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  1. couple owls from yesterday, there was an altercation between the male and the female which kept them in the air for my photographic pleasure it was awesome.
  2. If it is thunderstorm season be extra careful, it is five miles to land from the beach......I would never do that myself but I am 67.........I did catch my first surf-caught drum there..............Thanks Capt Mac Simpson.
  3. The snow makes them special!!
  4. If you have fishing rods on the roof they will not pull you over.....
  5. Bout a week before bill and I start......but we always start before the fish are here.....
  6. Very wet Snowy this morning after 15 hours of precipitation.....
  7. random owl this morning.
  8. oc surf today, still a tad breezy and the tides were pretty high.
  9. Corps hopper dredge riding out the storm...
  10. speaking of fertilizer, driving down the beach at low tide the other day I see a gull pick up a fish so when it landed I investigated....still kickin bunker.....made me want to load up the rods...
  11. today......
  12. they be gone soon enjoying while here...
  13. my girlfriend piglet
  14. air condition on......feels good