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  1. They'll hit bucktails aggressively. Lots of fun on light tackle.
  2. Hi Yak The 3/4 and 1 oz are 4/0 and the 1 1/2 oz are 5/0. I use long shank hooks to make these but the amount of shank exposed is more or less flexible. The controlling factor is usually the location of the tying eye but with these that's not the case. That also makes it easier to use smaller or larger hooks. dan
  3. If just the tails are getting nipped on the Gulp! it's probably small snappers, especially at this time of year. In that case the fluke will prefer the snappers. Catch a few and drift them for fluke and hang on.
  4. Hi The 1/2 oz uses a 3/0 hook but larger or smaller sizes can be used if requested. Shipping to New Zealand is no problem outside of the cost. I'll have to research that for you. dan
  5. Yes. It also takes dye well.
  6. That works too. I started by using 4 lb mono. Now I use the size D nymo because it gives me a good combination of strength and small size. Anything smaller isn't strong enough.
  7. Yes I am. I assume you mean the Ultra Minnow type? Either painted or bare lead, your choice.
  8. I've had requests for these before and figure it's time to make them readily available. Ultra Minnows (Spro Type bucktails) are a popular jig for a lot of different fish but because they're usually center balanced they're best used from a boat. They're made for a vertical presentation. When cast and retrieved from the beach or in shallow water a center balanced head comes back in a nose down manner. Moving the pull point forward corrects this. It then comes back in a much more level and normal looking attitude. Making Ultra Minnows with a forward pull point is more involved and requires more hardware than the conventional lure. Result is a bit of an increase in price but you get a better lure for the money. For fluke in the surf or anything in the back bays where the water is shallow these are a great selection. Here's a picture with pricing below that. Pricing: 1/2 oz = 4.00 ea 3/4 oz = 4.25 ea 1 oz = 4.75 ea 1 1/2 oz = 5.50 ea Shipping is extra. As always they have Mustad forged and plated, 2x strong hooks, epoxy coated wraps and generous quantities of deer hair. In addition the eye is stainless steel. Thanks for looking and good luck fishing!
  9. Outside snapping pliers work like that. A good strong pair and a little grinding on the inserts should give you a tool that'll do the job.
  10. Size D rod wrapping thread works.
  11. Usually the eye doesn't load up completely. Just watch each piece as it comes out of the powder. If it's closed up use a thin needle like piece of steel to open it before heat curing. A large sewing needle will do the job.
  12. Robert Duvall does not have children.
  13. ??? Are you confused with Martin Sheen?