue to whip my ass like a rented mule like he has been
  2. How many kids were marching outside the fbi with signs that say “you suck at your gig”?
  3. Ryan’s deli best Po Boy in Florida parish
  4. It was just teed up so high!
  5. Correct just so we all know, you realize you are having an online discussion with a bot, right?
  6. Mr Okra died yesterday
  7. Sad. I loved him as Yossarian in catch 22
  8. I too am porking like crazy (?) Went to a pig pickin last night Going now to a 2 day bbq class taught by a cat named Johnny Trigg. A couple days of goof off time with son in le vieux carre. Gout is a possibility Go Jase go, I love it
  9. All they had to do was keep the door of the school locked. They didn’t. Maybe next time they will
  10. If you ask me, he acts like you people too
  11. He’s one of you people. Period
  12. Going to snooze early morning. Here is the little political forecast here, this being the politics forum ya know. Repubs numbers are rising. This would be a bad time to launch an anti 2a assault. Consider what it did under Soetoro. The slide had started with his first midterms, but the Sandy Hook anti 2a putsch greased those skids like never before seen in around one hundred years. The Dems do not have the wiggle room try that stunt again. I believe we have seen the last of Micheal Bloomberg's anti 2a cutsom built Prevosts in NH. Plus they are freekin broke. NICS checks. Want to attack those? As Clint said, "Go ahead, make my day". Not too many people have much of a decent opinion of the FBI right now, and whose fault is that? Leftys. Big boo boo there. 9 months. Talk about painting yourself into a corner. Wow. This will go away just as fast as Las Vegas did, and in no small part for the same reasons. "And thats the way it is"
  13. Just use some of the money they already get. Let the army crumble. let the food stams crumble. They get plenty, no need to egg em on.