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  1. S7 1305 is probably the best blank for what you are looking for.
  2. Josh, where in NC are you? You ever throw stingsilvers with it? Spanish fishing is what I am looking for. Thanks
  3. This is sound advice.
  4. So this seems to have worked. Will know for sure when has dried completely. Thank you.
  5. So the dog got sick on the carpet. I have tried everything. Oxyclean, woolite, you name it. Even have a Bissel carpet cleaner, nothing is getting this out. What should I try next...
  6. May the Lord watch over and protect you both. May his strength run through your wife as well as you. Anen.
  7. That's some low hanging fruit.
  8. Sounds good, see ya in a few weeks
  9. SIM, the spot you fish is still the same. Been a few more stripers mixed in and seems a few less flounder. Seeing more water moccasins the past few yrs too. Good luck.
  10. Where are you buying yours? Down to my last 100 or so.
  11. Hanging out with FEW??
  12. Last week with a CTS 1306 Penn Mag 525 8 oz sinker 598ft , 17# test line. Was very happy with that. Had been over a yr since I measured a cast. Was consistently in the 540-570 ft range though.