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  1. Have you been to the yuba yet?
  2. Kerry- I used to tie toads with rattle eyes for stripers. Worked great.
  3. Depends when you go. In March and April, yep..... Cheesman is small all the time. I last fished in CO in 2010 in August and fished a size 10 chubby Chernobyl with a 16 lightning bug droppers and did well. I just finished organizing a midge box for Montana (2 weeks from today!) Those flies range from 18-24.... I have a spool of 7x. I'm going to need a seeing eye ghillie to rig this stuff.
  4. I.E.- do you enjoy long walks in waders through tick infested dunes and soft sand for the chance at a giant?
  5. Hey- I happened to be thumbing through an old issue of American Angler and whose by line should I see? Great article-
  6. I just watched two on Nextflix I had never heard of: "Kilo Two Bravo" and "Hyena Road"- one British, one Canadian. Made me remember that there are other countries losing people in Afghanistan.
  7. Nice Kromer and nice dogs
  8. We are renting a house through VRBO in Bozeman for our trip next month. 3 bedrooms, directtv, hot tub, walking distance to the West Gallatin- $1300 for the week, three guys....
  9. ROR
  10. "The greeks dig goats", Pliny the Elder.
  11. What are you looking for? Sierra Trading Post has a bunch of MFC flies for cheap right now. My go-to is Big Y Fly Co. Great price, great quality and service and US Tied.
  12. beauty- nice looking water too.
  13. nice..... What state?
  14. Yep.... Might have been the canoe spot I was talking about....