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  1. It’s funny you guys just mentioned this. I’ve been sick all week and couldn’t sleep very well so 1 night I searched Youtube for the canal. About every other video was from 5 or 6 months ago by people I’ve never seen touting plugs and jigs that most regular canal guys would never fish. 1 guy even said he crushed them on a pencil that had never caught a fish before like it was a good thing. Crazy.
  2. Looks like a Bigfish to me
  3. Hinge cut a big cedar
  4. Good eyes. I think it is mine. Made it for someone years ago, can’t remember who. Also made a danny to match.
  5. Where’d you get it and can I see the tailwrap?
  6. He is the reason why I call my plug the “Pilgrim”. I was testing it at the time when I stopped over to bs with him years ago. He told me how he hates Pilgrims(his term for newbs, visitors, white buckets or anyone else for that matter who wasn’t a seasoned vet down there) so I told him “oh yeah you wait, soon enough you’re not going to be able to go too far on the canal without seeing one”. Angler, if you can, please tell him I said hello and I will try my best to get down and see him.
  7. 64 was a good year.
  8. Should change your handle to “eagle eye”
  9. On a roll^^^^^
  10. Nada for me. Didn’t get out much. Cousin shot 2 with me this year so the freezer’s full. Got a couple new spots lined up for next year already,good morth wind spots which I didn’t have much of this year. Congrats to you guys that were successful and kudos to finding sheds already. Might to time to lace up the boots again.
  11. Yowza. Can’t eat antlers but they sure are nice to look at! Great deer. Congrats to the hunter.
  12. Anyone out still trying to fill a tag? I’ll be out tomorrow afternoon. Have only been able to get out a handful of times all year. Wednesday morning, 10 yards into the woods behind a house and bumped 7 does. Should have just turned around and gone back to bed. Just about every good deer on cam last year have disappeared from my cams this year. I can’t figure it out. Oh well, that’s hunting. Good luck, be safe.
  13. That’s a stud for sure. I also have on cam the tiniest of fawns with probably 5” antlers. Could probably put him under my arm and carry him out of the woods.
  14. This is true. Got the call a few weeks ago. Already started on next year’s plugs. I assume because of this I’ll see an uptick in my shop orders.
  15. I’ve wondered why they cross name their gear like that. Seems odd.