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  1. It wasn’t wulf’s, They did have the best quality fish around. I was amazed at the stuff they offered. I can’t find the place I was talking about online. The place I was referring to also offered sushi rolling classes. I want to say Washington st Brookline. It’s gonna drive me crazy not knowing the name.
  2. I don’t know what’s down your way but sakanaya in Allston is great, they also have good toro among other things. Wegmans as stated is also in the Boston area. There’s a place in Brookline that sells sushi grade fish as well but I can’t think of the name. I used to live in Allston and I really miss eating sushi at fish market. If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend it. By far the best sushi place in mass.
  3. ??? Lol.
  4. Do this. Just to add to it, set the boat up in a drift and keep your eye on the fish finder. You’ll see deeper holes on the bottom and fish will hang out there. If you get a bite or catch just move the boat back to start a new drift over the same hole. I also add an egg sinker to the main line to keep the Mack close to the bottom.
  5. Yes sir.
  6. You need to have a certain number of posts, 10 I think, before you can send private messages. Once you can send messages feel free to reach out to me, I live in boston as well.
  7. It’s Star of Bethlehem. Very disappointed.
  8. Wild onion or garlic or neither?
  9. Yet you’re the one who just asked where a schoolie was caught.....beat it. I have become a better fisherman because people on this site helped me out with general info and there’s no harm in helping others. Thanks now go chase that schoolie.
  10. I haven’t seen any in that area but have seen them in the muddy river by wheelock every day this week. Haven’t had the opportunity to do any lunch break fishing this year. There’s usually a few others from the long wood medical area that fish that area during break time. People look at me funny walking in and out of the hospital with my fishing rod.
  11. I’m liking the exhibit A’s. Available at local stores not just the brewery. I’ve had Fourteen, fifteen, and these. All great ipa’s
  12. Awesome Sandbar, first of the year? I’ve had no luck at my usual holdover spot but still waiting for herring to show up there.
  13. Thanks. I think I’ll go ahead and take the tags off of it and see how it goes. It’s not that far off so I hope it’ll be fine. I fish rocky shore lines mostly and I really liked power pro ss so I’ll prolly go with that in a higher test
  14. I recently ordered a mojo surf rod online and when I received it the tip guide was slightly off center to the left and the fourth from the top was bent. I drove two hours to return it and got the last one the store had in stock. I took a look before I left and the guides seemed fine. After taking a closer look, the top guide is a little off center to the left. I don’t think this normal but Is it something I can live with? I’d rather not ship it back or drive all the way back to the store again. I’ve searched the forums, but any advice on what line to use for the bg 6500 I’m pairing this with? Thanks in advance.
  15. If you like beer I highly recommend stopping by trillium while you’re in the area.