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  1. check that t4r forum. wealth of info. if you can get your hands on the decent 3rd gen (99-02)-GRAB IT ;-)
  2. I've had this rod but in 11' version XS11MS rated 2-4 for over 10 years until it broke. Sent label section back to lami using their fast track program, had them sent me gsb1322L rated 1-3 , which is essentially the same rod. Felt right at home in my hands from the first outing. It does pretty much everything I ask it to do, unless I want to bait fish with 6 oz or more. Works pencil beautifully. Can punch plastics and metals thru head wind too. You can use braid from 10 - 50 lb test on those rods. I didn't use over 50, but I'm sure it won't be an issue and most likely you will not need to go over that for your surf needs.
  3. brand/model?
  4. I second Grunden's. Not breathable. All breathable tops, no matter how expensive they are will leak thru in time. It will be fine for a number of outings while new. Then it will be over and you will wish you had the real thing like (grundens, HH, GC but rubber, not that new tech breathable stuff) that is especially true with wind driven rain. Most of you guys know what I mean...
  5. breathable = leakable
  6. I just did quick search, I think you mean 7500LC (Long Cast)? That is something new to me. I had regular Spinfisher 6500 when the newer came out and it felt really heavy to me. How's the line lay on 7500LC? And would it match right with 11' MH rod? I have ODM Genesis 2-6oz. That's the rod I'm looking for pair for.
  7. thanks redfin. how about Cabelas Salt Striker reel? Visually it's greatly resembles my late daiwa saltiga surf...
  8. No one? Are they new to the market?
  9. Thinking about inexpensive long casting reel as a back up and came across those. Did anyone try one?
  10. Got the same one. A BEAST. Too bad I don't get to use it as often as it deserves...
  11. I'm not, but I read they just want cut out the piece of rod with model ## and send to them...
  12. It finally happened, broke my trusted 11'er. I've had that for years so I guess no regular warranty for me. I just read on their site about Fast Track replacement. Did anyone have experience with that? How fast it is?
  13. There’s no fish there...