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  1. I can only speak to my experience on the Delmarva beaches which was overwhelmingly positive. Near the ramps is quite rutted but the people who didn't air down enough causing those deep ruts didn't make it too far down the beach. Within less than a mile, things flatten out nicely. Keep in mind the forester weighs significantly less than most trucks and therefore floats right over the soft sand when aired down. Nevertheless, good advice from other posters to know the vehicle's limits. To the OP, make sure to upgrade the spare donut to a full size tire and update the thread once you have a chance to get out on the beach.
  2. Have to disagree with you on this one. A properly aired down Subaru can hold its own in sand. Plenty out there to support this.
  3. Either should handle the beach fine, though you shouldn't need to go that low on tire pressure. 20 psi was the sweet spot on my 17 forester in soft sand. Try 20 and see if it's laboring, and if so, 15 should be plenty. Remember to turn off vdc too. As far as a choice between the two, I went with the forester since it was about 3k cheaper and shorter for better fit in my garage. V6 on the outback would have been nice, but the 2.5 on the forester is surprisingly quick.
  4. Only takes a few dumb kids to get shark fishing banned in towns, counties, and even states. Its bad for tourism when large sharks get pulled up onto crowded beaches. Tourism dollars talk louder than fisherman's, and we'll get the short end of the stick every time. Discretion is key to continuing enjoying the sport. Nothing wrong with Avets imo. While there may be advantages to the thrust bearing from an engineering standpoint, these reels function exceptionally under fishing conditions. I have 7 years and lots of big fish in my MXL and MXL raptor without bearing replacement. They're great reels when fished within their drag range.
  5. I went in January about 10 years ago and the fishing was pretty slow. The locals said it is generally a slow time of year until the bluefish, pompano, and spanish bite picks up later into winter. Water was also crystal clear which didn't help. That said I still caught a variety of fish mostly on a sabiki down by the pilings. Best fishing on that pier is about midway out after the sandbar but before the rocks and coral. Ive also had luck on the end when the midway point was too crowded.
  6. Very impressive that 6 and a bunker head are pushing 200 yards. Especially considering a lever drag reel designed for trolling and budget rod. I'm a believer that we are talking feet and not yards. Otherwise this guy would be the next world distance champ with a quality setup.
  7. Not Derrick...but I can comment on the fence post spikes. The paint keeps them mostly rust free, BUT the ends driven into the sand and seams where the foot step is attached will rust even if washed after use. Not enough to affect strength or performance, but enough to stain areas where they are stored. IMO aluminum looks more professional, and let's be honest, its all about looking good out there.
  8. Always fun to make something in the off-season to keep busy waiting for spring. 5 foot lengths of 1.5" x 1.5" aluminum angle. I'd go with 3/16" inch walls if you go the diy route for increased strength and reduced susceptibility to bending. Hacksaw to cut a point in one end and attach pvc to the other.
  9. Haha, good eye! Yeah I'll admit it was a decent spot. And I was the only one man enough (or dumb enough) to park there on the incoming and give it a shot. CPS and truth combo can put some fish on the beach. Going to build another this winter. Did you get to break yours in after rehabbing the knee?
  10. Good to hear, thanks. It was slim and shallow most of the way down my last time out. But I guess that can change in a tide.
  11. Still cut up through that skinny area? This was about a month ago, though I wouldn't be surprised if it looked completely different. Looked purtty fishy, but a very limited window to fish it before the tide was up to the dunes. Nice fish btw!
  12. Agree with the above. I have both and use the MXL MC for sharks. The SX MC casts better due to smaller size and will handle any striper out there.
  13. Sure did. Nearly spooled me then felt a ray glued to the bottom when trying to turn it. Hard to believe how strong these fish are.
  14. Here's a 55 from the surf. No one around to take the picture...but that's an ok problem to have.
  15. Same regs for federally protected species (such as the sand tiger you caught) here in Delaware...required to be released in the water. I've seen guys swim out and unhook them, but that is idiotic and asking for trouble. Just keep it down by the waters edge as your picture shows so water is flowing over it. Pop the hook and get it back in the water asap to minimize harm to the shark. Forget about hero pics and respect the shark. Do this and you're unlikely to have any issues with the law.