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  1. How does an NRA big shot get his house broken into??? Twice??? Really???
  2. Multiple News Sources today- The lobbyist whose wife rented a bedroom in a Capitol Hill condo to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has left his job as chairman of Williams & Jensen. J. Steven Hart’s departure was announced the same day the law and lobbying firm filed a form disclosing that he had at least one lobbying contact with the EPA this year after saying earlier he hadn’t had business before the agency. Williams & Jensen said in an emailed statement that Hart “informed the firm of his decision to resign” on Friday. “We are grateful to Steve for his 35 years of service and we wish him and his family well in all of their future endeavors,” the lobbying firm said. Hart’s biography page has been removed from the firm’s website.
  3. Hey whatever it takes pee pee showers for all the weirdos
  4. I also think China played a huge role in this
  5. Is it true his father did 16 tests and lil Kim did 89? yeah, trust but verify
  6. North Korea backing down and interested in opening up to economic development that’s huge Trust but Verify
  7. Yeah that’s the thing. For a warrant on a lawyer like that it’s gotta be crazy. I was shocked when I heard they were searching his office and computers. That’s crazy chit. Has to be they already have him red handed in something. Possibly some sort of money laundering
  8. I don’t get it yeah the Russians hacked and pushed fake news yeah wiki was involved but we haven’t proven the Trump Campaign was an active participant. Were they? probably. Wouldn’t put anything past Manafort and folks like Stone. but until somebody like Mueller connects the dots there’s nothing. I dont see how this legal legal action means anything
  9. I really don’t get the point of the thread. It’s legal to pay yourself 1000000 times more than your workers its just a bit odd that this tax bill made it even more lopsided and you guys are attacking liberals?
  10. No an attractor pattern sorta like a grey ghost I think i used to be all about Trout but i got married and moved to Long Island and started throwing my5 wt to bluefish. And I fished the salt ever since so then 28 years later I went back to my fw stuff and decided to go for trout again. Streamers seemed the most logical place to start but I did get them in nymphs too. So so now I’m going to try to get some trout trips in between the salt
  11. It’s got to be some crazy stuff they have on Cohen for that warrant to be approved What could be out there? stormy, and her mother goats midgets (make that Russian midgets) hillary blow up dolls teen miss USA seriously what do you think he’s got?
  12. I started a thread a while back and nobody wanted to opine. how much to end this daily briefing ?
  13. He got a massive massive increase in wealth that flowed right to his wallet thanks to Trump tax on corps rank n file not really we discussed that many threads ago
  14. Odds are you know these guys.