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  1. Like I said.....Red & Blue... Major Teachers Union Cuts Ties With Wells Fargo for Not Ditching NRA "The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) cut its ties with Wells Fargo after the financial services giant refused to end its relationship with the NRA and firearm manufacturers."
  2. So the Dems have realized Mueller is cooking nothing burgers, so they decided an attempt at gaining political favor was in the cards by tying up Team Trump for the rest of his presidency, and with a focus on mid-terms. However, the Discovery process will allow Trump lawyers to retrieve computers, phones, mobile devices, and every file Obama had sealed. The Discovery requests and deposition arguments from the Dems will be a sight to see.... Ooops.
  3. impeachment is a process managed by the House & Senate. Not a judicial process, so no court.
  4. Oh yeah, the liberal diamond nugget. But...but...but Walmart....
  5. Don't change the subject TROLL. This is a post about Amazon, not Triumph.
  6. You can keep your young rich liberal folk.
  7. We’re heading towards red banks and blue banks. Do you really think that's not going to happen? Chick Fil A.....
  8. Moving the needle to what end? There will be other banks which will cater to the firearm manufacturing industry. This is one big divisive movement. All it does is move people further from the middle, and places them more firmly into opposing camps. Nice job.
  9. Nah. Trump may care about the money, but it will be 1 on a scale, while hubris will be the 10. LOL....Comey has hate oozing out of him.....
  10. Of course DT is going to pen a book/s, but that will be all about hubris, not about money. And the point in this thread is about why Comey put in low-brow stuff - and the answer is he's looking to sell the book & it's pretty obvious he hates Trump.
  11. I think you've completely missed the point - this is all about money & hubris. Comey signed a multimillion-dollar book deal with Flatiron Books. If he was so motivated to tell the truth he could have given interview after interview......oh wait.
  12. He has his "salesman" hat on, and is trying to sell books..... The unintended consequences is that he reaps all that he sows....
  13. He could have at least fed a polar bear....
  14. And one of Brady's attorney's - Thomas H Dupree Jr. - also represented Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.
  15. Lefties watching the ratings......