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  1. 6-9' of straight 20lb flouro. Probably wasting my money using flouro after reading this. Just figured its more abrasive resistant and if it gives a little edge..I'll take it. Cheap compared to my gear and boats.
  2. Sweet!!
  3. The most insane day of striper fly fishing I have ever had. The numbers I caught were ridiculous. A few bigger fish but mostly 15-24”.
  4. Yeah. Its crazy. As you know I abandoned shooting heads. I got a few lines and had a phenominal day of fishing yeaterday with no issues.
  5. I got the TH for rivers...smallies, trout, and Salmon. I use std rods fro all other fishing. Mono on the windy beach....nah. no thanks
  6. How come I do not have the twist issue with regular lines but had issues with the running line and heads?
  7. Did I seize on anything in particular that I dont recall? Not sure I said much more than I was abandoning the shooting heads and going back to full lines. I have the Scandi set-ups for my two-handers.
  8. Had another succesful outing for stripers. I hooked a 40”+ fish like 15’ from the boat that came unbuttoned. That fish is going to haunt me for a while. The others are still a blast. Got a bunch. Morning was COLD the other day!!!
  9. Most of my flyfishing is for Stripers/blues/albies and warmwater species. I do trout and salmon in the winter occasionally. I appreciate all the tips because I do have shooting head systems on my two-handers. For my Inshore escapades I am going to stick with full lines. Thank you again for all the tips. They will be put to use with my two-handers.
  10. I agree that splicing lines is pointless and defeats the purpose all together. I do have 2 Two-Handed rods with shooting head systems for the few times a year for the rivers I get to. Thanks for the advice on the video about gathering line. Im going to check it out.
  11. If I ever use them again this is the approach I would take. Being that the heads cost as much as the full lines and changing them is not as simple as it actually was designed to be....meaning splicing etc....its just as easy to switch lines or just have a spare spool or other rod rigged. Going to stick with full lines for now.
  12. Some people have tangles. Some dont. I dont know. I stretched it and stretched it and still had problems. I had A LOT of line out as I was making long cast because we were blind casting a large area. It was just a massive pile of coils. The running line was so damn thin when it did tangle it was a nightmare. Instead of splicing lines I am just going with a regular full length line. After I posted this I did search the net and found a ton of complaints similar to my own. Just decided im not going to try to experiment...just go back to what works. I appreciate everyones opinion. Thats all I was looking for....others thoughts.
  13. It wasnt just the tangles, which were annoying, it is also the connection bumping in and out if my guides. Just not very smooth. Appreciate everyones feedback.
  14. I saw other’s opinions and made a decision. It wasnt just the twist of the running line. I didnt like the connections zipping through the guides in and out. After seeing others opinions on other options that still had issues...I decided to go with regular lines again. Not sure what your point is?
  15. Yeah. Ill stick with what works for me with zero issues.