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  1. Tim, if they were wiretapping me and you called me, causing our conversation to be recorded, would you say that they were targeting you with a wiretap?
  2. Correct. Once we cut it off, the Chinese and Russians will be hot on our heels to fill the vacuum and curry the favor of said populaces. Rather than trying to emulate US systems of government and conducting business, we will watch them adopt other styles that don't suit us at all. How can that be good for us?
  3. By ceding power we give up our ability to influence. But, but, but he said Rocket Man and that was really cool.
  4. Actually, it makes some of his supporters cringe too.
  5. How does reducing our leadership role in the world help put America first? The last time somebody sounded so childish was when Hugo Chávez got up and said it smelled like sulphur after Bush spoke. We've elected our own Banana Republic style leader now. But hey, it makes some of his detractors cringe so it's great, loss of US influence and prestige be damned.
  6. This.
  7. I'd enjoy making a chitstorm over the hypocrisy, but the act of eating a dog, not so much.
  8. Pigs are higher functioning than dogs. Is eating pork the mark of a savage too? Cats? Horses? The only thing that separates dogs from any other animals are your emotions. And no, I have never eaten dog. I do know people who tried it and they are not savages.
  9. It's only illegal to eat dog in dirty hippie liberal states (and Georgia). The rest of the states take the Libertarian approach to dog eating, If man wants to eat a dog, it's nobody else's business.
  10. Did you drive for a specific dealer? I know bunch of them. The guys at the piers weren't bad, but the Teamsters were common criminals. They stole merchandise, jewelry, tablecloths, computers, pretty much anything that was not welded down. Oh, then there was the nominal fee that had to be paid by the promoters to get the Union's blessing for the show and the police 'parking waiver'. It was even worse in DC.
  11. That kid was the source of the whole thread, wasn't he? Pathetic. I'm hoping it was only because it was a social media post and that he can do better than that.
  12. This. Great post.
  13. It's not racial at all, right?
  14. POTUS It's amazing how far we have lowered the bar. Even midgets are too big to drink there.