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  1. Went through quite a few fly to tippet knots during many years of trout fishing, 4-7X tippets, and finally found the Orvis knot. Easy to tie, strong and very reliable. Been using it for many moons. For the rest of the leader, I've tried many others but always come back to the blood knot...
  2. +1 for BFD, HillTop and Mike Oliver
  3. I went through the EXACT same thing with a Rio sinker a few years ago. Wanted to pull my hair out. Shooting head was great but the running line coiled like it was it's job. Ended up cutting off the head and splicing it to an Airflo floating running line. Much less stressful now! I made a special pyre in my back yard to burn that Rio running line.
  4. Thanks for the help. Seems like we should be OK in most places. Plan to avoid the Chatham Town landings. In the past we've avoided Falmouth as well...was ticketed there a few years ago.
  5. Sandflee, We usually park at the landings but just about every one has a sign that says a parking permit is required. When we've been there in May or October, the permit requirement is just unenforced, so we're able to park most places without getting a ticket. I'm curious if this is true during the week of Memorial Day as well. Thanks..
  6. Headed down for the annual pilgrimage for the week of Memorial Day. Usually we go down a bit earlier and don't have problems with parking. Won't have any parking stickers. Think the parking restrictions will still be pretty lax (e.g. unenforced) during this week? Any places to avoid? Thanks!
  7. Thanks...just ordered!
  8. HillTop, Thanks for the suggestions but looking for suction cups that are a bit more economical..still looking for the ones Marchese cited from Amazon.. Bruce
  9. Marchese, can you post specifically which suction cups you used for this? Can't find them on Amazon and have been searching for a set-up like your for a while. Thanks and nice work!
  10. Thanks much gents. Great info.
  11. It's time to start shopping around for a new line for the coming striper season. I'm looking at Cortland's Contact Intermediate and SA's Sonar Titan clear tip intermediate. Both have floating running lines and intermediate heads. Anyone have any experience with either of these lines?
  12. Chef, I have three Orvis mid-arbors that I've used for the past 10 yrs for striper fishing. Two IV's and a V. These predate the Access reels. Rinse them after each outing and then a thorough wash, removing line and backing, at the end of the season. They've worked well. After last season, I sent all three back to Orvis for "reconditioning"; lubrication, bearing replacement, etc. Cost me ~$120. Well worth it. I've been happy with these reels.. My two cents....
  13. jamato, Where did you find the close-outs on the TFO Axiom rods?
  14. Have a BVK in 9 wt...nice rod but pretty stiff. Also have a Redington Vapen in 9 wt, much softer, more like a trout rod.. Haven't cast the Predator...
  15. I had a Rio intermediate and an OB with a sinking head and intermediate running line. Both had memory issues that made fishing them very frustrating. Called the Rio tech line about both lines and they weren't much help...just said to stretch it frequently. I stretched them every time I fished...didn't help. Pitched the intermediate and bought an Airflo and an Orvis intermediate. Both have much less coiling and much more enjoyable to fish, probably prefer the Airflo but the Orvis is a nice line as well. Cut off the sinking head of the OB and spliced it to an Airflo floating running line. I love Rio's freshwater trout lines but probably will be a while before I buy another salty line from them.....