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  1. I haven’t seen any in that area but have seen them in the muddy river by wheelock every day this week. Haven’t had the opportunity to do any lunch break fishing this year. There’s usually a few others from the long wood medical area that fish that area during break time. People look at me funny walking in and out of the hospital with my fishing rod.
  2. I’m liking the exhibit A’s. Available at local stores not just the brewery. I’ve had Fourteen, fifteen, and these. All great ipa’s
  3. Awesome Sandbar, first of the year? I’ve had no luck at my usual holdover spot but still waiting for herring to show up there.
  4. Thanks. I think I’ll go ahead and take the tags off of it and see how it goes. It’s not that far off so I hope it’ll be fine. I fish rocky shore lines mostly and I really liked power pro ss so I’ll prolly go with that in a higher test
  5. I recently ordered a mojo surf rod online and when I received it the tip guide was slightly off center to the left and the fourth from the top was bent. I drove two hours to return it and got the last one the store had in stock. I took a look before I left and the guides seemed fine. After taking a closer look, the top guide is a little off center to the left. I don’t think this normal but Is it something I can live with? I’d rather not ship it back or drive all the way back to the store again. I’ve searched the forums, but any advice on what line to use for the bg 6500 I’m pairing this with? Thanks in advance.
  6. If you like beer I highly recommend stopping by trillium while you’re in the area.
  7. If you haven’t, check out the local boston local food fest on the greenway. Nama and reds best promote seafood throw downs at various farmers markets. Basically it’s two chefs and reds donates an under utilized species for the chefs to use. Exposing people to local under utilized seafood is my thing! Why are you interested? Fisherman, chef, interested in local/sustainable food?
  8. I’ve been the last two years when it’s been paired with the food show. I’ve never had to pay because I get free admission from some of my vendors. In my opinion it’s not worth the money unless you’re a large scale buyer. It seemed to be more geared towards large scale processors and lots of international business. Some food samples but not much. Torture seeing tons of tables filled with oysters and being able to eat any. That was just my opinion.
  9. I do like my trillium.
  10. Pm sent
  11. Small white swim shads work for me in the Boston area.
  12. They pulled a 20 something year old male from the muddy river a few days ago. Only two news outlets had a small mention of it.
  13. Fish were pushing peanuts onto shore yesterday. Lots of schoolies, biggest was 25. They've been pretty consistent at the same stage of the tide since late June
  14. They are delicious, cheeks and wings. I've looked online for how to handle them after catching but haven't found anything. Anyone have any tips?
  15. Did you know there used to be a uranium enrichment factory there? Then it was a dump. You can still find old glass Clorox bottles, and other goodies on shore.