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  1. eff the stupid fat prick
  2. Eff not edd
  3. That’s a huge edd the Greek right there
  4. He says he knew it but I doubt it
  5. Lol yes
  6. The know it all Amish mechanic couldn’t remove a blades off his mover or some****e like that
  7. “Food stamps welcome “........eddy would’ve been your grandfathers customer
  8. Nightgown has been very mouthy lately
  9. So you need to be a genius to plow ?
  10. I bet they Amish hick was tightening the damn thing
  11. Lol, that’s funny assuming it’s eagless qb
  12. I haven’t been following National Felon League but how are the killadelphia eagless doing?
  13. Eff eddy
  14. is eddie too old ?