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  1. "All too often, I see people that have enveloped themselves in an informational cocoon of their own choosing. They willingly indoctrinate themselves and begin living in an alternate reality." The Dude HAHAHA. LOL...
  2. Seems you were the misinformed one, although you claim "it doesn't matter to me." You got your azz handed to you, now man up and find another topic. Democrats have a new one every day. #WALKAWAY
  3. More from Vanessa Otero, the ultra-progressive, California, lifelong Democrat: "If you share just one political view with me, which is that Trump should not be President, whether you identify as pro-Hillary, pro-Bernie, pro-third party, or Repub/Dem-who-can’t-stand-Hillary-but-also-don’t-want-racism/ higher-chance-of-apocalypse-in-the-White-House, I urge you to engage this election cycle as effectively as possible. I am of the mind that people can be influenced, and there are more and less effective ways to influence them. Therefore, I urge you not to automatically unfriend all your FB acquaintances who are Trump supporters. I do think it is critical that we learn to engage with them and change the minds of those who can be changed. I believe that many people who have been convinced to support him on the basis of weak arguments can be convinced to change their minds based on stronger arguments. I’d like to suggest the following strategies for being more effective when talking specifically with people who disagree with you. I do not claim all these ideas as my own; they are derived from a combination of books and articles I have read, seminars I have attended, and my own experiences:" Me thinks Dude been reading this blogger. HAHAHA
  4. No, I don't. And the reason I don't is because I don't post horse-chit, demean others, and post patronizing drivel like yours. "Like on this forum, it's REALLY easy to tell who watches a lot of Foxnews because they all parrot the same idiotic talking points." "However, I'm here to help. It doesn't have to be this way." #WALKAWAY LOL.....
  5. Says the guy who posts an indoctrination thread with a chart originated by one of the most biased people you could describe. You've been snookered and you know it. Try vetting next time. FAKE NEWS.
  6. Shocking, no?! HAHAHA It's so slanted I'd call it horizontal. The funny part is the patronizing tone....LOL.
  7. Your indoctrination is showing: Ad Fontes Media, Inc. is a company founded in 2018 by Vanessa Otero, creator of the Media Bias Chart. "I consider myself moderately liberal, but with a good understanding and appreciation of conservative positions. I’m a registered Democrat. My parents are immigrants from the Philippines (and U.S. citizens). I was born and raised in liberal Southern California. I have voted for the Democratic candidate for president in every election I have been eligible to vote. My dad has always been a progressive and he was the one who talked to me about politics when I was young. I went to UCLA. I’m just barely a millennial (born in 1981). I’m a woman. I’m a lesbian." #WALKAWAY
  8. "For those who don't know, I'm an adjunct professor at Indiana University" David Honig So the world is supposed to believe a part-time, contingency professor who likely doesn't have enough cash to buy himself lunch? Is that what you're selling here? Please. Stop.
  9. "homeless advocacy groups that receive funding from the city need to better educate the homeless to "clean up after themselves."" "The report centered around a 153-block survey of downtown San Francisco, which revealed trash on every block, 100 needles, and more than 300 piles of feces along the 20-mile stretch of streets and sidewalks." "San Francisco spent $65 million on street cleaning last year and plans to add nearly $13 million in additional spending over the next two years." Big. Government. Fail.
  10. An automatic 7% increase to the Budget each year should have everyone marching in the streets. Congress's little secret. Nobody talks about it, therefore, there is little appetite on changing the process. "Holding or reducing expenses" is a misnomer and not possible except for an Act of Congress. Get woke folks.....7% next year, and 7% the next, and 7% the next.....
  11. FAKE NEWS. The CBO changes it's numbers all the time. It's ridiculous to believe a projection 5 years out, not to mention 10.
  12. What a joke. Is that the best they got? A couple hundred idiots blowing air.....good luck with that strategy. Mid-terms are coming.