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  1. My rescue boy, Ace is around 14 now....he has some joint issues but still managed to turn over the kitchen trash today and enjoy its contents......but when you are that old no amount of scolding gonna change anything so you just clean it up and pat him on the head......
  2. Killing any animal for the pleasure of killing is not part of the living universe I inhabit and protect......and while some may suggest they (rays) are enjoyed by the "less fortunate" as a tasty treat I will leave it to your own mind to decide whether the homeless and downtrodden among us actually eat cow-nosed rays. Now if you, the killer, actually eat what I see here my sincere apologies.
  3. Found one of my images winning a photo contest on line recently.....It was a storm photo of a wave breaking on the ocean city pier.....I kept looking at it and wondering how the photographer could have possibly taken, it so I backtracked and found the file....sure enough it was mine. The bitch, when confronted by the raw file, still claimed she took it. The moderator said he still "wasn't sure" who took it so he deleted her post....he should have let me re-post it and give me all the "likes" she had gotten...I could have had a free dinner! While I admit to being aggravated by the situation, I let it drop, she ain't renting no space in my head!
  4. While there are no waterfalls nor elevated vistas, there is plenty of beauty!
  5. Ruddy Turnstone
  6. no doubt in my mind!
  7. seriously wet Eagle in my backyard this morning.
  8. Last day for me, back to stripers but I can't cast too far anymore shoulder done.....the Black Drum were about it for Bill and I but no regrets!
  9. Since the fleas are a couple inches under the sand there will be no visible signs of crushing, however the pressure created by the tires does kill them. The only reasonable solution is to delay the project until December and Jan when only a few folks (me) use the beach. I have suggested this to Park management for what its worth. When the plovers have eggs the beach will close and the project will halt, I doubt they will continue in the summer. As a fisherman my main concern is how the crushed fleas in the wash affect my chances of catching fish, with an unlimited food supply I don't think one's chances of catching something using fleas (my preferred bait) are very good.
  10. Well there may be fish somewhere but they are way smarter than me and Bill. Nothing for us this past week, we even split up a couple days to increase our chances.....No one I spoke to on the beach this past week had caught anything....
  11. Lucky.....well the plovers are under strict observation and when they nest the beach will close and the operation will suspend....I assume. The driver of the truck is not an idiot, rather a professional and a friend of mine.....he is doing his best to disrupt the beach as little as possible but if you've been near that truck you know it is massive. Please, complaints should not be aimed at the operator.
  12. Due to the deep ruts created driving on the upper beach the dump truck used to remove the dug up remains of the old back road is trying to help by driving the surf line but the unintended result is millions of crushed sand fleas washing into the surf apparently killing the fish bite for all the fishermen I know. For every action there is a reaction...