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  1. herring and tarpon have similar mouths..never knew they were related.
  2. x-select marabou hareline
  3. No need for lights and light clothing….
  4. any herring run with bass with have monsters with that extra protein..caught one like this at a herring terminus lake..
  5. Uglay flies, Ugly casts, and Ugly fisherman all catch fish…heres an ugly that caught just last night
  6. that 'line' Thats the phone, you can see his hands clasped behind that all in shadow of course.
  7. I love nettles. You boil them and the broth has a very rich, almost buttery taste. The Nettle are used many ways, on pizza, sautéed with onions in a frittata, pesto, risotto..they are very tasty made properly ..
  8. they are there in numbers 2 days ago…water was very high and fast
  9. really nice...
  10. booby fly
  11. mine hurts bad. even touching it hurts. I haven't cast in months..and started over the winter so its odd.. grabbing and picking things up ( like my laptop right now) hurts..pissed.
  12. Hows the weather in WY and MT , Colo has very good weather.
  13. I know a guy, Tony…owns a Mist guard company. Sprays pymetherin on timers like an irrigation system..i don't have problems with ticks at home..just in the woods...
  14. How about Feral Cats?? now everyone spays and neuters…so no wild cats eating the field mice..