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  1. Go Rag$
  2. They need Malik
  3. Eff the commies more than eddy
  4. Lol you beat me to it
  5. Toto likes Adam rippon
  6. Eff eddy and the commie bitches.....equally
  7. Eff Eddy
  8. Eff him pal, your English is me at least
  9. Might as well listen to your pal eddy, annuities are a horrible choice but it’s your money
  10. I pay my meskin flat fee for mowing and trimming, hedges and palm trees are extra BONUS !!....snow removal is free
  11. Lol, Rav......awesome
  12. I wonder if anyone other than rocco cares
  13. Is eddy sending flowers and chocolates to his rubber doll ??
  14. AngelSoft ernesto but I directed my wife to switch brands regardless who makes it and you should have pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream to make yourself feel all warm and fuzzy
  15. HOOTERS and all you can eat fine as it gets