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  1. That’s a stud for sure. I also have on cam the tiniest of fawns with probably 5” antlers. Could probably put him under my arm and carry him out of the woods.
  2. This is true. Got the call a few weeks ago. Already started on next year’s plugs. I assume because of this I’ll see an uptick in my shop orders.
  3. I’ve wondered why they cross name their gear like that. Seems odd.
  4. Nice job guys. Been out only twice and the only deer I’ve seen is this heavy body 8 my cousin shot when I helped him drag it.
  5. YESSA
  6. Giant! Cousin shot a big body 8 last night. Grunted/rattled 2 bucks in. Of course I didn’t see squat and was 200 yards away.
  7. Couple small bucks. Nothing like I had last year, although I haven’t checked them in a few weeks. Heading in now for an afternoon sit, I may be able to get to one, this wind is not good for checking the rest at this spot.
  8. Just about time for a few all day sits fellas. Looks like Saturday am is going to be in the 20’s too. Looking forward to pics here of some nice deer hitting the ground soon.
  9. ^^^I believe it’s 8 wins but still a record.
  10. Yup, deer hunters. While we’re on the subject of stands, do any of you use a lifeline if you’re using a climber? To climb, I don’t mean a strap once you get get up in the tree. I don’t but think I should start.
  11. They’re starting to get antsy......
  12. They’ll just bump him across the street onto mo trespass property.....
  13. Nice job so far guys. Hoping to get in a tree the beginning of next week. Like to have a shot at this guy but it’s a spot where hunters come in from all sides, it may be a tough go.
  14. Was it this guy? The top needle is signed on the bottom.
  15. That’s a good day for sure.