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  1. had to go to page 2 to find this. Dont you guys fish? Spent Saturday doing home work. Cleaning, laundry, job hunting, cooking. Commercial fished yesterday. Pulled in a limit of kings on the gear, plus a few big yellow submarines that kinda kicked my ass. Ocean wasnt pretty but we killed it. Last boat with riggers down and first to pull them up with a limit heading to the port. Got up at 4 am and looked at the buoy report, texted Neil and told him i was going back to sleep. Met him at the port around noon, and one of the charter captains was looking for someone to ride out with to catch some lunch. So neil and i rode out with him. Had two in less than an hour, and they were both caught by me. They hate that ****. But we all got some groceries. Cooking mine now.
  2. No wink wink needed Tom. That was my trip. I still work my day job. I work 4 10 hour days. Good thing as those guys haven't fished micj since Irma. It's going to eventually transition over to where I can make enough money to quit, but I'm not there yet. Prettt happy with the opportunities I've been given. Lot of people would love to have my job on the days i work it. But they don't. I do. Nowhere to go but up. Already started from the bottom.
  3. I was the only person on board with that little red booklet, Tom Will mostly spend rest of season as deckhand if chartering with the occasional captain day and striker if commercial fishing on that same much larger boat... getting my days in for upgrade for master's license next year though. Either way, getting paid.
  4. They gave us two weekends for red snapper. Had four trips booked. Had to cancel all but one for weather. But I'd say the clients were happy that one day. Wind has been 20-25 For way too long. Fishing offshore here has been all but non existent. Kingfish season is on but we can't get out there. Freshwater has been keeping me entertained somewhat for now. If it was easy, girls would do it.
  5. I'm doing great. Some pics from my first charter... Miss you all though. I mean, I know I live in fishing paradise, but you all aren't here.
  6. was unpacking some stuff when i moved closer to work recently and in the bottom of a box i haven't touched in YEARS, found my FOIF hoodie. had a good laugh, hung it back in the closet where it belongs and thought of all you guys. miss ya. love ya.
  7. I would like to pay him some attention. To his throat area, mostly. With my fist.
  8. It's always Rickman. Always first.
  9. 8 holes. Exit wounds. Other side of the sign had entry wounds. My guess? 12 ga buckshot and with that wide of a pattern, probably from the dock. Guessing other hole below water or above sign. We were fully prepared to fire back.
  10. We did it by the way. The guys didn't listen when i said we needed to fork left and all forked right and since I was up for an adventure I went along. The first photo shows the river to the left. The blue dot represents where we were when Shawn took a screenshot of our location. The seond photo is a photo taken at the same time at that . We were in 4 feet of water in the woods. That ca from the river. By that time we had already been split into two groups. I finally got tired of snakes falling in my kayak and dropped the news on the the guy that despite his fancy phone app, the river is over there. In that direction. And I'm going that way now and you can either follow me out or keep trying to figure out which direction is north on your app or which way you are traveling. I dont need a phone. Getting lost and paddling through the woods was probably my favorite part though. Going again to get lost in some other places we passed next weekend. May never get that chance again. Hard to believe that earlier this year that same river was in such a state of drought I could walk through the main channel in places and not get my knees wet. The final picture is at the end. Yes. That's the launch there and the docks sticking up above the level of the land they're attached to. That was a fun, tough paddle.
  11. Post hurricane powerless bored people conversation: A: check this picture out. The river is higher than it's been in a lifetime. M: holy **** that's insane. What's the reading on That? J: checks phone and says...18 feet. We fish it at 2. Me: are we actually thinking about paddling this? That's a terrible idea. It's suicide. Bet we can cover the entire 12 miles in less than 3 hours. M: Unless there's a lot of portaging like there was during the 12 foot flood we paddled. Could be all day. And dangerous as hell. J: So 6:30 Sunday? It'll either be up to 20 or down to 16 by then. All: Sounds good. See ya there. Sidenote to sol... I won't be offended when you nominate us for the Darwin award... looks like it's gotta be done though.
  12. No offense, but if anyone ever needs to "go away" I will be taking care of that myself and not be calling anyone. Just smarter that way. Sincerely appreciate the meaning behind it though if the job ever gets too big for one chainsaw. how'd you survive the bitch?
  13. Glad you're well. Still no power at home here. Or water. Thank goodness we're not dumbasses.