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  1. Last week with a CTS 1306 Penn Mag 525 8 oz sinker 598ft , 17# test line. Was very happy with that. Had been over a yr since I measured a cast. Was consistently in the 540-570 ft range though.
  2. Same to you buddy, missed seeing you this yr. Hope all is well!!!
  3. The 7 and 2 appear to be same number but inverted. ????
  4. Pretty sure that's Mississippi coon hound right there
  5. Can't be a real thing
  6. Why do I feeling Flynn is about to have a case of involuntary suicide.
  7. Anchor worms I believe, hard to tell from photo
  8. Can you bring that new heaver with you when you come, would love to toss it.
  9. Could be something serious, I put up with elbow pain for the past 10 yrs. Finally went to the doc, tried physical therapy, strength training, every golfers elbow, tennis elbow remedy known to man. Nothing worked, come to find out i have a torn ligament and will undergo surgery after the season. Get it checked out
  10. Explain to me the top photo, how does one foot come to rest under the rifle in that manner? Seems very odd.....
  11. I can do that, message me your info and I'll pay tonight. Thank you
  12. Would you so $40 shipped on the regular set? Thank you for your time.
  13. 2pc/1pc were a Breakaway rod. I would reach out to Ryan White at Hatteras Jacks in Rodanthe NC, he is the man all things Century. Nice guy too