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  1. First trophy hanging from the rafters.......B’s have more
  2. Nice work nighty Go Hunter Go !!!
  3. Charlie
  4. I wish we got Kreider instead this bum Nashty
  5. A mutt married royalty, you should be proud of them mixing royal blood
  6. The Rag$ are trying to buy another cup
  7. Fake’s a done deal
  8. Eff eddy
  9. They’re using him wrong again, some ppl never learn
  10. Rick Nash wants to be life long bRUIN
  11. Mikeeee is smaht like that, nighty you need to learn a new word too, K pal
  12. Haha im going in an hour if the rain stops, still have six mullet left from yesterday kept them in livewell overnight I hope they are still swimming upright
  13. Zdenko had a very good post season it’s this Charlie punk that screwed us and Tuukkus him !!!
  14. We had to let him go in order to keep Zdenko at a home discount