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  1. I use #2 stainless for kingfish and blacktips. The tyger wire is not fun to rig.
  2. They make countless similar adhesives, but I've always used the purple tube. Squirt entirely to much onto a flat paper bag, then take your nylon bundle and rub it into one side until your totally covered. Do this outside, or you will kill a lot of brain cells.
  3. Yeah, about that. We're witnessing a complete collapse of our ecosystem at the moment. The IRL, the Everglades, all of it. I'm not talking about a bad year, an isolated algae bloom or fish kill, this is forever. Reading about all the "outrage" from local guides who have made careers exploiting our resources is more than I can take.
  4. You don't sacrifice length at all using goop, and length is critical for flair jigs. Once it's glued up and cured, you can take a razor blade to the goop and separate it into smaller bundles. Everyone is different, but I would cut it into sheets, maybe 2-4mm in thickness. Then I'd take those sheets and cut them into uniform pieces that I could tie in around the collar of my jig. Once they're tied down, you can use a bodkin or thumbnail to remove the goop. Once the goop is gone you can adjust your materials to make sure you don't have any gaps. There are a few guys that leave the goop on, but it makes for some ugly collars. I worked extensively with the material that the OP is discussing. I've personally tied several thousand flair jigs for my personal use.
  5. I've been fishing some pretty boring stuff this winter, tied these to entertain myself.
  6. Think about it. The nylon he's talking about comes in 3" diameter bundles. Using zip ties doesn't just sacrifice length, you won't make it 1/3 of the way through the bundle before it blows apart. And it's not my method, it's what every commercial jig maker that works with nylon/german hair has been doing for the last 30 years.
  7. That doesn't work at all. There's a product called "amazing goop", hardware stores sell it, comes in a big purple tube. Apply generously to one end of your bundle and allow it to cure overnight. After that you can cut the plastic binding off and do whatever you want with it.
  8. Florida is one of them. The bill passed, and hopefully I'll never have to reset the clocks on my cars and appliances again.
  9. Hammer smashed face by Cannibal Corpse is one of my fav's.
  10. As far as I know it is. I stay with friends. I'm told the fishery isn't what it was. I started going up in 2010, so I have to take their word for it. Lots of Gaspé anglers chase bass these days. Salmon are still there, but a decent angler is still going to blank more often than not. It's just not a numbers game.
  11. I worked at Harry Goode's Outdoor Shop in downtown Melbourne for amost 10 years, I left in October. It's been here since 1943. Florida really doesn't have a lot of good shops, but Orlando Outfitters and Goode's are worth a visit. My criteria is very specific though, I have a soft spot for shops that focus on their selection of materials.
  12. Any time I travel I find a shop. This one stands out. It's La Ami Du Mucher in Trois Riviers in QC. It's not the biggest, but they understand quality materials, and the staff is friendly, even to an engliphone tourist like me. I stop by every year on my way to Gaspé.
  13. I use ice dub quite a bit to tweak & tune my senyo. I might want purple highlights in my sculpin olive, for instance. Just takes a pinch, it's a nice effect. Blends with just about anything.
  14. I stand corrected. This stuff is pricy, but nice. It's from whiting farms.
  15. Than I definitely misinterpreted your post. I needed mine. My renzetti lacked tenacity, and it felt like a toy. My regal revolution liked to break certain hooks and I didn't see the point in buying 2 pairs of jaws just so I could tie a handful of smaller flies every now and then. Tried the GME vise and pretty much hated every last thing about it. Can't say I've ever bought a piece of gear simply because I had the money. Good for you dude.