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  1. It's assuming that it's somehow a less preferred alternative to the biological parents. Right and wrong don't have to even enter the equation.
  2. May be tough, this goes back to the 1940s
  3. Just ask Brendon Eich. That's where the problem lies, not allowing people to have dissenting opinions.
  4. Except nobody alleges this is the justification for the behavior or it's social acceptance today. Although there's plenty of historical precedent, it would never be accepted with that rationale today..
  5. What's going on is that you made a claim that seemed improbable. If that's the impression you want to leave with, your choice
  6. All of these statements by you appear highly biased based on assumptions that are pejorative and unsubstantiated. We don't know if the sample is biased or not, all we know is that it's not generalizable. It could accurately reflect the whole population of Hobie kayaks, we just can't know because all the data is self reported, so there's a selection bias. But, all the data you Hobie has is also self reported and subject to the same bias concerns As far as this poll, unless the reported damages are outright lies, this is very much a real data sample
  7. If you really feel that way, you shouldn't have responded to the off topic tangent at all. Don't wait until your off topic responses are going South
  8. I think Kross pretty much summed it up, but that's a sail, not a pedal drive. Also, it's self reported. Sustained 10-12 mph is beyond the capability of the average rec kayak unless you self report while paddling with a 6 knot current.
  9. For all that, you're not really doing well with basic statistics. Self reported numbers can't be translated into statistically significant data, so you can't use them to make generalizations about populations. And personal impressions are anything but scientific. Ironically the data that you did collect on face value would actually suggest that Hobie kayaks have more failures that the company reports. Somehow you add unproven assumptions about use patterns and somehow suggest that things really aren't that bad. Ignoring the raw data, and then "highlighting points where numbers get skewed" is by definition "bias"
  10. 10 mph cruise and 12 mph max on those hulls would seem to defy the laws of hydrodynamics, but I wasn't there, so I can't say. I am told that the fastest sprint kayakers, in ultra efficient hulls do about 12 to 13 mph on short courses so my skepticism remains
  11. The nice thing about these forums is that people can discuss all these things at the same time. When people get tired of this topic it will run it's course. No need to distract or belittle the core conversation.
  12. You're never going to really know the answer to your question because this isn't a scientific survey. Hobie really can't either, because they only know when they get a complaint, and as we've already seen, some people just fix their own ships. That being said, there's still enough information to know that it's a real problem for some owners.
  13. My Kaskazi Skua is an ARX version with the same type of hybrid cover. But its a 2005, so it didn't come with the cool music.
  14. Why don't you just ask the people who experienced the failures. It's anecdotal but it's evidence.