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  1. Trump voters, oth, are all good with the decision.
  2. Sales tax has no bearing on the federal debt.
  3. But those hiring illegals aren't complying.
  4. Then why are the pouring into Costa Rica where government bennies are from hunger?
  5. For employers. They won't come if they can't hired.
  6. /endthread
  7. They are. 20% of their population is estimated to be illegal immigrants.
  8. I guess you missed the part about who makes the decisions at the border. The post was response as to why the parents are putting their kids in harm's way to get here.
  9. You're still not getting how bad it is in Honduras and Guatemala. Parents don't subject their children to those risks because it's all peaches and cream at home. What happens to them at the border is our decision, but I do understand why they are taking the risks. As for the advertising of open borders for the past 8 years, that's partisan crap. The flow of illegals was much greater during the Bush years, but you conveniently cut it off at 8 years and forgot about what was going on before that. I can clearly remember lines of illegals waiting for work in Palisades Park during the mid 2000's. They were almost gone by 2014 or so.
  10. So are they failing to appear after being given the monitors?
  11. The fact that there isn't a single story online about significant ankle monitor failure tells me all that I need to know. The xenos would be all over it if it would help their cause.
  12. Get ready to pay sales tax no matter where you buy your products, thanks be to Gorsuch & Co.
  13. Ask the CATO Institute. It was working well at least until last year. A quick search on Google showed that even the folks in infamous Maricopa County were happy with the program as recently as last year. I don't know if it's true, but somebody being interviewed on CNN said they had been using ankle monitors successfully right up until the zero tolerance policy was implemented earlier this year.