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  1. Appreciate the reply. Yeah it’s in real good shape. Found 1 that sold on here 10 years ago for 100$. I’ll just hold on to it. Thanks.
  2. I can get a picture up later. Still trying to get an estimated value. Not having much luck.
  3. Yessir, understood. I was answering both quotes at the same time. I apologize for my lack of clarification. Pretty cool part of plug history for sure.
  4. The pumpkin orange I just assumed was called squid. I was referring to the color, not the plug. I have one. I have some home projects coming up and have some plugs to sell, some rare. This one might go too I just don’t know the value....
  5. Great plugs fellas. Anyone have a reverse squid? Perhaps I missed it in the photos.
  6. Saw a lot of advertisements down 95 last week on my kid’s vacation for Carvana.
  7. When I need a break sometimes I put my camo on and head for the woods. Find a nice stump, put the wind in my face and have a seat. It’s amazing......
  8. ^^^canal rigged has a certain meaning. It’s when you add a split ring and swivel then another split ring or cut hook to the belly hanger of any solid hanger plug. Usually plastic. Sebiles, Rebels, SP minnows etc. I guess what you are saying is correct, it probably has been done for longer than Sebiles have been around I just can’t remember anyone calling it that before them.
  9. Check out the Shimano tiralejo.
  10. Never smoked anything, legal or otherwise, never did any drugs and never had a drink of alcohol. I’ll be 46 this summer.
  11. Yeah, this is going to suck. With the last 2 my only issue was power loss for about a day. Going to have to put work into this one tomorrow.
  12. I drilled a hole in mine horizontal. 2 ton epoxy on a pin and it never moved.
  13. Snow is an insulator, keeps them alive. You need no snow and like posted above, a deep freeze.
  14. Not sure diameter but guys use air hose tubing for fish tanks and also the ribbing that holds screens in doors/windows. I have a bag downstairs, I will check the name and diameter tomorrow for you.
  15. Got a ‘glas ‘27 in the garage. Been on stands for 10 years. Has a blown alum head 355 sbc. 2200# dynoed at 511hp. Someday she’ll see the road again. Great work man, the car looks sick. Good luck!