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  1. I like surfcasting fly fishing surfing triathlons beer wine bourbon photography off roading with jeep boats wood working snowboarding there... plenty to find fault
  2. not sure how the art appreciation part of it was a motivation for 2A anyway i have a different mindset. If I don’t really need something and it’s potentially dangerous like that I don’t keep it
  3. You are giving a seriously compromised kid a lot of credit anyway it don’t matter the debate is pointless the hyperright is now going on the offensive the moment a mass shooting happens used to be they at least acted like they were horrified too some of you are practically saying Autustics and Unstables have 2A rights too
  4. I like the OP - Long windsd paste from god knows where I don’t really get the fascination some people have with guns at least a bunch of people I personally know who have guns (those who are not active hunters) either have some remarkable circumstances in their lives (got mixed up with the wrong people) or they are a bit mixed up themselves (on medication and/or regularly see a shrink) some dabble into unlawful business or at least some business where the probably of meeting really sketchy characters is high. (Think topless bar) But not one of those types own a semi auto like that AR thing. As far as I know Lets not downplay the fact that some want to be seen as a badass and that’s why they go for these kinds of weapons For whatever reason that AR 15 type of weapon is the tool of choice for killing School kids and people at music festivals. Why is that?
  5. No evidence of Montauk boats going out Sunday or yesterday. Seems ok seas wise. Maybe rough offshore or maybe those fish south of block got wiped out
  6. No doubt one way to juice the economy is to deduct the tax bill of companies and add it to the deficit. 100pct agree Trump is crazy enough to do that GDP and jobs data was on an 8 yr trend already will jobs return turn to the rust belt? Not quite seeing that yet lets see
  7. Is he ready to bring the firm back out from under the protection of the US Government ? September 20 2008 “While accelerated by market sentiment, our decision to be regulated by the Federal Reserve is based on the recognition that such regulation provides its members with full prudential supervision and access to permanent liquidity and funding,” Ceo Goldman Sachs
  8. You gotta be one twisted individual to keep on with these chest thumping posts when time again mass shootings are happening with the same type of weapon.
  9. One of those semi automatic assault rifles is only important for home protecting ...if you are like Scarface and you are running a serious drug operation in hunting its probably useful if you are a really bad shot. And where archery is way out of your league All we know otherwise is it seems quite effective if you fantasize about mowing down kids in a school or people at a music festival yep shout at the top of your lungs ”not one inch” because it’s small enough as it is
  10. That’s comical. Good to know. So occupants in soft targets, like schools, need not be expected to buy FMJ was that distinctionof weaspons the understanding when 2A was written?
  11. Oh so they are all equally capable ? you are being over the top dishonest now I’m sure the military has plenty of studies on which types of designs are better for what situations I know, ain’t no way you are going there i can always come back to my favorite 2A question that nobody ever touches are there any military weapons at all that should be banned? i mean, you need them all for that militia you fantasize about, right ?
  12. The circle jerk of knowing very well there’s a straightforward way to maintain real time records and track people who probably have no business with a gun (like if the police are called to your house 30 times), but resisting and and all efforts for fear some of you might meet that criteria.
  13. Good question you internet gun experts tell us how many rounds can you quickly fire off and with what accuracy and this is the right tool for which job