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  1. All yours! PM coming! Thanks
  2. $45 shipped
  3. Li fish VT and jigman are in new condition. AH is used but still in good condition. $55 shipped. All payment methods work.
  4. Everyone who offered to buy partials didn't read the thread carefully. Nice lot of lures and reels, zak. I would have offered full price if I have enough $$.
  5. How about $180 cash meet and pick up for everything? Traveling now and will be back to boston on Wed. Can meet after that! Thanks
  6. I'll take these if you can wait till next week for payment. Traveling now. Thanks
  7. Thanks guys! Appreciated!
  8. I have a swimmer lure with tiny "APB" on the metal lip. I was trying to search for it here but not much luck. does anyone know who made these APB plugs, or any other name of those plugs? Thanks!
  9. Sorry I dont have much I can bring on the table for a trade. All I have are pretty beaten ones which I still want to fish. I'll have to pass for now. Sorry about that. GLWS
  10. I have ss plugs. Will send you pics tonight
  11. Have many plugs, plug bag, plastics, metals, jigs, braided Lines etc. what are you looking for or mostly interested?
  12. Budget is tight now. Could you consider trade or partial trade? Thanks
  13. If you ship, I'll take the okuma 65a and ef55b for $58 shipped to Boston area. You just throw them in a box with some newspaper. I think the shipping cost should be around $8. Thx
  14. respectfully offer $15 shipped paypal for the bottom 3 rapalas. thanks!
  15. lights out pencils are sinking or floating? thanks