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  1. I can do that. But it won’t be till Sunday morning. Let me know if this works for you
  2. I’m in Stratford, CT. Will meet within reason
  3. This reel has always been serviced by Zeebaas in Stratford. It was last serviced this spring and only used a handful of times. Spooled with 30# 832. Looking for $525 shipped or $500 in person
  4. This is a great body man special. Ive owned this truck for 10 years and planned to keep it. I removed the rusty fenders and started working on it. Unfortunately the repairs needed are beyond my skill level. The truck has around 120.000 miles on it and has been week maintained. All repairs needed are cosmetic. It runs great and it's a real 4x4. It has 2 new tires. Will need the quarter panels fixed. And new fenders. I have all the fasteners for the parts removed. Looking for $1200 located in Strtaford CT
  5. Full disclosure!! A member here who was interested in purchasing the vehicle pulled a car fax and discovered it had a salvage title from Georgia. I returned pulled my own and in fact it does. This was from an accident back in 2003. The car has been on the road ever with no mechanical issues for 14 years. The truck currently has a clean CT title and passed CT inspections. That being said I will lower the price to $4000 firm. The car has the bulletproof 3.4L Toyota V6
  6. Undercarriage looks fine. There's rust on the reared but not the frame
  7. I love 4Runners bought this beauty about. Year and half ago
  8. Had this truck for about 4 years. I'm the 3rd owner of the vehicle. 118,000 on the odometer. Mechanically the truck is in great shape. Timing belt done about 20k miles ago. I also did the Tundra brake upgrade about a year ago. I just upgraded the wheels and tires with 2016 4Runner SR5 wheels and tires. This is a $1000 upgrade. The truck does need some TLC. It could use some paint and the front bumper replaced. I got in to a small fender bender a few years ago. I'm in Stratford CT if you'd like to see it. Looking for $4700
  9. I'll give you $30 via PayPal
  10. Here are the specs on the rods. Both the same one spinning one casting. Both in very good shape as they've only been used a few times.
  11. I have 2 7'6" avid inshore rods. One spinning and one conventional. Your choice
  12. .
  13. How much for the belt?
  14. Only thing I'd be interested in would be super strike darters and heavy little neck poppers. I also like Rapala X-Raps in 12&14 sizes