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  1. thanks guys!
  2. Looking for a few epoxy jigs, 5/8oz or 7/8oz, prefer pink or olive color, used is fine. Thanks
  3. I'll take them for $23 if ccb passes, paypal. Thanks
  4. I offer $20 PayPal shipped for the 3 SP minnow plus the bullet, you can keep the 11f. Don't need the hooks/rings of the used sp minnow, if that helps shipping. Thanks
  5. I offer $50 shipped! PayPal. Thanks
  6. Offer $50 shipped for the battle 5000 without line. Paypal. Thanks!
  7. How about $40 shipped for the top 4: blue/silver and 3 silver/black. Don't need the 2 gold. PayPal. Thanks
  8. Respectfully offer $50 PayPal shipped for the sebiles, no hooks or rings needed, thanks
  9. I respectfully offer $100 paypal shipped for the lot. Thanks!
  10. Would you consider almost new battle II 6000 plus plugs?
  11. Thread Closed! Thanks The Rev, SOL and TimS!
  12. payment sent! thanks
  13. Offer withdrawn ...