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  1. Yep, they are running by faster and faster it seems. But Erik...really looking forward to spending time with another old geezer this spring. Happy birthday!
  2. But I already have a spinning reel...and you know what Marcus said...about little fish. Now that natural progression thing...kinda like evolution...once you're outta the cave you don't get to go back.
  3. Oh the blasphemy!
  4. Tough ol' redhead! Wish I was there with you...
  5. He always had that nice grin! Saw him once in the speedo...that was enough. Sure am gonna miss that guy...
  6. Thanks, Allen.
  7. Dang...didn't "know" Bill but often saw him and we always greeted one another. The world is changing... RIP...
  8. Loved that dude! Donna did too. Beach will NOT be the same...
  9. Sliding rig? Sounds like you might be using one of those plastic sinker slides. Most of us use some sort of snap swivel to hold the sinker. The snap is big enough to fit OVER the knot so no stinkin' bead is needed. A cheapie snap swivel will not reliably hold your sinker during a cast. Suggest you try a McMahon snap attached to 2/0 swivel. Springer asked about a shock leader. It is mandatory. I use 50# Big Game.
  10. Tall boots...
  11. I have no idea. Contact AI Guy.
  12. Sure looks that way...wish I could have been there.
  13. In spite of all that book learning he still knows how to detect a fishy aroma.
  14. Yep. He's world class...throwing 8 oz over 700' with fishing gear. Big Danny better take up another sport...