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  1. How do you know this was the move? What about the scenes with Stormy Daniels ?
  2. I write with right hand shoot from left reel with left hand and surf regular foot forward (not goofy) too old to care or change
  3. But deplorables are the ones who are angry and rallied around an overly negative campaign
  4. Get off my lawn / get out of my country why do men get cranky? life didn’t turn out as he hoped? he realizes how little he can actually control ? more time to sit home or on LINE and obsess about stuff? jealous that others are enjoying life and feeling they must be getting away with something? hormones?
  5. It will be a great thing no gaskets blown here maybe the only way to deal with a nut job is to have our own nut job the two of them with some crazy ass haircuts and all its all fun and games until they open up their economy and build the first factory to assemble air conditioners that are now being put together in Indiana long term im hoping that’s the trend (open up economy that is)
  6. Looks to me like you drink the kool aid or you leave and it gets a bit ugly you know the saying democrats fall in love republicans fall in line
  7. For calling certain countries a sh*thole?
  8. Probably a better word is white bias. But that’s not what this thread was about
  9. Its not PG leftists quotes, it’s Corker and Boehner why do you think they are saying this?
  10. “there is no Republican Party, there is a Trump Party” - John Boehner in May 31 ”The Republican Party is kind of taking a nap somewhere”
  11. Well the logical question is you agree, or is corker a RINO and the enemy? but your animated dancing sombrero pretty much answers it all It’s all good
  12. -Bob Corker to reporters today, on the reluctance of GOP members to contradict Trump to defend traditional GOP positions ???
  13. I for one remember the old geezers who yelled at us kids to get off his lawn we would laugh at them. Like what harm were we doing? And the old geezer has got nothing better to do than stand at the window and watch to see if som e kid puts a foot on his property ( I get the same take I get when I read some of the posts here... like the old geezer has nothing better to do than search news sources for some instance where an illegal did something) Anyway... if we hit the baseball onto his lawn he would run out and confiscate it so his house was the main target for egg throwing at Halloween im sure these types just die grumpy.
  14. Good read from Washington Post today heres a blurb . So true! visit source for full read The United States is a country dominated by grumpy old white men. Instead of yelling at kids to get off their lawn or to turn down the music, they yell at women, immigrants, foreign leaders and anyone else who wants a place at the table. The motivation: to keep the world as it was, when white American men were on top, and everyone else was just grateful for any consideration at all. ... True, it’s easy to get irritable with age. There are hormones, and there are the aches and pains of everything from old sports injuries to arthritis. But that’s not the cause of the rage of our grumpy old white men. The world is changing. When these (mostly) men came of age, a married woman didn’t have a right to her own credit. Concepts such as sexual harassment, date rape and marital rape didn’t exist. It was okay to admit you didn’t want to live in the same neighborhood as African Americans.