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  1. I’ll take it. Pm coming
  2. Pretty work. Get down while the getting is good. If it aint broke dont fix it.
  3. I hear ya. Set in my ways already. Even some of my fellow fisher friends think I fish old school. But its what works best for me. And its not old school, its just not on the cutting edge. Some people rave about the newest this, the lightest that.Thats fine too. Different strokes... Im not opposed to new/better equipment, but if it aint broke, why fix it?..,for different folks.
  4. I’m only 36. Old ways. Since when is using appropriate tackle “old school”? The guy clearly works/tests and is plugging for whatever. Best of luck. I will use whats in the garage, I don’t need the latest, greatest, lightest, most whatever.
  5. Nice work... Its mighty cold down there for the pup runs...looks that way anyways. Are you guys getting any on artificials(grubs) or is it a bait thing as you mentioned? I know when the sound gets too cold, they are schooled up in the sloughs from the point to the inlet, on any given day of course;-) and they eat grubs on trout rods.
  6. I wouldn’t say they are “fixed” ideas. Beach/boat are 2 different worlds. On the beach we still throw “hatteras heavers” and 8nbait. The rods may be lighter/easier to load than even 10 years ago, but its still gotta throw 8nbait. CTS has some that come to mind. I suppose we could all opt for Vapor Trails, braid, spinners and 4nbait...but it would turn into the biggest cluster muck ya ever saw!!! For us, our method, works best. On the boat, and this is strictly a NC/Va thing, ya have your bait rods for Cobia, Red and Black Drum, Amberjack, Jack Crevalle, striped bass. Any of the above species are available to eat your bait, and they are not small fish. We are talking 35#, not inches and above. A 50-60# cobia would dump you and laugh with whatever light duty combo you speak of. You would be chasing that fish like the guys on Wicked Tuna. on the boat sight casting, it could be to schools of 40# Jack Crevalle. Seriously undergunned, if using the same outfit. Dont know very many success stories chasing jacks with the boat. Think of a 80# Cobia cruising on top. The last thing I am thinking about is my it good enough? Pfft. If I get him to eat, we are having Cobia for dinner. If you have to fish in traffic, ya better control your fish or its gone, usually with another boats fish too. Drum aint the smartest fish...dem bass want to bust you off any rock they can find. Like I said, no guys are going as light as possible. Great, I hope you set all the line class records there are...if thats what you want to do, its a free country, do your thing! Im using tried, true, proven over decades, thats going to land fish. Box or release unless we are talking boat/angler issues. Thats the way I like to do it...different strokes is all. on the beach drum fishing is much the same since the invention of the beach buggy/modern tackle. Rods are lighter, buggies are more dependable, but they been catching drum forever. Its a lot easier to halfway control them with a heaver, than have em swimming to Portugal on a metal rod. There are line class records for drum, most from NC:-) If you dont have a 100# Red Drum on the beach/deck. Why not give that fish a great release? A great release begins with not playing a fish to exaustion. Get em in quicker, back quicker and next drum could be that 100#+ world record.
  7. Seems light on this end too, but some guys like trying to see how light they can catch them on. They are tough fish, I wouldnt worry too much, unless the water is crazy warm. Most boat fishing is done in NC/VA with fairly stout gear, be it sight casting or bait fishing. 40-60lb braid on the bucktail rods and 40# plus mono on the bait rods. Even the surfcasting is done with heavers. We like to bring guns to the gun fights on the obx, but different strokes for different folks ;-) Some guys want to see how many that big they can catch, and the faster ya get em in, the faster ya can catch another:-) Unless its extra purdy, or extra big, but they are all special. Sometimes a kiss on the head and away they go. Others ya get slimed, roll in the sand with, cradle in the wash.
  8. I echo what Bs says. You are going to have people you see more often than not out on the beach and around town. Its a community kind of environment for the most part, fishing the beach. They are a lot friendlier on the obx than CT, no doubt about it!!! Ct needs to stay outta RI and crowd their own beaches. The island isnt really that big ;-) You might not have full time neighbors, but there are plenty of full time islanders to befriend, fish with and all that good stuff. The island isnt the same as you remember, but some things never change. Its still there ;-)
  9. Decisions...decisions. June is a mighty fine month for spring in NE. Bass all over, you guys want to come south, I want to go north:-) Always been partial to March/April, moreso May but then again I was always chasing dem Drum. Cobia are kind of a June thing, if the AC leave any left swimming. They put the work in to get them, which is considerable nowadays. No way am I cobia fishing without a buggy. Ya drag 40 pounds of crap out, and more back if you are lucky. I long for the days of old. Access...its a beautiful thing.
  10. Thats great SiM. I was at a certain bakery this fall, I said a Novina for ya while there. I was playing with those sissy fish. A few keepers, but mainly rats and alberts. If you blinked, ya missed it. I did but the blues came in a dew times which was all I wanted. Missed ya from last years food fling. Im debating on this year. I miss all you guys, and the food, oh the food. I dont drink anymore, tough to be at the bar and be Mr. Lame-0. The berkerly show has almost turned into ballgame size crowds.
  11. That’s great news SiM!!! I know its been a tough road, but glad to hear you are coming to Hatteras, looking forward to the tales and lies...
  12. I miss ALL you guys! Down there, doing it without me. Gettum R!!! All is well that ends well right?
  13. Happy New Year everyone! Lets hope 2018 is even better than 2017!!!
  14. A very Merry Christmas to all! I hope Santa brought everyone what they wanted and the Christmas cheer is spreading all around.
  15. Wtg E!!! I almost came down for that southish blow, figured a few would hit the beach...and they did ;-) family obligations kept me home. Just as well, I’m done til spring. Been chasin’ dem sissy fish exclusively. Drumming is much more productive! For me anyways...tight lines good buddy!