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  1. Gags in the middle and Smack-it upper right?
  2. Potted fruits and in ground Blueberries- Lowes PT 6' stakes cut to size. Once fruit ripens I'll cut access holes to harvest. Dog is pissed.
  3. I wrapped my blueberry bushes in deer block fabric from Homies. I only have a bird and granddaughter problem, no munks. Seems my Cockapoo has been snacking on my potted strawberry plants - eats the leaves so far. I'll be wrapping them in fabric shortly as soon as I fashion some sort of frame. Next will be to protect the cherry tomatoes from the granddaughter - she just stands there and eats them right off the plant, all of them, whether fully ripe or not. Might try fabric with her. Good luck with your vermin.
  4. I have an new RM Smith Jackhammer in white sparkle: 3.8 oz & 9" $26 shipped PP Pics if you're interested.
  5. Any interest in selling one of the Saragosa's? If not, free bump.
  6. Thanks much, looking for any condition issues. You ever get over to the NJ coast?
  7. Can it be seen? I'm in NJ. Any pics
  8. Title says it all. Lightly used, but not abused preferred. What ya got?
  9. Not into big butts.
  10. I have a CTS VT wrapped by RHC, rated 3-6, shrink wrap, 2-piece, that weighs 12 oz for reference. No idea what flavor guides or how much the butt cap weighs , bought used.
  11. Why can we pee without pooping but can't poop without peeing?
  12. Just video.
  13. It was outstanding. I had it out standing in the aisle.
  14. Paul Eidman from Menhaden Defenders spoke at a recent Berkeley Striper Club meeting. Google him, Menhaden Defenders, or here's a link to the .org site: https://menhadendefenders.org/
  15. Home