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  1. Lot 2 still available. $20 meet and pick up, or $25 shipped!
  2. Why not! Pm coming thx
  3. Thanks! Please send me your PayPal info.
  4. To be honest with you, I'm only interested in the lights out pencil. Could you do $15 shipped for just the pencil? If not, I'll stick to my original offer of $45 for the lot. Thanks for your consideration.
  5. Respectfully offer $45 shipped for the lot
  6. not sure exactly. Most swimmers are around 1oz, poppers are 1-2oz
  7. You got it! Pm coming
  8. 5 pieces, top 4 are in excellent condition, about 2.75-3oz. Bottom yellow mackerel has done mojo but plenty of life left, around 2.5oz. $60 shipped for the lot! Any payment works! Thanks
  9. Lot 1: plastic poppers and swimmers, 20 pieces, $35 shipped. Lot 2: rubber lot. 1-3oz. A few classic alou eel. 15 pieces, $30 shipped. Lot 3: metals and Bucktail jigs: metals are 1-2oz, 3 spro Bucktails are 3-4oz, small one is about 1.5-2oz. $25 for all. Any payment method is good! Open to trade for used big fisher pencils in 2.5-3oz range. Thanks
  10. Nice grab! Second if deal falls through!
  11. Thanks for the counteroffer, but I will stick to my original offer. let me know if you change your mind. Thanks!
  12. Respectfully offer $65 cash pick up. Thanks
  13. Respectfully offer $50 without line. PayPal shopped! Thanks
  14. Ok, let's do $45 for both reel! Please pm your PayPal info. Thx