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  1. Wtg E!!! I almost came down for that southish blow, figured a few would hit the beach...and they did ;-) family obligations kept me home. Just as well, I’m done til spring. Been chasin’ dem sissy fish exclusively. Drumming is much more productive! For me anyways...tight lines good buddy!
  2. I know 1 pieces are a pain, hence the local to LI, ever get down to DC? I’m interested but I usually miss out due to my location. Sweet setup!
  3. Saw an old post about wanting a 1 pc. Frame for 7500 reel. Maybe you haven’t thought of an abu morrum

  4. There's no fish in RI
  5. Guys, Im hoping to find someone local in RI. I will keep the thread updated. Wish you guys were closer ;-)
  6. My apologies gentlemen... 9' 3/4-4 10 3/4-4 1205 Spinning
  7. Looking for some plugging rods, Im in RI gsb 1081L gsb 1201L xra 1083 xra 1203/1204/1205
  8. WTG Guys!!! Its a neat kind of fishing, not too hard right ;-)?
  9. They sure are...for the willing ;-)
  10. Its been mighty quiet in here lately... Rumors abound that "The Man" is over 150 so far this spring...Wow, all with the Point fishing like crap. WTG good buddy!!!
  11. Looks like my master plan to get some guys cobia fishing worked well ;-) WTG EVERYONE!!!
  12. I have a 6' gaff I use if the buggy is with me. It comes in handy for more than cobia. I done wacked all kinds of stuff with that gaff from fish, rays, sharks, and plenty of other things too.
  13. Rich has the right idea...when in Rome, do as the romans do. WTG Rich!!! I doubt he would want us up there chunking is his favorite plugging hole let alone on his beach ;-)
  14. Awesome!!! Wtg tackling that thing. Luck was on your side for sure!
  15. Thats an tough and pricy fix. And the plumber told me you only need to know thing, "blank rolls downhill" :-) The one thing I know, life gets in the way too much. Good news is life is getting back to normal right?