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  1. Ditch fished for baby tarpon sat a little. Sun was breakfast late followed by a long ride down the beach standing topside on lookout for rays. I landed one short. Billy missed the gaff shot on a 25-30 lber. Did absolutely nothing today. So far looking all Sweetwater for me next weekend.
  2. They don't call it the Mosquito Lagoon for **** and giggles. Bugs I can live with. It's a side effect of growing up and fishing most of your life in Florida. Try gator hunting August at night on the St John's. I just brought up the hate because it's so often mentioned in here.
  3. Yeah, but I'll be guiding in Alaska for the summer. Because the hate must grow.
  4. It was cold that day. I had to wear layers!!!!
  5. Got em from about 100 yards away to there... from my bright red jeep grand cherokee turkey blind. Those four turkeys don't stand a chance come spring.
  6. No doubt. First one was pushing 22 and the other two were 18 and 19. Yes. Same American shad that start up north. No, we don't eat the stripers. Well some people do. We don't.
  7. Here it is on page 3 again. Don't you guys fish? Saturday was spent at a boy scout camp with the cub scouts. Mike and I did a hook kids on fishing event there with them and almost every single kid there caught their first fish that day. Two had caught a fish prior to that day. So much fun!!!! Sunday was a rain day here and then the Stupid Bowl. Today found Alan and I back out on the shad run in a grudge match. Still no offshore. Winds will not die. Caught some shadzillas though, and Alan got a nice wiper (they call 'em sunshine bass down here in the sunshine state)....
  8. Called turkeys in with no call to start the day. Picked up a bobbin and sat in front of a vise and tied flies for the first time in 10 years or more. Went fishing for four hours in snotty weather and had an easy 100 fish day between us. Amercian shad is the best it's been in years. Also got a big bluegill, a couple hickory shad and a he got a beautiful slab crappie amd big shad double. Went to Neil's and had dinner... spaghetti with the giant post og sauce I made for us yesterday, visited the gang at the port for a while and then back to Neil's and sat around the neighbor's fire for a bit and drove home. Killer winter day. So many pepple bitching about no fishing. Always something biting.
  9. The shad run has started. Flyfishing in 15 knot winds always fun. Tomorrow is chill day then back at it Monday.
  10. I had fresh blackfin tuna fish tacos for dinner. Thankfully some of my friends don't have desk jobs and fish every day for a living.
  11. One slot red for an entire morning of slogging through shallow dirty water on an overcast day trying to sight fish with flies. Made seven casts. Caught this and another trout. That's my Monday report. Upcoming weekend looks terrible for fishing. Have to find other stuff to do. Bleh.
  12. Seriously guys? Page 3? Half a dozenof these to 25" inches on the fly in far from favorable conditions. At least I was on the bow of a boat. Kayak loaded for misadventure Monday tomorrow. Hunting black drum with only flies. Crap wind and weather. I had to wear a hoodie today!