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  1. Locking this down. Thanks
  2. Not at this time, thanks
  3. Thanks jetty, but going to stick with the needles and poppers. I will keep you in mind.
  4. Are these canal style or regular? If regular, I will offer 90 shipped
  5. I will take this. Pm coming
  6. 1 and 4 please mike. Blue over pearl and parrot. Pm coming
  7. I will take them pm incoming
  8. Replied Intersted in the bottom two
  9. Still on the hunt for another blue
  10. Fire tiger and blue please.
  11. How much for just the popper? Can we combine with the A40 from my other thread?
  12. Got any more like that? I would prefer 2
  13. Non canal style pencils/thin nose/stub stubby needles-black/brown needles please post pics and price shipped