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  1. Yeah man!!! The last exist.....didn't really impress me in comparison to the Stella FI....but there's something about this thing that makes me want it.... Hey SHIPWRECK.....should one of these things gently fall off the back of the daiwa truck....I didn't see nuthin
  2. ummm....missed....that's a 99$ fuego....second thread in a row in which you posted the same thing incorrectly..what's the deal? I have a sinking feelilng it's going to evolve into pics of dead fish on vr's
  3. ummm..the fuego is 99$
  4. 7.1 ounces is ballistic lt weight range
  5. First off...I think you're a piece of garbage and don't pay much attention to you anymore after you idiotic and horrible comment about the vegas shooting....and just a reminder...this is what you said Glos "he did a world a favor with decreasing the number of those insane country music - event folks" Now about the superstopper oil....... This is what I said Not sure if there was a glitch in the matrix or not...But corrosion x oil seems to play nice with antirevers squirt soem in there....not sure if it's the oil or the clutch...but any lube at all used to cause failure in any clutch...not this stuff though... (anyone else experience this....i've done it to 100 reels or so and no or cold) and finally...this is you acknowledging what i said Knowing you and how you constantly just regurgitate stuff....I assumed you would and wouldn't ya know it...(you didn't let me down) Here is my reply to you MONTHS ago in that conversation. Scoobydoo Said I'm curious what they find as well. I don't want to give what I was stating as an absolute fact. But an observation over the course of a bunch of reels. You post a ton of info you gleam off the web as your own and as fact....when it's clearly not and your consistency in being dead wrong is admirable. Don't screw people over regurgitating what I said as an observation...that's contrary to the norm....And state is as a rule and new norm. in years past any oil i used would instantly cause failure...especially in cold. Make sure they test it first...might be worth an hour in the fridge if fishing in the fall or winter to be 100% sure.
  6. What's funny about avoiding it. 11 of the top 20 best sellers on amazon are brands I bet most of us have never heard of. I know I never heard of 5 of them.
  7. I'll never forget a blitz i was in....cows and blues....every cast.....I released a bluefish....and this fist pumpin chains and gucci sunglasses and a mountain of hair gel.... Ran full speed and dove in about 6" of wash to bear hug that bluefish......I must have cut off a nun that morning on the way down the somehow it didn't chomp the hell out of him. That would have been one of the most epic sights had he lost a digit....and my life would have been complete.
  8. DId marty just recommend a dad buy a 5 year old a van staal??? it's getting weird.
  9. (2 months ago I heard about a new saltist but i thought it was a conventional) The Saltist Back bay Mag sealed with Machined aluminum gearing. 200 Bucks..... So essentially....a saltist with alu vs cast zinc gears. (what it should have been in the first place ) But did they swap out the crbb's for standard....and did they keep side plate seal. So I'm not sure if this is a bg with mag and alu...or a saltist with alu and standard bb' Model Number Action FW / SW Bearings Gear Ratio Line Per Handle Turn Wt. (oz.) Line Capacity (Lb. Test / Yards) Drag Max STTBB3000LT M / H 6BB, 1RB 5.6:1 33.2” 9.9 MONO: 8/170, 10/140 15.4
  10. I"ve enjoyed the crap out of my 4000 non BJ And in that size I gotta say for the surf..the bj looks to be even better.
  11. Congrats Stickinlips!!!!!
  12. Not sure what you mean? Like if i stood on the bank..cast 11 o clock in current...if i cast 5 feet to the left or would change where the plug would be able to go. That is extrememly true. Say the hole is 50' below you and it's deep in need to be able to find the right place to splash down up that it's in the strike zone in the area of the hole. But what does angle of the dangle mean for plugging? What was the exact quote?
  13. World Peace