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  1. 8 holes. Exit wounds. Other side of the sign had entry wounds. My guess? 12 ga buckshot and with that wide of a pattern, probably from the dock. Guessing other hole below water or above sign. We were fully prepared to fire back.
  2. We did it by the way. The guys didn't listen when i said we needed to fork left and all forked right and since I was up for an adventure I went along. The first photo shows the river to the left. The blue dot represents where we were when Shawn took a screenshot of our location. The seond photo is a photo taken at the same time at that . We were in 4 feet of water in the woods. That ca from the river. By that time we had already been split into two groups. I finally got tired of snakes falling in my kayak and dropped the news on the the guy that despite his fancy phone app, the river is over there. In that direction. And I'm going that way now and you can either follow me out or keep trying to figure out which direction is north on your app or which way you are traveling. I dont need a phone. Getting lost and paddling through the woods was probably my favorite part though. Going again to get lost in some other places we passed next weekend. May never get that chance again. Hard to believe that earlier this year that same river was in such a state of drought I could walk through the main channel in places and not get my knees wet. The final picture is at the end. Yes. That's the launch there and the docks sticking up above the level of the land they're attached to. That was a fun, tough paddle.
  3. Post hurricane powerless bored people conversation: A: check this picture out. The river is higher than it's been in a lifetime. M: holy **** that's insane. What's the reading on That? J: checks phone and says...18 feet. We fish it at 2. Me: are we actually thinking about paddling this? That's a terrible idea. It's suicide. Bet we can cover the entire 12 miles in less than 3 hours. M: Unless there's a lot of portaging like there was during the 12 foot flood we paddled. Could be all day. And dangerous as hell. J: So 6:30 Sunday? It'll either be up to 20 or down to 16 by then. All: Sounds good. See ya there. Sidenote to sol... I won't be offended when you nominate us for the Darwin award... looks like it's gotta be done though.
  4. No offense, but if anyone ever needs to "go away" I will be taking care of that myself and not be calling anyone. Just smarter that way. Sincerely appreciate the meaning behind it though if the job ever gets too big for one chainsaw. how'd you survive the bitch?
  5. Glad you're well. Still no power at home here. Or water. Thank goodness we're not dumbasses.
  6. I don't get nearly enough credit for what I don't say and for how many people I haven't killed. That is all.
  7. I do believe the next 36 hours or so will be not so fun. The cat cheats at pool.
  8. I had the same battle with my parents. Despite what you wish or want or believe, parents are grown ass people capable of making their own decisions. I did help secure what I could and wished them well and told them I love them. Unless they are suffering from dementia or something, we have to respect their decisions. It's a battle I'm not willing to fight. They've certainly supported enough of my crazy decisions over the years.
  9. No booze. This one I need to be ready for. In case it changes again and we're back in the ugly zone. Can't wait til 4. First outer feeder band blowing across right now. Two days out and already feeling it. The snook bailed for a few, but they'll be back in an hour. The jacks moved in though so I'm also rigging up the flyrod. Because Florida people.
  10. Dear Timmy... house is boarded up. This thing is two days out. I'm watching. I have an escape route. I have plan b and c in effect. My vehicle is a mobile survival kit, complete with suture kit, guns, ammo, rain gear, clothes, fire starters, grill, propane, food, ice, water... when the owner of the place gives you personal permission to fish to th stupid big fish, you do so. I will be alone. With the cat. The big out room has a chair, supplies, headlamps, waders, more guns and ammo, food and the mattress close by. There is no more preparing I can do. So we fish. Until Saturday night.
  11. You kidding? Perks of being part of the commercial fleet and local. Mandatory evacuation from barrier islands begins at 3. Restaurant n marina closes at 4. No fishing allowed from restaurant dock. But just received permission to go over and fish that dock at 4:05 for the massive school of snook laid up under the dock. I'm rigging up now.
  12. Timmy If there is one person you should not worry about being alone during a hurricane, it's me. I got this.
  13. It's moving west. It's gonna be ok. We just get the **** side of the storm. Flooding isnt going to be as big a problem.
  14. finally got a good night's sleep and feel better about stuff with the latest forecast. It's gonna be a helluva ride... but I'm feeling better. At the point now where I just wish it would get here and get over with so we can get back to whatever life we have left.
  15. Although right now those southbound lanes and a whole lot of badass truck drivers are the only thing getting anyone anywhere with a chance. Try to buy propane or water or bread or stuff right now. If you didn't already have all the stuff needed chances are you don't have everything you really need and now there's no chance of getting it. Truckers just keep trucking in gas near the interstates. Everyone away from the big roads are empty.