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  1. Jim, I watched a lady with a huge basket of mushrooms, of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Some of those pretty red ones, which always spell trouble to me, although I could be wrong, I know nothing about mushrooms. I said to my wife, someone is either going to die or be heavily tripping later on tonight. I love mushrooms, but I will never have the confidence to go out and pick them myself. I've read horror stories of people eating what the thought was safe, and killed them.
  2. I saw more people collecting mushrooms this weekend after all that rain. Hope they know what they were doing, because some people were taking everything!! I guess squirrels know what they're doing.
  3. Thanks squidder I have a lot of photogenic bridges around me, i just need to get off my ass and photograph them.
  4. Cancer sucks Hopefully he's just getting the treatment he needs.
  5. Nice everyone!! Doorgunner, he looks like he's peering into your soul
  6. She blew her brains out after effing up her face in a car accident. Tragic
  7. Awesome everyone!!
  8. I was setting up to take that shot last night Laura, then the cops showed up. That ended that night
  9. How about something to do with heat, because it's freaking hot out!!!