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    i prefer an overcast day.
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    Piano playing, modeling, theater.
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    Professional Dancer.

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  1. Nice!
  2. Ok, expain how those 2 knocked your drink pver.
  3. Yea gee, thats wonderful Wood Tick.
  4. YES!
  5. Thats nonsense. That type of attitude is for people who have bad genes.
  6. Thats unset. She deserves a falcon punch!
  7. Hi fellas!
  8. nonsense, let bygones be bygones.
  9. hey Wood Tick, when you get there go eat your lunch down by the back stop.
  10. settle down Doug!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Failmo smells like old people.
  12. yea no kidding, what a genius you are!!!!!!!!!!! .
  13. 60K is chump change. cut the kids a break.
  14. I blame the script writer.