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  1. Another vote for Tiger trout. SF
  2. Folbe's have quite a following out west. Good company, good people. SF
  3. The two I'd recommend are the Outcast Super Fat Cat or the Fish Cat 4 or 4 Deluxe. I've used a Super Fat Cat for years and it just keeps going. I bought another one because I figured the first one would eventually wear out. I think the second one has been sitting in the box for about 8 years now. Fish Cat is part of Outcast, so you'll get great customer service on both should you ever need it. Check out the warranties as well on all the tubes you are considering. Both Outcast and Fish Cat come with five year warranties. After using a round belly boat / float tube and then going to the Super Fat Cat, I'd never go back. Also think about what type of fins you want to get. Though expensive, I'm a big fan of Force Fins for tube. A pair of dive booties will also help save wear on your waders. Some folks use their wading boots, but I find them to be heavier then I like. I save my leg workouts for the gym rather then the lake. Good luck, SF
  4. Love the back colors on those salty King’s. Well done. SF
  5. Just watched it. Lots of great history. Thanks for the heads up. SF
  6. Cast right,reel right.Started that way years ago. Tend to two hand strip a lot, so rod goes under left arm without though. Left on spinning rods, righty on baitcasters. SF
  7. Aberdeen WA is one of the most depressing places you'll ever visit. Never visited the museum, didn't even know it was there. I'd be to worried that some tweaker would be breaking into your rig while you were inside. Super high unemployment since logging went tits up and tons of strung out people. The only thing good about Aberdeen is you have to drive through it to get to some good fishing on the coast. Of course the town had to play off their native son with a big "come as you are" sign out on the highway as you hit town. SF
  8. Not sure what you intend to fish for and where, but I've been having great success out west on clousers with a silver Hareline Polar Reflector Flash belly. Everything I've thrown them at has eaten them, salmon, rainbows, bull trout, bass.... With different colored bucktail wings and reflector flash, the combos are endless. Good luck, SF
  9. Nice ties Jabster and Salty. SF
  10. What weight line are you looking for? The Airflo Beach comes in two versions, one of which has a 33' clear head with a floating running line. Only available up to an 8 wt / 300 gr head. The head is a intermediate though. Might look at Guideline Coastal as well. Not a clear head but have heard good things about it. Can't really think of any that are clear and sink fast. SF
  11. Ott Light
  12. Bull trout
  13. Don’t shy away from running a tube through those. Using the tube will let you doctor up the body (palmer materials) and at times having the hook further back can improve your hook up ratio. SF
  14. Thanks Eat a yellow and white streamer. SF