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  1. Return to Vermont home rivers. Solid day with a mix of swinging for holdover/wild fish and hammering stockies on dries. Also deployed the canvas condo for the first time.
  2. I ended up trout fishing last night ( and Monday night). I am headed to VT to trout fish for 5 days, but I will get after them in earnest starting next Thursday.
  3. Good stuff. Three nice brook trout on soft hackle under a dry. My buddy was nymphing and landed 10. All holdover fish.
  4. Not quite a fishless evening, but no pics so it must be fake news. One of the local rivers gets a big slug of broodstock brook trout in the spring and fall. They were eating cream midges last night. A 17" brook trout on a 22 midge on 6x gets you a take, but no hero shot.
  5. Tons of shags in the Presumpscot. Also heard that they are all over the new Meadows and Eastern. I did not see any alewives in the St. George last weekend, however, but I'm sure they will show up this weekend. Debating on going to Scarborough and walking the marsh or chasing trout again tonight.
  6. Who doesn't like an olive sparkle emerger?
  7. Park at Stop & Shop and ride your bike.
  8. Rumors of shad in the Kennebec
  9. I had the same issue with a couple of my ross BG reels. $30.00 per reel, rebuild and reseal drag, clean it up, includes shipping took about a month.
  10. That is better than turtles humping; just sayin...
  11. Velocity 3.5
  12. I just picked up a Scott F2 on fleabay last week. Haven't fished it yet, but a lovely little thing. 7' 7" 4 wt; basically brand new. It will get wet tomorrow after work.
  13. I have never had to remove a line. I have been flying will my flies, reels and rods as carry on since before there was a TSA with no hassles. I have copy of there rules regarding fishing equipment in a pocket in my carry on. I was hassled coming back from the Bahamas over flies once. I carried on 6 rods and six reels Boston to Bozeman in March without any issue at all.