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  1. The entire NFL is doing that? Step Off????????? Hahahahahahahahaha.
  2. I hope he’s just planning a counter offensive
  3. Funny. A sense of humor is needed around here.
  4. Aren't you glad the Obamanator smoked that muslim dog that did that? God bless America. God bless smoked pork chops. God bless the NFL. 23 days and a wakeup.
  5. It's the ring. Wedding bands causes finger rot. Along with a laundry list of other things. Known fact. Syn oil? Hope you not changing the oil in that unamercan commie scooter
  6. You poor chumps are lost little sheep. Beg him, he will come back. I think the boss man probably misses him too. FM kept him at fighting weight. RR is totally lost. Iphish has no one to rag on. Soon you’ll turn on each other. Jackels always do. Hahahahahahaha
  7. Now we’re talking. Screw the NFL drama. Boycott supermarket garbage meat. Butchers and meat markets are disappearing faster than beach access.
  8. Which you should do anyway. I,m highly suspect about barbless do more damage. Besides,they come out of my finger much easier.
  9. I hope newspapers stay around. There's nothing better to clean windows.
  10. Look at it this way sonny, they feel the police have no respect for them. So they protest. You feel they have no respect for the police. So you protest. See the irony in the whole thing? Both of you are right to a degree. More so, both are well within what this country's all about. There are police officers and there are pigs. As in micheal coppola. That's someone to respect? Or you condone that also?
  11. Eh...ever play or watch golf?
  12. We’re losing accessibility at an alarming rate. Zero can be done, short of revolution. Best bet is Sandy Hook. Night time is the right time. Pay the extortion fee. Any place at anytime can produce. Yes I’m a long time nj resident lol
  13. If you got the matching earring, yes that’s gay. But any ring is good to have if the fist is used. Or can you shoot anybody you want if you don’t like them, like fla?
  14. And that should just about sum it up.
  15. Ah yes, old noodle arm.