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  1. Too many cocktails
  2. Dinner is served
  3. Lol Mikeeeeeee
  4. Eddy can help you with puters but please go back to 5th grade so I can understand your posts, Ty
  5. Ty Mikeeee I'm not too bright
  6. Ernie translate plz
  7. I hope you pick up at least a six pack
  8. nice looking pickup Vin......eff Toyota taco and Eddy too but Eddy more
  9. My latest favorite not so cheap domestic
  10. congrats DerrickT
  11. I used to torture my neighbors in NY, this sub wasn't very condo friendly, now nobody can hear my musical escapades which include a heavy dose of dubstep and earth shaking bass
  12. it's about 20yo but it's just fine for my needs
  13. Yeah, I thought I had a 18” but I have the 15” 250W Velodyne FSR
  14. Better than ANY Zappa song by a nautical mile
  15. Eddie gets it