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  1. He was a high school teacher?
  2. I don’t understand how a right wing father with a 16 year old daughter wouldn’t get the major league creeps seeing his daughters yearbook signed by some 30 year old slinky Starting threads here trying to discredit every single girl and the whole thing is creepy as well family values
  3. Ive seen plenty of sexual harassment over the years. ive seen some real scumbag behavior too. generally the dirtbag gets what he's got coming to him. He just ****s up people's lives along the way one dirtbag manager was messing with some I-talian from Staten Island he came into the office after an extended stay, with black and blue eye sockets, a couple teeth clearly had gone missing he looked like he had gotten implants. Big bump in his forehead. No me too. Just messed with the wrong people I guess
  4. you “shamed” her by starting a Thread under a pseudo name on Stripers Online ?
  5. it would appear she is willing to go downhill so fast you’d pee your pant if you went half as fast she’s more than willing to risk serious injury The rest of the The country is free to put the skis on and try to make the team thats the American Way its not the American Way to sit on the bench and b*tch like a little yenta
  6. SNL had a great skit last night Alabama voters won't admit they are voting for Roy Moore the same way a crack head wont admit they are still using
  7. He didn't actually write a single word in this girl's yearbook, right?
  8. It was great before all the deplorables started complaining about being victims
  9. How many of you deplorables sign year books of high school girls? never mind. Creeps me out
  10. Deplorables who want to play make believe commercial fisherman and sell their fish to pay for gas
  11. And just like that everybody who said it was a fake recovery since 2010 now is fulfilled. They now suddenly have jobs. They now suddenly have the money they need even the positive news in Japan is because of Trump
  12. Manafort indicted flynn Indicted chump Jr claiming client privilege why? Why is is it so hard to just be factual with the FBI?
  13. Yes I agree the o line needs more work than the QB. But it is slightly easier adding some O lineman than getting a potential franchise QB. Well we have bowl season coming up. I'll be watching. i would say this though, watching a player live is quite different than watching him on TV. TV only focuses on the player who has the ball. You can't see the D and secondary shifting. And you can't see the receivers running their routes, how they are being covered, and then watch the decision-making of the quarterback. The other QB I was quite impressed with some years ago was Ryan Mallet of Arkansas. I expected him to be a starter in NFL so that just goes to show you.
  14. When people are so focused on sexual orientation, it means the real important things in life are in order, or theyve got some internal conflicts about their own preferences.
  15. those types of jobs are open to anyone. The jobs are listed with the salaries All you need is a college degree and a transcript and conduct yourself well in face to face interviews they dont care whether you are from Kansas or Timbuktu but you must be able to do the work. Some might not be cut out for it, but is that the fault of the kid who made the cuts? How much more "American" could it be? had to manage these types of kids for decades yeah they get out of work at 11pm in NYC (and they might have to be back at 6am). Deadlines. All they want is a friggin sandwich so who cares who is or is not a citizen at that point. At least the place is open and somebody is working. getting the work done and hitting a deadline is all the matters and they go home and turn on the News and hear somebody in Alabama going on and on about Homosexuality ? Like Really? there's nothing else down there to worry about? But oh they need to be in touch with mainstream America. Its great