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  1. Price Reduced to $180.00 firm.
  2. Reel was built and purchased from Trey Irbis at Hatteras. Has the Rocket bearings. Barely used, as I have always been more of spin guy. I do not have box. Asking $200 pp.
  3. solid bucktails get powder coated with clear as finish coat--- heat jig, dip in color, dip in clear- put in oven at 350. A properly cured powder coated jig is pretty tough. The KBS can be found online.
  4. For my solid color bucktails and jig heads I go with powder coat clear, baked at 350 for 15 minutes. For my foiled/airbrushed bucktails I use devcon 30 minute epoxy in my spinner. Have also used KBS Diamond Clear- dip twice, let dry for day- cures fully in couple days - very durable finish.
  5. Sorry- would have to stick to 90.
  6. Really want to get rid of both of these at once so would do 90 shipped for both.
  7. Bought these about 5 years ago- had them mounted on my old cooler rack for 2 seasons until I purchased the EVO rack.
  8. It was my pleasure for all 30 years.
  9. Reading through recent posts on needlefish ID got me digging through my buried boxes of stuff. Back in the 90's I spent many, many days and nights with Al Gag in his basement watching him assemble mambo minnows, bluefish bombs, poppers, etc, and talking about the beach. One night, Al dug into his back storage area and gave me these two 5" needlefish which he said were his original prototypes. Just seeing if anyone else out there has any needles like these.
  10. All yours- will PM you tracking # tomorrow morning as soon as I drop off at PO
  11. Sold- Thank you
  12. OK- Will do. Remainder of lot available for $50.00 shipped.
  13. Originally designed to mount on The Surfcasters license plate mount, however they will bolt up to just about any surface. I had them mounted to the sides of my original front cooler rack. They are made of aluminum.