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  1. Couldn't be happier.
  2. $10 Neiman Marcus gift certificate.
  3. I saw a guy in court years ago who got a ticket for doing 57 in a 55. The judge asked him if he was doing 57 and he said yes. Judge said "You're guilty" and hit him with the fine, court costs and points.
  4. My neighbor has some hives and crazy chickens that lay blue eggs, creamy legbars or some ****. They have two Priuses in the driveway too.
  5. Don't waste your time. They'll just tell you it's free enterprise in action. All you have to do is pay more to get the service you seek.
  6. They don't. If you try to hook up 10 devices to the el cheapo internet plan, it will drag and lag. You have to ante up if you want everything to run smoothly.
  7. Thanks Trump
  8. I pinched a titty on the bus in middle school. Today they would have expelled me.
  9. I gave him too much credit for thinking that he'd be able to get his crazy trade policies through. Fortunately, he's failing at that. The market is up on hopes that he'll be more successful with getting a corporate tax cut done. Re the gold standard, I'll stand by my doom and gloom position if we're every stupid enough to go back on it.
  10. The English have been going at it for 300 years. OTH, gold standard economies are notorious for extreme boom/bust cycles. Who needs it?
  11. In my life, I've found the self-haters to be the most outspoken against whatever proclivity or sickness it is that haunts them, be it gayness, groping, kids, porn or whatever else. Lib or con doesn't much factor into the equation.
  12. Want to see the market implode and retest or exceed the 2009 lows? Put a gold standard kook in charge of the Fed?
  13. Really? I'd bet for every hypocritical lib, I can counter with a hypocritical con.