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  2. The future of the Democrat Party
  3. hard core socialists on full display
  4. Thunder WILL NOT break glass.
  5. Well this was a GIANT fail. The sales figures are in for the day, id love to see them.
  6. Go to the Democrat Socialist party website and read "where we stand".
  7. Knewbee grosses me out. At least Berniebois will shoot you to get what they want. Lizbois are just gross. Sign a "pledge of fealty". From a guy that swore to defend us from tyrany. Just GROSS.
  8. Deacon Burtons fried chicken
  9. I got a Weber Performer, had it forever. One of the tabs where the fire grate sits rotted off, so I get this idea. I bought a bolt with an "eye" on the end bent it down-one little hole and I have a new support in there. Started the drilling, and a three inch gob of rotted metal just explodes out of the grill! Big hole. Run to Ace to get a big Fender washer to cover the hole (got burgers to cook). And Im in there, pissed off. Asked the guy how soon he can get one in, next Friday. To make things worse I had a big wad of cash (which I NEVER have on me). Boom. Yes BLACK. One more week old girl, hang in there
  10. Ricky Medlocke is with them and he was pretty OG, he was around those guys all his life. Never saw em. Just a tad too young.
  11. I thought we had wrapped this idea that the media is not mostly leftist 15 years ago.
  12. Me John, Big Tree.