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  1. Or if bailed...rotate the the bail until it hits the ramp. I haven't met a spinner that would trip on the cast when the rotor is pinned against the trip ramp. I find the 75 lb clip to be the most universal size. 50s are a tad small when clipping to 1/16th welding wire line ties on most plugs.
  2. Doesn't gibbs have a tuna plug that is a spook?
  3. I can't understand how people can actually recommend a 20$ -40$ pair of bass pro fashion show fancy colored pliers for surf use. They not only have problems with the jaws flexing. But they can't grip worth a damn. Best pliers for the money are probably the 10$ manley clones. My favorite are the ones Hobobob linked to above in the video I put together.
  4. Never used mine in the salt. But it really isn't very different than a jointed swimmer with a mouse face paint job and a tail. Try it! How awesome would it be to catch an albie on a rat!!
  5. Sounds like you just need to work on your timing. You don't need to swing harder but may have to swing a tad deeper . Takes a bit of getting used to.
  6. Not sure What the purpose would really be honestly. You mean for watersheds and such or what? I use this to compare and contrast with bing maps and google earth in order to see if im trespassing. Commerically i think google earth pro can aid with providing demographic statistics
  7. And it will probably ship in a box big enough to fit a !@#$ing washing machine.
  8. Went to one of those mongolian hot pot places.... Never seen so many people with thick black framed glasses.. .man buns.and plaid rolled up long sleeve button down shirts. Those are hipsters right? it was wierd.
  9. White privilege exists. But at the same time I feel much of the argument doesn't take into account that not many jobs exist in predominantly black neighborhoods. And white families and their ancestors had the ability to pass inheritances to more generations. While not always a benefit and the case. I do think that blacks lost out on that potential benefit due to history. White guilters should all slap themselves I live in a very white town. Asians and indians are the dominant minority. We just had an interacial black and asian couple over who just left. And it's funny...but the black guy gets looks from anyone who happens to see them. It's very obvious. Dude's seriously one of the nicest and well mannered guys I know. And people just grill him because he's black in a wealthy white neighborhood.
  10. Same kind of idea...only longer skinnier jaw making them easier to get into places. Better for boofish. Same kind of gripping power.
  11. damn.. Alien?
  12. Thanks man! Thanks man! keep in mind. While these will work ok for hook cutting and wire. Bolt cutters will do that specific job better, longer.
  13. THanks, Cool! That stuff is serious. I've only used it for marine applications. Honestly never thought to use it on pliers. I'll bet it works even better! I always wondered if that was the stuff shimano uses in it's "core protect."
  14. These have been discussed have the Pline style attack of the china clone pliers. But I've never seen anyone try to cut a hook though many have claimed they can. Figured why the hell knot! Amazon doesn't sell em. But here is a link to what I used to keep em clean And a link to actual bolt cutters
  15. Please keep all political discussions in the PG please