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  1. Haven’t heard anything.. was this shipped? Yak
  2. Shipping info was sent with paypal payment.. message me when shipped.. Thanks
  3. Payment sent..
  4. I'll take it for 75.00 shipped. Yak
  5. Dave, It was great meeting you last night. Thanks for the rack. It is going to work out perfect. Wishing you and your family the best of luck on your move to AZ. I drove down the parkway last night... just a little envious.. ok maybe a LOT ENVIOUS. Tight lines.. Scott
  6. Dave, I'll take the rack. I'm in Toms River but can meet up anywhere in Monmouth or Ocean county.. Yak.
  7. When I was building plugs, I wanted the best so I used Owner ST-66.. They were expensive but amazing..
  8. Payment sent.. Thanks.
  9. i'll take Fishing the Bucktail
  10. Location? Pictures?
  11. I'm second in line if Drumfish doesn't take it...
  12. Would you take 75 shipped?.. Paypal
  13. Do you have any interest in selling just the vest?
  14. Botox