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  1. Vegan or vegetarian ? I know a few vegetarians, but they do it for health reasons, every vegan I've ever met has been a socio-politically motivated, "Bambi is real" nut job
  2. The heads on mine are only as big around on the face as a nickel, table leg for a doll house table perhaps
  3. You'd be surprised When the search function comes back on go look for the rod test we did back around 2005. Rainshadow donated blanks, all the same, and each was built differently, cone of flight, dual purpose, and acid. We then test casted them Dual purpose won I build all my surf rods that way now
  4. Improved over what it's been really doesn't mean much Still lower 3rd of the NFL, not last (probably still the Giants) but still a decent ways from being a very good line
  5. Buzzkill It's certainly possible. Pete, God rest his soul wasn't always 100% reliable on things like this. If they're not Danny's I'd like to know what they are. Love to see one in finished condition.
  6. Simple, the starting line is still weak, starting the rookie could cause him to start hearing footsteps and end up another Sanchez Let Bridgewater take the beating and let the rookie learn
  7. If Bridgewater isn't the starting QB on opening day then this teams management and coaching staff is made up of fools
  8. So long as Frank Pallone is in office beach replenishment will continue You want an end to replenishment, get your arse off the couch and vote, and get 5 of your friends to vote too. Enough of us do that and we can end this travesty It's the ONLY way
  9. Pete Hirsch aka 8Ball here (RIP) got them directly from Danny
  10. Just lock em up and put them in the general population, the moral issues of the state killing them will take care of themselves.
  11. The perfect thing to break balls, loads of fun The battery powered one is even better but i'm keeping that If anyone knows who made any of those plugs please let us know
  12. Probably not what you're looking for but........
  13. $200 + any shipping I need to make space and 7 bags is too much, this one hasn't been used much. The plugs and gear have been in a box that hasn't seen the light of day in years. Seems a waste, I'd like someone to use them. This was put together to get someone started in the sport, should cover all your basic needs Pre-China Aquaskinz large bag. With the exception of the 4 plastic ones on the left side the plugs are all custom (not entirely sure about the little green needle) None of them, except one, have names and I don't remember who made them but it's safe to say they all came from builders on this site and all are 7 or 8+ years old All are in good fishing condition, most are near new (some possibly have never been wet). The oddly shaped blue and white one that has a bunch of hook pointers is the only beat up one but it's interesting and unusual so I threw it in. The one I do know the maker of is the Atom on the bottom, that was a collaboration between Gary2 and I. He built it, I painted and finished it. This needs to get wet !! Also a rigged eel, some vintage tin squids, few jigs, a Hopkins, two weakfish (speck) rigs and a 3 pack of MC55's (Vision Sand Eels) Bunch of odds and ends include a tape measure, sharpening stone, Rapala braid scissors, temperature gauge, Sargent Bernard side cutting pliers, 3 flavors of gel scent, 2 five packs of 9/0 Gami's, a 20 pack of 8/0 circles, clam knife, multitool, and a blow up skunk to hang on your buddies car when you catch and he gets the skunk .
  14. Define "big" blues I'll wager 5 lbers are being considered "big" right now And with the mass of little 1/2 lbers around to compare them to that's understandable