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  1. All solid hook hanger plugs for me.
  2. When I detailed cars for the auction after I got out of high school I used Armor All or similar tire dressing on the tires and black mouldings. Should take care of the stray wax for you.
  3. If only his beams were outside his ears. Widest deer I’ve seen in some time. Good luck. choot’em!
  4. I’d love to see a new reg. Keep a fish and you have to stop fishing.
  5. I don’t always fish but when I do I fish with my back towards the water.
  6. Sweet, nice looking 8. Almost didn’t click the thread.
  7. Ahh, I see. I thought it was zip “lanes”. No wonder it’s barely faster than the bridges.
  8. Over a million rivets each, wow! I wonder how many the tunnel has then. Got to be at least double that.
  9. I’ve been a commercial builder for 11 years. When someone asks me for a one of a kind plug for their collection and then sells it, for me that ruins it for them and everyone else. That’s just the way I am.
  10. Thanks man, that’s the way I figured it would go. Doesn’t matter either way, I know who ordered it and obviously sold it. Just won’t happen again, that’s all.
  11. How’d you make out?
  12. Thanks man. This is the second of mine that has shown up here recently that were built as special requests for people. No more.......
  13. The top one is mine, it’s a left hook pilgrim. May I ask how you got it? Let me edit this by saying it is one of mine, I built it.
  14. On more than 1 occasion I’ve gotten fish on top, always in the shadow line of a bridge though.
  15. ^^^^ thanks guys for putting this on. Good luck everyone.