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  1. I believe that NJ State Police and NJ State Park Police enforce saltwater fishing regs - several occurrences refer - one where I called IBSP front gate, and several other 1st person accounts where someone called the NJ State Police that man the marine station in the Point Pleasant Canal. When IBSP was manned by Park Rangers, they also enforced saltwater regs (which I witnessed personally).
  2. It is Naval Weapons Station Earle. Before 9/11, Navy DoD civilians and Navy Military alike could fish there, as well as retired Navy Military. This has changed, with the most recent additional restrictions occurring in 2017 - see link below: https://www.app.com/story/sports/outdoors/fishing/hook-line-and-sinker/2017/03/23/veteran-says-fishing-rule-navy-pier-excludes-vets/99536786/
  3. Question was raised as to why the offenders only had 1 fish each in their possession - perhaps this explains? Excerpt from Fisherman Magazine: The 2018 Federal budget prohibits the enforcement of the prohibition of targeting striped bass in Federal waters around Block Island, RI by NOAA Fisheries and the Coast Guard. By Toby Lapinski | February 26, 2018 In 2017 Rep. Lee M. Zeldin (R. New York), sponsored H.R. 1195 - Local Fishing Access Act which, if passed, would authorize the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to permit and regulate Atlantic striped bass fishing in the Block Island Sound Transit Zone that is in the EEZ. However, this is on the NOAA website: Federal Recreational Fisheries Regulations for the Greater Atlantic Region Updated May 1, 2018 Species Open Season Minimum Size Possession limit Closed Area Comments Striped bass (striper) Closed No retention No retention N/A Exception: Block Island, RI - only for transit through this area. Congress.gov website shows the following history for HR 1195: Date All Actions 03/07/2017 Referred to the Subcommittee on Water, Power and Oceans. Action By: Committee on Natural Resources 02/16/2017 Referred to the House Committee on Natural Resources. Action By: House of Representatives 02/16/2017 Introduced in House Action By: House of Representatives Maybe I'm reading too much into the circumstance, but perhaps the offenders saw the Fisherman article and figured there was no one to enforce the Regulation, so what the heck?
  4. Homemade entirely from 6061-T6 aluminum - today with the tariff related price increases, likely not affordable . Locks in both spinning and conventional
  5. Sean: No doctor (1 Neuro Surgeon and 2 Spine Orthopedics) has been willing to do surgery on me, as they stated they would have to build a LS cage that would fuse my rib cage to my hips, thus ending any semblance of an independent life, so I live with the pain/next day after effects of fishing with the help of 30 pills (but non-0piod) a day, along with a lot of coffee (caffeine is a natural pain killer). When my back/neck is really bothering me, or my entrapped nerve neuropathy is really screwing up my foot function, I go back to the uni-tech cast with some modifications - I use a significantly longer drop than Terry Carrol (Zziplex) did, and start with my left arm locked out and pointing at my target ( a cloud, real or imagined, at 45 degrees). My torso is thus almost exactly square to the ocean, and my right arm is slightly bent with the shoulder rotated back. In this position, the rod is not straight back behind me, and the weight (lure or otherwise), is set on the ground inside the rod tip. So now, during the cast, as left arm pulls and bends, the right arm straightens, guides and stops, and the lure comes around outside the tip, thus deeply loading the rod. As a word of caution/disclaimer - I am not familiar with your rods, and DO NOT know if they can handle the stresses imposed by European style casting - all the rods I use are either old All Star Breakaway blanks or carbon fiber composition (FSC, Zziplex, Century and Shimano Tirelego). Also, shoulder range of motion is important - I spent months in PT after mine was rebuilt (right side) and have continued the exercises for both arms on my own (2 years running now). If you should make your way to Ocean County, NJ one day and wish to get together for a "Gimp Casting on the Beach" outing, PM me in advance, as between myself and my wife's health issues, our schedule fills up pretty quickly with Dr. appointments. Hope this helps.
