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  1. Yeah. It's the right address. Great for for when you're gloved up in the fresh stuff. Good all around fw pliers
  2. What's funny.....I don't know if it's the same vs 400 that was in that listing. But I played with it at their shop earlier in the year It's in a display rack with a few G2 tigers, Firefighter edition abus, what looked like a few d mags and cylcones too.
  3. I use them and like em enough to have bought a second pair since they're so cheap
  4. Just a heads up...when you post yt links. Please embed the video. (embedding should be automatic when you paste the link)
  5. LMAO....I know that feeling!!! The fish gods will bless you soon for that contribution! Had to take a leatherman tool to to the rotor of a zeebass.. (.How it didn't come off I'll never know)..while tight on a 120lb bluefin.....Interesting removing the spool of a spinning reel when tight...even more so getting it back on... Later in the fight I had to take the leatherman out again...and tighten the bolts holding the handle stem to the body.....Because they were separating as well.... Later that day...the handle fell off while in the rocket launchers...and bonked my buddy in the head while in a bean bag..
  6. I've had a gift card collecting dust for bean....Is there anything worth buying at 25% off from them? Seems every year their offerings get slimmer whether it be for home and kitchen to fishing. If it weren't for waders, rubber boots, towels rugs and mom jeans.....I don't think they'd be in business. I tried some of their accessory items..the 40$ nippers are garbage....i need another pair of forceps like a hole in the they sell anything cool?
  7. Awesome Pics....looks like a cool little reel. Van staal has more of a micro module gear than
  8. LOL...grease guns suck.....I don't want something that big and heavy around $$$ reels....Syringes seem to work...but found the ones with the rubber plungers break down and ruin the grease. That stuff is gonna last a good long while! lol
  9. Used this aquashield melted bubble gum crap on a 2018 okuma epixor that developed an unpleasant "sensation" and sound.....It feels better than it did when new. It's dead silent. and like butter..... Wasn't expecting that....used to many greases to count and usually it's never dramatic....but in this instance it was. Sounded and felt just as good after running it in by despooling and respooling about 150 yards of braid under heavy tension..... Gonna do a bunch over the upcoming weeks. I really liked finding out avet uses it on their gears. Lots of bearing greases in the past didn't work very well.....
  10. ?
  11. That is brilliant!! And the echo and the tiny echo the spot are absolutely awesome!!!!
  12. Please keep all political posts in the PG forum.. Thanks Management
  13. My guess from the beginning was a tolerance issue combined with a tiny bit of play which i tried to show in the video.
  14. I'm not sure if that's what he meant. I think he meant that the "hole" in the bigger than the peg "base of the pinion" not the top to bottom gap..... I could be wrong...but that is what i based my reply on. But's an interesting discussion (at least to me anyway )
  15. Hi Ben, Thanks for weighing in. That makes perfect sense. So he's saying the tail end of the pinion support is cut in such a way that it will not come into play at all until Load is put on the rotor. Or when the gear mesh starts wanting to "cam out" Can you clarify how and why that area is treated differently in the torque and the larger Slammer 3. As it seems there are additional elements added at that portion of the reel. The main reason i brought this up in the first place was the fact that the pinion blew clean through the surface finish at that support. I didn't see any burrs on the pinion. But it looks like it was a high spot on the support that was the cause. I get the whole two points of support and the allignment issues associated with 3..As the way the others do it leave the top supported by the clutch and sleeve which isn't nearly as precise. While supported at the base. But that design doesn't allow for any rotation against a fixed surface when under load. Which was where my "call out" of the design stemmed from.