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  1. I know plenty about mental illness and what's involved in a diagnosis. Also about inaccurate diagnoses. That said, an interview and access to one's mental health history would tell a pro 2A doctor an awful lot. Flawless? No. Prevent a good chunk or ding-a-lings from getting a gun? Yes.
  2. Use NRA approved doctors. Heck, put them on the payroll of the NRA.
  3. I don't have an answer as to the threshold, but someplace less than having an act of homicide or suicide planned. Erring on the side of doing nothing because it might be an inconvenience isn't working. For the record, I'm all for concealed carry, open carry, concealed carry across state lines, AR ownership and damn near anything else for sane people. Just not at the expense of kooks and criminals having such easy access.
  4. Mental certification. You want it done by doctors on the payroll of the NRA or by NRA approved doctors, so be it. I'm done with accepting this crap as part of my freedom. Doing nothing is unacceptable and that's exactly what is going to happen.
  5. Being certain that gun owners aren't batchit crazy is going to make things worse, how? It's not foul proof, but it would save more than 'just one kid'. Parkland hit close enough to home for me that I've seen enough. My friend is an EMT and was there. My sister had friends with students at school that day, I have a friend who knows the family of one of the victims. I'm sick of this being the price of freedom. That's a load of ****.
  6. Being that the OP equated gun ownership to driving a car, flying a plane, teaching, being a cop, etc, I guess it is safe to say that he believes being certified is acceptable. Almost everything in the OP requires certification except guns and voting (which requires registration). It's a road that the NRA and strong gun proponents will never go down, so we'll just have to keep cleaning up messes of dead people as the price of freedom.
  7. Because you equate guns to other possessions and professions in your OP. Exactly, I mean that we need to keep guns out of the hands of kooks. If you're not sane, you shouldn't own a gun and you shouldn't be able to buy one. The problem is that such laws involve "gun control" and that is always evil. More evil than dead innocents.
  8. It was not a cop out. I'm not a Constitutional scholar. I do know that nutbags shouldn't have easy access to guns and that there are ways to address this legally, if the political will is there. Sadly, it is not. Our lawmakers are beholden to lobbyists, not voters.
  9. I'll leave that in the hands of Congress. They have been masterful in getting any damn law they deem necessary passed, the Constitution be damned. Somehow they get hung up on this one.
  10. I have no issue with sane people owning AR's, none whatsoever. I support their right to own them.
  11. The inability of lawmakers to address the easy access to firearms by the mentally ill. They fear getting the NRA gravy train cut off more than they fear the next report of some nutbag coming unglued and sawing down a bunch of innocent people.
  12. Make mental health part of the gun ownership equation. Stop deflecting the problem to liberalism, diversity, large population, medications and video games so that we can talk about the real problem: Mental health and gun ownership. The rest of it is pure B******T and those who post it know that full well.
  13. Yeah, some normally sane rightists are losing it.
  14. Freedom is friggin awesome, I exercise it every day. Tell those dead kids about their freedom and tell their families how great freedom is. They're just collateral damage in the bigger picture, right?
  15. Wrap those dead kids with Constitution printed cloths. They're paying the price of freedom for the rest of us.