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  1. I'm not a hunter and have zero issues with the sport and people who do it. Even Enjoy watching it on TV. But that picture is disgusting. I had no idea mass kills like that go on...
  2. Both very productive plugs. I prefer the SP in spots with moderate to heavy current. Loaded Redfin is a killer in the boulder fields.
  3. That we are headed to a moratorium on Stripers
  4. Those large fish have always been caught early in the fall. It's not some new shift that has happened recently. It only seems they are leaving earlier now because there is so little behind them. As the large breeder stock continues to get hammered and shrink, so does their range to the north and south. There just aren't enough quality fish migrating south from the northern reaches of the their range, which N. Mass, NH and S. Maine any longer. I know this because I fish that area very hard with a lot of success for many, many years and also have a good network of guys who do as well. If we had enough quality fish to the north it would help sustain good fishing in October and November in Rhody. It's only going to get worse....
  5. Nice! Now you guys cad add earthquakes to the list of excuses why there's no fish. Instead of the real reason, which is they are all dead!
  6. It was caught from surf and its a real pic. Killed it with no intention of eating it. It was donated to a food kitchen. Just a trophy fish I guess...
  7. Great post. And I agree with everything you said. Besides that 30-50lb Stripers don't bread. It's scientifically proven that they do in fact continue to bread until they die. But that's really not the point. These fish are in big trouble and if something doesn't change in the next 2-3 yrs history is going to repeat itself. I'm beginning to think we need a slot limit...
  8. Fish are all dead now, so that doesn't happen any longer.
  9. Dead unfortunately.
  10. When all we have left is small bass in the next 3-5 years it would be nice if Albies fill the void.
  11. Any idea if my MA license is good in RI? I thought it was but I'm not sure.
  12. Or they're just all dead! Don't get your hopes up (unless 12-20" bass are your thing). The fall run in MA, RI and CT has been pretty dismal so far and doesn't appear to be getting any better...
  13. Great read. Thanks for sharing.
  14. I snagged two of them on Saturday at a rocky bay spot while fishing for Albies.
  15. Hope he likes Sea Robins, or Albies.