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  1. Two years in a row, hooks in the fingers. Last year while wading fishing for fluke I got wrapped up in a huge jellyfish, stung the crap out of me.
  2. He does wear a turban
  3. +3 on the Palomar
  4. Forgot to mention, I am casting up current and letting it swing left to right. Obviously if it’s moving right to left you will Be casting 2 o’clock to 10 o’clock
  5. I would rather go light, yes you’ll have a short window in the zone, but I feel the lighter the better. Cast from the 10 o’clock position and bounce it to the 2 o’clock position, if no hits, do it again because after 2 o’clock your offering will rise off the strike zone in a strong current. In my fav spot, it’s 25+ feet deep and I am using a 1/2 oz sinker or bucktail, only in the strike zone for 15-20 seconds, repeat and do very well with fluke.
  6. It looks great, I had the same issue with my seeker, the rubber butt was too fat for my liking but I liked the action on the rod so I brought it knowing very well I was going to cut it off. I used shrink tube and a heat gun.
  7. The damage is done, the plovers in the spring, the dredge in the fall, aholes all year round. I started fishing out there 50 years ago, it’s not fun anymore.
  8. You can get them on there website. My first pair was when jersey paddler was in business and had there paddlesport show in March each year,.
  9. My first pair lasted 10 years, now on my second. Hose them off in fresh water, they’ll last
  10. NRS makes a nice pair
  11. Pelagic makes a nice hooded one also
  12. I like the gulp, a 2500 reel with 10lb braid, 7’6” inshore rod med light. High low rig, bucktail or 1/2oz sinker with a twisted dropper above. With this setup I can feel a fluke piss on the gulp.
  13. Won’t the plovers be surprised when they hatch, and these guys are waiting for them. They ate all the fish, now they’ll have to change there diet.
  14. The water was cloudy, I did manage two short fluke and a half doz sea robins on a bucktail . Seen a few blues and a few other fluke caught. But nothing matters till September now.
  15. The plovers have landed,