  6. Seems I made a typo when I listed my FSC as the 1382, I looked today and it is actually the 1386, so no, I do not agree with the assertion that it is too much rod for plugging the Ocean County, NJ surf. But answers are always relative to a particular persons specific circumstances, so I always take it with a grain of salt when posters on this or other sites make absolute, definitive statements as though they were the end-all set in concrete facts. The truth of the matter is that only you, with your specific physical characteristics (or limitations, if any) can definitively state whether or not any rod is "too much" for you. So here are my particular circumstances that qualify my assertion that my FSC 1386, as well as my Zziplex Bass, Century HJ144L, 12ft Shimano Tiralego and 11ft Tiralego are "not too much rod" for plugging the surf: As with all my rods 10ft+ in length, I have a customized butt to reel stem distance that accommodates pulling with my left hand vice the standard punching with my right. I am almost always executing a Hatteras style cast, but if conditions require casting into the wind, I sweep my right hand almost parallel to the ground (or water), but always end up with my left hand at my side, and my right hand extended in front. With this style of casting, my right elbow is nearly locked throughout the cast, so the majority of power comes from the left side latissimus dorsi and, to a lesser extent, the biceps and trapezius muscles, with the twist, for my particular circumstances (100% lumbar spine herniation/50% cervical spine herniation) coming from my stepping around into my prosthetic left knee, vice twisting at the waist with my feet held in place. The benefit, for me, of exclusively using this style of casting is that the level of rod loading is now primarily dependent on the weight I am casting, and, in addition to not twisting my lower back or neck, it virtually takes all the stress off my thumbs, wrists, elbows and shoulders, all of which have either nerve damage or a condition called calcific tendonitis. The disadvantage, since stepping around is key to my loading the rod, is that I need significant space behind and to my right side (so much for fishing blitzes). In addition, I need to stay off of rocks, significantly sloped beaches, and out of water higher than perhaps mid calf, so a lot of my casting is executed from the level "high" sand on the beach. I also end up with a significant amount of rod duplicity, as the technique for casting parallel to the water (and thus under the wind) calls for a shorter butt than that required for a Hatteras cast where, at the end of the cast, the right hand ends pointing up at roughly 45 degrees to the horizontal. Hope this helps
  7. The rod I reach for most often is the Fiberstar Composites SB1382 rated 3/4 - 4 oz, paired with a VSR200 loaded with 30lb PP and a 60lb PP Hollow Ace shock leader spliced in. It does very well working pencils up to 2oz as well as loaded Redfins and SP minnows down to 6 inch. from the rating, it can probably throw lighter, but I have not yet tried anything below 1 oz. As I recall I paid something around $480.00 in January 2015 (or rather my wife did), but I had mine made with a 48 inch long Poly 3mm shrink tube handle without a reel seat.
  8. PS: I use 3 different Airflo leaders for all my fly fishing, whether in front, in the PP canal or the backwaters. When I bought (hoarded) them, Airflo referred to them as Salt Water Poly Leader Floating, Saltwater Poly Leader Intermediate, and Salt Water Braided Leader Sinking. I don't have one in front of me right now, but as I recall, they were 5ft in length, and had a loop on one end, and a reasonably long tail n the other that was the core of the leader. The sink version might have a loop in the tail. The floating and intermediate were both clear, and the sink was black, with all three being 20lb test. The leader I use is based on the current speed. In the PP canal, for instance, there is a significant current at all times save perhaps 30min around slack, and the fish almost never feed on the surface. Accordingly, I will use the intermediate as the current starts to move and later switch to the sinking leader. Conversely, just bout everywhere else I fish, I will use the floating leader. However, in all cases, I am looking for the fly to suspend just below the surface, as it swims, courtesy of the current. Of another note, I tie these flyes on a number of progressively heavier hooks, again to deal with current speed, as follows: Eagle Claw 254 in 2/0 or 4/0 (lightest) Mustad Tarpon Hook C68SNP-DT 2XH/2XS in 4/0 TMC 800S in 2/0 (defunct) Eagle Claw Circle Sea L19&BKU in 5/0 The last hook is my go to when I am dealing with a roiled surf, where I now the hook will be dragged thru the sand after the sweep deposits it on the beach to my right or left. These hooks tend not to be dulled by the wet sand. Although I have not yet confirmed it, I believe the Airflo Salmon/Steelhead leaders are a good substitute for the now defunct Saltwater leaders.
