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  1. Bev, I don't wanna play but if you need one more I'll pony up.
  2. I really needed to be there. Needed to be here more. Damn.
  3. Donna and I wanted to be there...but we can't make it.
  4. Number 2 IMO.
  5. I called. And will again should I see the need.
  6. Yep. You CAN use parking lights when passing others in the dark of night.
  7. Yep.
  8. Yep.
  9. Absolutely.
  10. Had a nice rant going but deleted it so as not to rile up the instant gratification crowd. If you want real time fish reports stop at the black Ford on the beach...I'll gladly share if you take the time to introduce yourself. You might have to ask an old salt to find out what a black Ford looks like...
  11. My preference is to keep my mouth shut. I don't need to impress anyone.
  12. Gone to Drew! Thanks!
  13. Anybody want a couple 4500/4600 frames and one spool to match? Might have a spindle but I'll have to look. Pick 'em up in west OC in May. I will not ship. If nobody wants 'em they go in the trash.
  14. I'll be there.
  15. Thanks.