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  1. Damn, you all are forcing me to say something nice about Sparky His plugs CATCH ! (almost as well as mine )
  2. Anyone else ever remember this many spiny doggies in the wash for this long ? Smooth doggies yes, but never these spiney ones
  3. Hit Ginger like a sledgehammer - right in the mush
  4. Gold, no... Platinum !
  5. HOLY SH## !!!!
  6. You think you're joking. Mine will call me on my cell if the door is left open
  7. I'm in I remember the first giveaway I ever entered here
  8. Kettle Creek Swing Shads 30 for $30
  9. Interesting slice of rubber there, what is it ??
  10. At 1:15 - conscious ?? That's really effin scary !!!!!!!!! That will be the moment Skynet "wakes up" *the destroy humans" line is just a hook to get us to watch the video - but it's really interesting anyway
  11. Dropped a big fish - kicked a rock ?
  12. Don't get me wrong, I've been know to glass the beach from time to time but the only time I do the mob thing is when I'm there first and they descend on top of me and then I leave.
  13. Favorite lure of the boardwalk fishermen
  14. Blitz fishing, we call it "Chasing the bunny"