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  1. It’s been like that for many years, some years earlier some later. Last year it was a week earlier to mid August. And then the dredge shows up in the fall
  2. Two flatties and a short bass for me today. Enjoy the flatties on Friday, Plover land will be closed the following Thursday.
  3. I have a dry top from NRS wore it today in the rain, still dry.
  4. The upper reaches of the Raritan river are loaded with carp, I think the first dam is up in Manville, also, the Delaware/Raritan canal has carp in it and the spillway is in New Brunswick, also there is a tributary, the South river that also flows into the Raritan, from old bridge .
  5. If I get my hands on a 50, I would definitely look into a black hole like someone mentioned
  6. I like the Alberto and at the end of the wraps do a figure 8 through the mono loop with the braid, this way the last wrap will not slip over the mono when you chinch it tight
  7. Forgot to mention, I use 30lb suffix 832 on my 125, 150, and 175.
  8. A 200 would be just fine, I have that same rod in a Ls and use a vr 125 or vs150.
  9. If the jets goalie was a Colombian soccer goalie, he would be getting a Colombian necktie after the game.
  10. Milk crate for the plugs and a wine box from joe canels for the Bucktails
  11. I’ll be in line that wknd
  12. The no-see-ums will still find a way to get in and chew you up.
  13. Wow,the only thing I can show you is a seal on the beach
  14. My experience is that the smaller fish will hit the teaser, but, you have to match the hatch, big fish will Rip through a school of Small bait fish and a small profile will do just fine
  15. Current, popular inlet where the water is 40 ft deep within casting. Outgoing tide gets ripping. A 1oz would swing over the fish, a 3oz was too deep too fast. your 2oz wine combined with the line dump was the ticket. But I have to add, the other guys we’re using white, so it was more the zone then a specific color. But I’am sure they were using your white bt. Lol.