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  1. Hi Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I wanted to double check this information first. On the Bluefish Busters the chrome plating holds up better than the clear coated paint. However bluefish will leave teeth marks in almost any lure. Even the famous Hopkins. This is the part I wanted to double check. The smallest keeled squid I pour right now weighs 1 oz in tin. I probably can make smaller ones but the molds will be large centrifugal casting tooling and that's an outside job only. That means it'll be late next spring before I can do those. Getting back to the Bluefish Busters, I do make those in tin. I actually prefer to fish those over the lead version. Being lighter the action is better in my opinion. As you're requesting, the 1 oz skinny version will weigh about 11/16 oz in tin. One thing you may not be aware of is the natural finish of tin. It's not shiny like chrome. It has more of a lustre than a shine. Polishing it works well but it will tarnish in time and must be re-done. The pictures above show the difference. The two top ones are lures in chrome. The bottom three are un polished tin. Hope this helps. dan
  2. The keeled squids swim well even without dressed tail hooks. How high in the water column they ride is dependent on retrieve speed mostly. Faster means higher. cashews121's suggestion for Charlie Graves Sand Eel tin squids is a good one. They are an excellent lure.
  3. Ok. As long as I know you're serious about this let me do a little experimenting before we get into purchases. One thing you need to know. Right now I'm scheduled to spend Christmas at my daughters in Ohio. Exactly when I'm leaving is to be determined by her giving birth to my first grandchild. That could happen anytime now. Whenever it happens I'm going there and will stay until sometime just after the New Year. As a result this whole thing may be delayed until then. Hopefully you don't want these for a winter fishing trip to somewhere warm.
  4. Thanks for the clarification. The ones I make are usually painted or chrome plated lead. A few are tin, not lead. There are lures that are a legitimate gold color and they are in fact "flash plated" with real gold. Not all platers do that process and unfortunately mine is one that does not. Some of the Hopkins lures are brass with chrome plating over it. How you would go about determining which are I don't know. The best I can offer is a chrome plated lead lure that has been lightly air brushed with gold paint and clear coated over that. That's one combination I've never tried but it would be interesting to see how it comes out. Does any of this help your quest?
  5. OK, now I understand. Thanks for getting back with that. Not to de-rail this thread but I'm sorry to hear that about Australia. I guess that explains their draconian gun laws. I had occasion to spend 5 days or so in Australia way back in the mid-60's. It didn't seem that way to me at that time. Back to the original discussion.
  6. I'm not sure what you mean by "chances are good as the Aussies are daft when it comes to the use of lead..." Can you clarify?
  7. ^^^^ What is their base metal? Remember the OP is looking for non-lead alternatives. To answer you question about availability, yes some of the Halco lures are available in the US and also some of the GT Icecream stuff too.
  8. The only practical alternative is tin. It's got a low melting point, has a great natural luster and is reasonably available. Only down side is it tends to be expensive. Low quantity retail price is around $1.25 per ounce (yes, ounce). That's before you start making it into lures. Here's pictures of the lead versions of lures I often make in tin. Keeled squids: "Bluefish Busters" Tin Teasers Tin Bullet head bucktails A variety of tin slab spoons Almost anything I have molds for can be made in tin. Just ask!
  9. What you're asking is a little confusing. You want them in tin with gold plating?
  10. No mention if he was a member here.
  11. Middle of December to middle of January tends to be a "dead spot" in the flea market schedules. Too close to Christmas and too soon after.
  12. There's a lot more than a moratorium needed. Recreational fishermen need to be better educated on catch and release techniques. Many I see take way too long to get a fish back into the water. We need much better protection of the forage base. The commercial bunker guys are taking way too much. Menhaden really are the most important fish in the sea. No forage food=no stripers. The water itself needs to better protected. Run off from the commercial pig and chicken farms in the lower states pollute the very water the stripers breed in. Mycobacterosis is a huge problem in those areas. Polluted water and a poor forage base both contribute to that. Commercial by catch is also a problem. Even with a complete ban on stripers by catch mortality will still happen. These all contribute to the problem. They all need solutions.
  13. Large parts of that "F" beach are dangerous. Hidden rubble and debris in the water that you can't always see. Even wading knee deep could be dangerous there. There are signs but people seldom read or believe them. It is sad. A guy, probably retired, dies in pursuit of his sport.
  14. There's no lot there anymore. Used to be one maybe 15 years ago. Now you just park along the road. It used to be labelled "F" Beach. Sandy moved the beach back over 100' and it's still moving. When you drive past the 2nd guard shack look at the water mark on the window. The park was covered by at least 5' of water during Sandy.
  15. That particular stretch of beach is full of debris and rubble. Real nasty stuff. Concrete, rebar, pipe. All stuff from pill boxes and ammo bunkers destroyed by Sandy.