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  1. Looking forward to it. Just be advised I'll be away from June 6 to June 14.
  2. He strikes me as the kind of guy I'd like to have a beer with. Straight up regular guy. No Hollywood phoney baloney.
  3. So how did you do? I was on Dog Beach.
  4. Thanks for the business. Let me know how the research goes.
  5. Rejects are to be expected in any mass produced item, hooks included but 17% is excessive. QA was off that day. Somebody got those and is piecing them out to get rid of them. I've had an occasional batch of bad hooks and in one case it was as high as 54%. I didn't discover it until I poured a lot of heads and the eyes broke off at the shank bend. The manufacturer made good on them. I destroyed the balance of the box.
  6. PM on the way.
  7. The Raritan River has a lot of them in it. Probably died and washed out with all the rain last week.
  8. Yes there is a reason. Actually two. First is line failure. The eye of a bucktail is not guaranteed to be a smooth surface. They often have rough surfaces plus rough edges from chipped paint. You can see how that would abrade the line causing it to break. Second is freedom to swing. A tight knot on the bucktail restricts it's movement whereas a clip or snap allows it to swing free.
  9. That's funny. Ksong would probably like that idea.
  10. PM on the way.
  11. Plugs are the same way. They catch best when beat up and faded.
  12. Here's links to my listings in the SOL Commercial B/S/T section. http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/653297-more-bucktails/ http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/653233-forward-balance-bucktails-again/ http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/716286-ball-bullet-and-shad-jig-heads-for-soft-plastic/ http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/723211-swimbaits-and-heads-expanded-color-selection/ http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/661746-squids-and-bluefish-busters/ These cover a large part of what I do but not all of it.
  13. Just to be accurate, those were made by S & S Bucktails, not John Skinner. S & S calls them their "John Skinner" Pattern or something like that. John makes bucktails but generally only for his own use. He does not sell them.