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  1. You mean people like me who pay taxes get to vote but not people like you?
  2. Admit it you are jealous the alt right bullet lickers have to settle for bar room banter of what THEY would have done to be a hero in an active shooter situation You’ll have to settle for another weekend of paint ball
  3. Too bad Alex Jones got yanked. Im sure there’s a story about the ‘David Hogg crisis actor summer retreat’ to be enjoyed by Deplorables nationwide.
  4. .
  5. ‘How did he convince the stupid masses that his plan was the way to go? either one?
  6. Go all in on Trump. Take out a home equity and buy SnP 500 wheres your faith?
  7. Fox is to news what professional wrestlng is to sports and deplorables love both
  8. Well if he only needs to fish a short distance tell him to use a single haul instead of a double haul. Or the secret 1/2 haul. Then you can be amused as he ponders that
  9. i don’t think you can embarrass these people
  10. It really depends on where. The places i fish on Long Island have seasonal night fishing permits. Some places you are guaranteed to get a ticket or a tow if you don’t have the credentials most places, however have relaxed rules when it’s not prime summer season. But not all. A few places the inbred locals drop a dime on you the minute they see you suiting up. in some places the risk is not enforcement but others out there in the night. I know of guys being mugged. Others have had their tires slashed (‘ don’t fish my spot anymore”). others have had trucks broken into. I got ripped off one night years ago. You really have to scout the places you are thinking of fishing if you are not sure. 98 percent of the time you’ll have no issues
  11. I’ve had many many trips where folks back out due to weather and I make sure I take pictures of the fish to rub their nose in it im also doing by a bit more fishing by time as I called a truce with the wife. I can go most any day as long as I’m back by 9 with coffee and bagel showing up 3 hours late with the explanation that the fishing was “so good” just doesn’t work as much as it used to
  12. Hmmmm well i used to be strictly a night / moon phase tide wind fisher the key is to have some options on spots for each possible combination Example ”a northwest wind drop spot” but then over the years I cared less about catching fish and more about just going when I felt like it and whatever happens happens it’s like switching from knowing exactly what you are looking for versus going out and seeing what you can find thar works for me but I tend to take more people fishing these days. And they want to catch fish. So then I have to tell them things like “you can’t drink the night before because we need to be on the water at 4am” this happened fairly recently was out with a buddy having a great time but before ordering another round I gave it to Him straight. We can fish at 4am and I can pretty much guarantee you fish or we can have a few more and leave at 7am, but we may miss it and only have a “nice boat ride. “ He opted for 7am and sure enough we got a couple and then it shut down quickly then I think to all the charters ive Done. They always fish by time. And then if you have a bad day when you get off the boat they tell you the better fishing was late in the day on a different tide And I’ve seen this happen over and over youd figure at least some would book based on tide. But no
  13. I’ll take ticrx 10 wt. pm me your pay pal
  14. I noticed many people plan or book trips based on time ’we leave at 8am’ not so much ’we Will fish the flood’ or the drop you?
  15. Listening to the alt righties is like peanuts when parents talk wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah NFL wah wah wah illegal immigrants wah wah wah