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  1. It’s nothing new either. Stick a pin in a map of the country, google “swingers in ___” and you will get results.
  2. NYA

  3. She worked for WM, he works with me. I edited that above. They had made a spectacle of themselves so many times nobody even noticed anymore.
  4. I have a buddy at work who’s been living this lifestyle for years. He calls it an open relationship. His wife is very prim and plain. The girlfriend was the drunkest, wildest woman I’ve ever known. He’d show up to company functions with one or the other at random and was himself a totally different person in every way depending on who he was with. The girlfriend died of alcohol poisoning a few months ago and I think that part of his life is over. She worked for West Marine and I got boat parts at cost for ages. At last years Christmas party he, the girlfriend and another plastered couple were at the bar with my wife and I. One minute they were loudly planning the threesome they were going to have in about 10 minutes. The next minute the two girls were ripping each other’s hair out. We paid our tab and booked. Monday morning at work was weird to say the least.
  5. Simple. Just pick through the trash. These two threads woven together might get too strange.
  6. I know. You think it has 100 pages worth like the “foot rub” thread? I figured the thread about gifts for red would be a flier.
  7. Au contrair mon frair. Having good taste has gotten me more ass than you’ll ever see.
  8. That’s awful. I grew up in Hampton Bays right near Overton’s Clams (if that’s still there) and bought all my tackle there. I still have a great custom rod that my father had made there in the early 70s and a few reels that I used as a kid in the bays. I used bamboo snapper rods from there to fish in the Shinnecock Canal snapper derby a dozen times as a kid. I always wanted that hammer head shark mount that you saw when you first walked in. Big bummer.
  9. I noticed that. English Willow Ware or Blue Willow I think. Here’s a pic of my cat sleeping in an 18th century Chinese bowl.
  10. Seems like a lot of weight and hardware just to hold position. Just anchor already.
  11. Best wishes from over here Man and good on you for stepping up. Having spent lots of time pacing around hospitals lately myself, I fully get your meaning.