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  1. I am thru!! Now I won't buy one! I'll use my Stradic and Sahara. I'm so pissed off I am going to sell my VR175 and VSX150. I dunk my Penn 706 all the time. Good By Van Staal.
  2. Penn Tourqe Is The Uglyiest reel that I have ever seen. I know a popular Tackle shop in Seside sent all of his back. And told me to buy VS or ZeeBaas.
  3. The Penn's made in Phila. are great. But all the rest are JUNK! The new Tourqe is Butt Ugly and heavy. and they are not selling. Buy a VAN STAAL!
  4. VS all the way. Went and handled a Tourqe and it is BUTT UGLY. It's not even close.Penn is not on the same planet as Van Staal,Zee Baas or Saltiga.
  5. I like VS200 w/30lb braid on my St. Croix Legend. I've been surf casting over 50 yrs. and this setup rules. But I also have a tricked out chrome rocket (abu garcia ) on a 13FT Break away. It is the longest I've ever seen.
  6. I have both the Legend and Mojo 10 ft 6in. -3/4 -4 oz. They are great rods. The legend is a little faster and the Mojo is great on the lighter stuff. The quality on the Legend is great. The Mojo is just OKBut for the money go for the Mojo
  7. Hands down the Shimano STELLA PERIOD
  8. Stella sw5000 traded . Thank You SOL
  9. Can't do pic's now. But like I said it's only used 4 times. It's likeke BRAND NEW!
  10. Stella SW5000 Mint . wtt for VS200 in great cond. I'll add $40 cash in it's mint. I'm in Lakewood NJ * Will meet anywhere in Jersey
  11. I like all well made reels. I own 2 VS'S and a Stella SW5000. You are right it is not waterproof but it is the nicest reel that I have ever owned. If I dunk it and sand gets in It go's in the truck an I'll use another reel.Most guys I see with beach buggys have at least 4 or 5 rods and reels on their cooler racks. Down a IBSP some guys hav 5 or 6 VS's on CTS rods. Talk about money!
  12. Got my E7 yesterday and went right to the lake. It really cast nice. Put it on my St. Croix Tourny Bass rod and this is a real nice set up. But that green is butt ugly.
  13. Get one of each. I have owned 8 VS's and 1 ZB. I love both the same. I really like my STELLA SW5000. The smoothest reel I have ever seen. Of course NO DUNKIN ALLOWED! No I'm not a FISH REEL JUNKY not me.
  14. Got one last week with a new battle reel really nice for around $200. It throws a mile Great outfit for the money.. I'm now down to 35 rod and reel outfits I'm a fishing equip. JUNKY.
  15. VS200 silver f/s Like new used 3 times in Squan Inlet. Never dunked 3 mo. old not registered w/ paperwork. Bought it in Aug. $500 firm I live in Lakewood NJ Will meet for cash sale ----