  9. Lord knows I'm a tackle junkie, but fishing the beach and inlets of Ocean County NJ, I have 3 rods I would consider "all around", though not all encompassing- Century HJ144l cut down to 12 ft 3 inch - rated 1-4oz, best caster, paired with VS250 (3 oz T-hex 351ft on a field with a Uni-Tech cast) - great for pencils, carbon fiber construction provides sensitivity to feel jigs on the bottom - not sure if it will do well with 6 inch SP's, but does great with the 6 3/4 inch and new Yozuri Hydro minnow LC. 11ft Zipplex Bass, paired with Shimano Ultegra 10000XSC - not so good with Pencils (mostly tip action when working lures), great with anything else, as long as you can execute a Hatteras or Aerialized Uni-Tech Cast, anything less will not load the rod. 11 ft Fiberstar Predator paired with VR200, rated 3/4 - 4oz - lightest of the three, one I chose for extended plugging, and best distance of the three with a regular overhead thump cast. If I really want distance I do a straight Hatteras cast. I wouldn't do an "outside the tip" cast of any variety with this blank, as it is a composite and might fail. I find it prefers pencils 1 1/2 - 2 oz, anything heavier in a Gibbs Pencil seems to prevent the back oscillation of the tip. Fantastic for throwing loaded Redfins and 6 in SP minnows. Hope this helps.
  10. Other than the obvious overloading by the weight cast and things like loose ferrules, the two factors that cause most failures are snap casting with the dominate hand and imparting a twisting load on the rod during the cast. Our natural tendency is to think that the greatest cast will result from exerting maximum force with the hand we use for everything else (i.e., the hand on the reel seat). I strongly recommend that you watch Tommy Farmer's YouTube video on the Hatteras Cast, and find yourself a field in which to practice. At first, a football field will be fine, and will give you the reality check on how far you are actually casting. I suggest you use metals and/or sturdy wooden plugs, all with the hooks removed. I attached the results of the last Sportcast USA Fisherman's Cast-A-Muck Tournament so you can get an idea of what is achievable with proper casting technique for distance. Hope this helps.
  11. The why part - I have tied and fished every imaginable perturbation of NE fly pattern there is, and had may bluefish/weakfish/fluke successes with them using the required cast and strip method. When I first met Kenny Abrames, I thought the concept/cost of Flatwing saddles could not possibly live up to the hype. Then, at the Somerset show some 20 odd years ago, while waiting for the casting competition to start, I wandered around and found some inexpensive, no-name saddles with long enough hackles to tie Rhody Flatwings. And those resulted in my first surf caught Striper on a fly- and the rest is history. Traded in all my fast action, double haul 100 ft cast rods for moderate action rods that allow mending. Maybe someday I will encounter a Bluefish school with no one around and be able to throw and strip the multitude of epoxy flies that are going yellow in a fly box somewhere in my buggy (hopefully, my long neglected intermediate lines/sinking heads will still be good). In the meantime, I'll stick to my Flatwings and floating line, as they have accounted for all but one bass last year, and all but 4 bass this year, with the non-flatwing bass taken on weighted shad bodies when the current was too strong for mending.
  12. All of these are 6 feathers - At night, my go to is a blurple Flatwing with a black over orange as a second (sorry, no picture of black over orange). At dusk/dawn (i.e, the transition time where you can see, but still need a red light to tie on a fly/unhook a fish, a black over chartreuse Flatwing. At first/last light, water clarity plays a role, so I either go with an olive over white, chartreuse over white (which is what caught 2 for me on Wednesday - last day of the southeast blow - fish hit right in the wash) or yellow over white, respectively.
  13. there have been several soft hackle head flatwings developed, the latest being the "headless horseman" style which are a great advancement of the original squid patterns. Pictures attached....
  14. I make it a habit to never recommend something with which I have no experience, in this case reels in your price range. However, I will flag bad info when I see it. Okuma "Surf" fishing reel is not offered as part of the Okuma USA product line, only the Okuma EN (England) line. Others on here have indicated the difficulty in obtaining parts/service for non-domestic reels. As for my own experience, I tried to obtain the Bait Runner Spools for my domestic sold Ultegra's (CI4+5500XSB and 10000XSC) and Aero Technium 10000XSC. Shimano UK responded with the part number but informed me they will only sell to me if I have a UK shipping address. Notably, I have not had a problem with Diawa USA getting me parts for my Saltiga Surf LC reel or Century GB selling me replacement shrink tube for my LC rods, so it has a lot to do with the company's willingness to please overseas customers.