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  1. it could survive a bit more cropping, but is at about fifty percent of the original frame. Totally cloudy so no blown highlights. Thanks for the compliments all.
  2. arctic visitor this week
  3. Please note I did not flush this owl....from this morning
  4. The photos are great but some captions would have been a big plus!
  5. FWIW....While my yeti does preform well in the cooling end it recently had a closure rubber snap off when the lid went down and it leaks from the drain unless you use pliers to tighten the plug, I am not going to buy another one.
  6. Well I'll be happy with my 25 yards with a fish head......
  7. Merlin today
  8. snow Bunting
  9. it can't be over if it never started!
  10. 3 level beach.....after a few good blows.
  11. pre sunrise this morning
  12. Beautiful day yesterday!
  13. Peregrine Falcon that has not migrated after being on Assateague over 4 weeks.