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    i prefer an overcast day.
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    Piano playing, modeling, theater.
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    Professional Dancer.

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  1. Awesome weather now. Tomorrow will be great also.
  2. Nonsense Plum, you are a war hero as far as im concerned.
  3. Mr Kaz, you couldn't carry Frank's jockstrap.
  4. Settle down junior.
  5. Mr. Kaz, stay wierd bra.
  6. Sea robin bellies will be equal to gold bullion. We will see a 17 pounder.
  7. 01:56 Kev and not a minute later.
  8. Exactly Kev, these folks make things seem overly complicated. Its not like we are setting up ice rigs for eyes.
  9. Its not hard if your hooks are sharp.
  10. Fishing is easy.