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  1. Lol! The union had the steel, confederacy had the cotton. I'm pretty sure a reasonable portion of the population down here is entirely unaware of the outcome of that particularly embarrassing chapter of US history, might wanna keep that to yourself if you want to stay popular with the good ol' boys.
  2. You guys do know I'm not a native Floridian right? Lol. I think I lived here for about 3 years before actually meeting one.
  3. Great question. Ages ago biminis were used to provide a little extra protection for lighter class tippets. These days people just like big knots.
  4. You're not explaining yourself, you're making excuses. And just because you've been doing something for a long time, doesn't mean you're doing it right. If you were, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  5. It doesn't make the act any less thoughtless. And the slime coat that you remove when you handle a fish with dry hands, or lay it on dry ground, that's their immune system. You guys keep coming back to this "well it swam off" defense, it's not very good. Just because a fish isn't floating belly up when you put it back in the water doesn't mean it's not going to die. It takes almost no effort to do better, and I'll be the first to pat you on the back for showing these fish the respect they deserve.
  6. Also, just as a side, you guys might want to consider unported frames in the future. I literally walk through 1/2 mile of swamp to get to my favorite juvie tarpon spot, and this little dude still looks/feels like it just came out of the box. The 1/2oz of aluminum just isn't worth having an exposed hub.
  7. I'm not trashing your pics, I brought the consequences of your questionable fish handling practices to your attention in the nicest possible way (it was the nicest way I could think of), and you responded with belligerence and resentment. I get that you want photographs of your trip, and that's not an easy thing to do solo, but sometimes your ego has to take a backseat. There's no shame in bad pics, I take pride in mine.
  8. I hope that's not your criteria for a successful release. Look, I'm pretty sure you're going to sober up and feel pretty embarrassed by your post in the morning. Being totally honest my comment wasn't directed at your kind. To put it bluntly, respect simply can't be taught. You want to come down to Florida and roll fish in the dirt like BFD, expect some harsh criticism.
  9. We're having massive fish kills and serious water quality issues at the moment, rolling a fish in the dirt/sand/grass is almost certain to kill it even when the water isn't full of toxic algae.
  10. I'd never do that to one of your stripers, just saying.
  11. It's called CRC graphite lubricant. Comes in a 10oz aerosol can (green). Don't misunderstand, I have all the respect in the world for the guys at abel, but they work for a living and have no business telling worthless bums like me how to take care of their reels.
  12. You can order them without a ported frame. I would advise anyone planning on fishing the surf, ever, to do so. I saw a big game #1 with a stuck drag plate once, a customer had bought it at an estate sale, took me 6 minutes to get it back in action. That was the only abel issue we saw at the shop in my 9 years working there (and we were an abel dealer). I fish every day Mike, in the surf, the river, wherever. I get clobbered by shore break the same as anyone else, and I don't see these problems. Neatsfoot oil sounds like a problem, I use a graphite based lube on my drags, and yamaha synthetic grease on my bearings and handles.
  13. That's pretty impressive. From the picture it would appear that you're using some kind of highly corrosive substance to lube your drag. I have a 9/10n with literally thousands of hours on it, and it's not unusual for me to leave it in a 130 degree car for a few hours after a day on the water, and there's no signs of wear on the spool or drag plate. I use a graphite based lube on the cork, and a synthetic grease on the bearings & handle. I service them maybe twice a year.
  14. I bought a 10'6" tiralejo a few years back to have as a redundancy, and it ended up being much more comfortable to fish than the rod that I spent three times the money on, and built with my own two hands. The guide train on the tiralejo is just silly, but it works for some odd reason. I had a torque 5 on mine.
  15. My truck never melted in Pennsylvania or Rhode Island, just saying.