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  1. Send me a PM- would be happy to make a multi cavity silicone mold and pour whatever colors and quantities you need.
  2. OTF count me in- I will load you up with some of my new stuff- well worth it for all your hard work.
  3. Couple new Pikies finished today - 8.75" / 3.75 oz.
  4. Nail/Foil tape- Simple, available in tons of colors and patterns, and fairly inexpensive. Takes paint well, and epoxy does not dull the finish. These heads pictured are foiled only- no paint or epoxy.
  5. Speechless!!!! Very clean, super bodies and colors. Absolutely LOVE the flag plug.
  6. Seriously, that is a very very nice jig. You do some really great work.
  7. Just got mine from "On The Fish"- Don- this thing is awesome. Cannot wait to get some grommets through it in the next day or so (have a couple wonderbread peanuts getting ready to be completed). Thank you so much for making this, and offering it up. You are a very talented guy.
  8. After I wipe down my epoxy sealer, I hang with through wire. Never had any issue with wire getting stuck, I use a pipe cleaner to run the epoxy down the thru hole, has always kept the hole open.
  9. The standard inserts are one piece which makes it easy- cheap too- I believe about 5 bucks for 100
  10. I use the pre formed wire from Do-It- I believe it is the CC wire forms- one hundred packs, cheap.
  11. You can, and I have done some white base but usually end up with the airbrush to do my accent colors. Really like the foil ones though.
  12. PM me your address- I will get you some pre foiled ones out to paint up- I also pre foil all my SPRO jigs because I paint them the same way- will send you some of those too. I am in Central CT if you are ever nearby- stop in- I also do wood, and tons of plastics (hogy, slug go, stc)

  13. I use the Do-It minnow spoon with recessed eyes, silver spectrum nail foil, airbrush (usually candy colors over foil), then Devcon 30 minute epoxy on the spinner. Have also done 2 dips in KBS Diamond Clear instead of epoxy. Fastest way I found to do them is pour 5-10 of whatever size, then I use HD spray adhesive (light coat) for the nail tape. I ended up stockpiling a couple hundred pre- foiled bodies which I can draw off of whenever I want to paint some up. Add your 2x split rings, and 4x hooks and you are all set.
  14. Yes- 3 sizes- lead - holographic nail tape- paint- epoxy. Worked great on albies and stripers this season. I decided to take a day and pour 100 of each size and do the nail tape on them, now I just hammer out a few of each color for whoever needs them.
  15. Price Reduced to $180.00 firm.