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  1. What are you tipping your bucktails with? I tried Otter Tails for the first time this weekend and wasn't impressed at all. Starting to regret not loading up on Uncle Josh when I had the chance...
  2. Yes JM, I will take those 3.
  3. Hey JM, sorry been crazy busy at work. I will take the 3 from your last pic if you still want to sell them. If not, no worries.
  4. Sorry JM. I would take the two on the right if you want to split.
  5. Hey Guys, Looking to pick up some new mini wadds in dark colors.... black, blurple, dark mack patters, etc. Thanks, Frezzy
  6. Sad news. RIP Lefty.
  7. I think you'd be surprised how little you would get. Probably around $150 (maybe a little more for a non standard color) if you find the right buyer. Not nearly the demand these days for Lefty's as there once was. And nowhere even close to Skippy demand....
  8. That’s not tutti frutti.
  9. Danny 2.5oz
  10. About 10 years ago I tried a new spot on the south cape in the Spring. It was a dark new moon night in May and I was wading in water up to knees and I felt something hit one of my boots. Turned my light on and see a big horseshoe crab going to town on my boot thinking it was one of his lady friends. I still fish that spot regularly and it happens all the time. Guess they mate in the spring...
  11. Nice work man. If you ever decide to sell them, I'd buy one...
  12. Dump her... problem solved!
  13. Same here man! The amount of waste that goes on with these fish is staggering...
  14. Big breeders getting hammered off the mid-Atlantic in December is nothing new. Happens every year and has for a long time. No doubt in my mind history is going to repeat itself... Frezzy
  15. Not just you. I have the same issue. My emails always bounce and get sent back to me. Strange because I used to exchange emails with him regularly...