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  1. PSA - A spooled ZB22 weighs 8.5 oz more than a spooled VS150. The 22 is equivalent to a VS200.
  2. See next post, after I figured out the multi-quote technique
  3. I've gotten 3" drain pipe at Lowes, good for shipping rods.
  4. OK, fried a boneless rib eye roast last night for the family. Got a large roast from Costco and cut it into thirds. Did 6.5 pounds at 4 minutes per pound at 350. Tented and let rest for 45 minutes before slicing per a recipe I found online. Next time will go maybe 4.5 minutes per pound as the center was a little to rare for all. Worked well, much less drama dropping into the hot oil than frying a turkey. Easy to get back to temp and done in 26 minutes, took longer to heat the oil. Used a basket but also learned you can just slice a hole in the roast and insert your turkey stand that my cooker came with. Sorry, no pics. Tasted like prime rib. Looking forward to the next one.
  5. Got the SO a Phillips for Christmas, daughter also got one, not sure what brand. Shoe string fries work better than steak fries. Did doughnuts, muffins, homemade sliced potatoes, chicken fingers, fish, crab cakes, can't remember what else. Has been a big hit in both households. Doing Costco garlic wings tonight, I can smell them already.
  6. I'm in Thanks for the opportunity.
  7. I'll take the Davis for $25
  8. Anybody do it? Pool is 18' x 36', vinyl liner, deep end has a diving board so it's deep. Concrete walk all the way around. What structure might I find behind the liner that I have to remove?
  9. My white perch star of death is bigger than your white perch star of death
  10. I'll take the 2 Punts for $48
  11. Revise my offer to $25 for the Davis, immediate PP.
  12. Thanks for the Davis pics, what size/weight is that? If 2.4 oz & 6.5", I'm out.
  13. I'll offer $30 for the Davis, needs new hooks. Possible to get a pic of the other side?
  14. What he said and put some more line on the spool, looks under filled.