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  1. Sliding rig? Sounds like you might be using one of those plastic sinker slides. Most of us use some sort of snap swivel to hold the sinker. The snap is big enough to fit OVER the knot so no stinkin' bead is needed. A cheapie snap swivel will not reliably hold your sinker during a cast. Suggest you try a McMahon snap attached to 2/0 swivel. Springer asked about a shock leader. It is mandatory. I use 50# Big Game.
  2. Tall boots...
  3. I have no idea. Contact AI Guy.
  4. Sure looks that way...wish I could have been there.
  5. In spite of all that book learning he still knows how to detect a fishy aroma.
  6. Yep. He's world class...throwing 8 oz over 700' with fishing gear. Big Danny better take up another sport...
  7. Yep...lotsa doubles...throw the heads out and their brothers would feast.
  8. Ha! Now she's LHAO.
  9. LMAO! She thinks you're just too cute.
  10. He'd better run. I'm gonna sic Donna on him...she'll fix his butt...prolly with an auger...
  11. Real men, huh? You better run...
  12. 6500s are fine for drum...use good line and a tight drag. I have never had a fish spool me or break off.
  13. If I was somewhat new to surf fishing and wanted to put together a new outfit I'd listen to guys like Catskill John, luckyOC, KOSS, Critter Gitter, Possum, smallbatch9, Rocks&Reds, Mtd35, a few know...guys who put a lot of big fish on the beach. I'd even listen to Allen, although he does fish with upside down eggbeaters. Me: stripers: SUR 1506 rods with magged 6500 reels and 16# (.35 mm) ProSpec Pro. Reds: SUR 1508 rods with magged 6500 reels and 20# (.40MM) ProSpec Pro. I fish with good spikes, a tight drag, and large, sharp non-offset circles. I particularly like Gami Big Eyes in 9/0 for drum. For stripers Mustad 39951NP-BN. I have NEVER had a fish come close to taking all my line. But I tighten the drag and put the screws to 'em. And if I suspect my line at all I respool. But that's just me...