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  1. A friend's father years ago wanted me to burp my sound system in his driveway........ 163 DB It rattled a bunch of those commerative plates off their holders and shattered on the floor. And a few weeks later after he thanked me for breaking so many collector plates he told me he found a few cracked bowls and plates in the cabinets. Assumed they just rattled against one another until they cracked. A few years before that a friend underhanded the cap of an acorn and I whiffed trying to hit it with a whiffle ball shattered my 91 Jimmy's window. (that is what got me into physics of sound ridiculous audio systems and the beginnings of an earlier career ) I believe 100000% thunder can find the resonant freq and break tons of things
  2. I haven't seen anything close for under 100$ other than the discontinued sargents. Worth shooting the guys at ZB 3 tand an email seeing if they have stock on the ap 8's
  3. Brilliant!!! ((was clicking through all the amazon give aways laughing at all the name brands that aren't real words....and stumbled upon this gem))
  4. I'd guess it's no different than pissyfun or godline or any number of no name brands. Been there
  5. Well it says PE....not Spectra or you know right away it's not using the pricey patented stuff. It's amtac sooooooo...... 22$ for 150 yards......I'd go j braid probably the same stuff minus the street fighter character on the front.......oh wait
  6. So that little rod whooped a 30lb fish in the canal? I thought you needed saltiga dogfights, ODM jigsters and bla bla bla since it's the most hardcore fishery in the world????
  7. They are common in the japanese market...not sure if they are mean for that weight but they have them on plat (been awhile since i looked) some get pretty pricey
  8. Wow.....assuming it was the guy....what a low life. and sadly fits the mold of many i've run into at night on the water. Guy probably was a chatty kathy too before ya went for the recharge.
  9. Sounds about right. is 40lb hollow spliceable? I remember it not being so years ago.
  10. I missed this one but the wifey listened to it at work. (both big Rogan podcast fans) Very interesting from a deer population standpoint.....and potentially a very serious human impact should it find a way into the population. It's spreading throughout our country. And finland took out an entire wild herd unit when it found it in an animal there. (2400 in total) and are high fencing the area to let the disease die off and then then limit repopulation of the quarantined area. (it's a 10year + plan) We can't do that here it's here to spread. And it spreads by shedding..and lives for years outside of a it's out there (If an avid hunter this may not be news to you...I'm not so it's new to me)