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  1. There's certainly enough of those. You just have to be patient and watch them religiously.
  2. It might help if we knew where you were located.
  3. I do make several tins but nothing I would call "butterfish" tins. The closest things I make to that description are pictured below. "Flat Tops". Basically a copy of Hopkins "shorty" style. Chrome plated lead or painted lead only. Next is the "Bluefish Busters", the fat version. I do these in plated lead, painted lead or tin. The tin versions weigh 1/3 less than pictured. Last one is this "peanut bunker". I make these in tin only but will add accent colors like green or chartreuse. Tail colors can vary. The largest is just under 1 oz . Hope this helps.
  4. I guess you weren't around in the 60's. That was a wild decade too!
  5. Typical corporate self aggrandizement and promotion.
  6. It won't be the first time there was open warfare on the Chesapeake over bay resources.
  7. Menhaden Defenders will be all over this like white on rice. If I'm not mistaken the head of that group is a SOL member.
  8. That could run into anti trust law problems. Where is the RFA and the Sierra Club when you need them.
  9. I have to agree. This does not look good.
  10. Sure. I'll do any color or combination that I can. As far as the pick-up we'll have to PM about that.
  11. Amen.
  12. The best tutorial I ever saw on this subject was done by John Skinner. It's a YouTube video.
  13. I'm asking again. What head shape? I may be able to help, head shape depending.
  14. What head shape are you looking for? They made several. There was the "shovel head slope", arrowhead and the potbelly. If I'm not mistaken the pot belly was the original or at least I've seen it advertised that way.
  15. Life member.