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  1. Timer is 24 hours I believe
  2. There is a timer on the edit function, how long ago did you make the OP?
  3. Faster so far this morning, Tim's making progress.
  4. ZX22 weighs 21+ oz spooled, close to what a VS 200 weighs. A spooled VS150 weighs a little more than half that. If you have either VS, try them on the 1081L before you commit to the ZB or put the ZB on a longer rod. Just my $.02
  5. Maybe all those unfinished Tales & Lies threads are slowing the whole site down?
  6. And...? Been holding my breath since the 3rd/last installment of this riveting tale. Starting to turn blue, get er done.
  7. Yours for $40 shipped, PP, sending PM
  8. I think I'll hold off and see if a better offer comes along.
  9. You have that power:
  10. New, never lined, I believe this fits the 3500 and 4500 bodies. $50 shipped PP