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    Fished the hell out of Long Island Sound and the ocean beaches for 3 decades before moving upstate.
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    Boating, campfires, marine art and my beautiful wife.
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    Count the days until I can just live.

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    Finger Lakes, NY

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  1. Cheers to you too. I thought that would bring back memories for you.
  2. I saw a pickup on the highway up here with one of those molded shower enclosures in the back. The wind got under it and it and the plastic bed liner flew about 30 feet in the air.
  3. I started the thread about the OD. He said something stupid (surprise, surprise), then vanished.
  4. This is the a$$hole that made a sh*tty comment in a thread about my niece dying of a heroin overdose, right? **** him and everyone who looks like him.
  5. Take your medicine champ:
  6. One for Mick:
  7. You beat me to it, dammit! That was my first thought at reading the thread title.
  8. Before: (_*_) After: (_0_)
  9. Hey, no problem man...I'll just chalk it up to you being flippant as usual.
  10. I didn't take it personally and don't think you are flippant and further wouldn't even care if you were. I was referring to someone railing you and using that word in reference to your seeming to not care about the Amazon pop-up thing. Hence the wink emoticon.