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  3. my current favorite- been deadly on cruising fish on the mud flats.
  4. East Outlet is fishing pretty well. Water is pretty warm though. It's chubby Chernobyl season. Ponds are going to be dawn and dusk.
  5. Steve- I go out early- left home at 4:15- 15 minute drive to my spot. My fishless months for 2018 were January and February (I'm in Maine after all). I was practicing my spey casting on the beach though in a snow storm and somewhat came up to me asked, "what's running?" My reply, "stripers, don't tell anyone". Dick- The seaducer has produced for me for years. Yellow and red was my go-to pike fly. Pink & White, greased with Mucelin, fished like a dry when the squid are at Monomoy.... The spot Iam fishing has grass shrimp, silversides and some sand eels. In addition to fishing a lot, I have been tying a lot too this year- forgotten how enjoyable it is to sit down and create that fly that is going to crack the code.... Learned how to tie hollows, sort of. We should see the young of year alewives out-migrating on the next full moon and then September. Hoping to see peanuts this year. Be well.
  6. It has happened Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Can't go tonight and tide is getting late tomorrow night. This has been my go to fly for the past month. Size 2 or size 4. 15 lb fluoro tippet ( actually tapering this leader a little.) on a floater in the mud. Tails and backs are out of the water. I only get one or two fish, but it is awfully fun fishing. A little murky for sight fishing last night.
  7. Great stuff Steve. I am catching a fish here or there- August is tough.... Fog is from last night- picked up one good fish at dark- my headlamp was dead- spooky walk out. Sunrise is last Saturday- Pic of the year so far. The fish have been right up in the mud. My new go to fly- size 2 olive seaducer. Glad you're back Dick.
  8. One of my spots is dead low, size 6 and 8 flies , floating line, long leader, in the mud fishing. It has been consistently producing. I had a fish eat my seaducer (current go-to fly- olive with a little flash in the tail size 4 or 6) as I was pulling it out of the leaves lying on the mud last night. GREAT TIDE tonight....
  9. Great to see you back. Here's a pic that will make you laugh....watch that last step....
  10. I have been xploring new spots and methods this year- zigged when I should have zagged... DMR surveyed me on Sunday and asked how many days I had fished since June 1- I guessed about 60.... Sunday was 110 for the year. I am not disappointed at my low production for the past 6 weeks- I get to fish almost every day.
  11. I am getting fish, but just one or two, here or there. Looking forward to some fall craziness.
  12. Not a ton of shore opportunities in LaMoine. There may be some bass around, but more likely you are looking at Pollock and macks off deeper shore. beware of the mud.... Capt. Pete in Sedgwick/Deer Isle is a good guy to call- his river boat is out of action, but he also has a 21' Parker. Eggemoggin Guide Service. There are still fish in the Penboscot and in the Bay, so they may have made it around the corner this year.
  13. A great tune, even coming from a Goat Lover.
  14. Nice. I need to go trout fishing....
  15. Those are sweet. I just picked up some lines from Sierra Trading post for short money. Got the Sci Angler intermediate Skagit 440 grain head- add the 12.5 T14 and it is go time on the Opal. Really nice casting rig for the beach. I also picked up an intermediate scandi and a type V scandi to try out. They were all $20.00 or so apiece.