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  1. Those look store small to have come from a 28" fish
  2. The first time around watching the first was ok...was much funnier the second time. The sequel.....was just another ****** xmen movie.....only it had foul langauge lots of blood. The commercials for it over the past year were hilarious....have to admit that it was a let down. Avengers brought 10x the laughs. With better action. The reviewers out there who are fans are using the excuse it more for comic book fans and bla bla still moderately sucked
  3. is it an early gen 2. I had that problem. Sand caused binding. They redesigned the drag knob since. Although it looks like they came out with a gen 1 typeknob recently
  4. The version coming uses a solid wire that you add the weight to the end and just bend it to keep it secure. I really want to develop miniature tungsten satche style weights that you can just cats paw to the hook eye....But not sure if that's possible.
  5. Shop smart....S....mart.....YA GOT THAT!
  6. I hear the dick farts are deadly this time of year
  7. That's the worst. Been there many a time. It's even better when they screw up the next step. And there is no recourse. hours of time wasted with cable or cell phone companies.....15 years a customer......was told "that's not worth a month's bill....I feel it's worth 50$" If you can't even squeeze cable companies.....who else is gonna do it. Keeping in mind that 90% of the products cost 10% of their retail nowadays.
  8. Lots of kewl stuff coming.... I'm excited about a few new rods and reels and lines from a few companies. Saw some pics of some japanesium reels that will tug at the strings of my wallet for sure. One company is coming out with a scoobydoo rig well sorta....mines better and covers more applications
  9. ANd this right there is something I will never ever use as a way to rationalize or defend a business...Nothing doing with ODM or anything specific company. But it's something I just can't wrap my head around..... whenever I point out something negative in a review I do. There are always the "defenders" ((that's what I call them)) I see that alllllll the time... They make's their first time making reels. They do this well but they are working out the kinks. They are a new business breaking into...... I always get a chuckle and find it strange......because last I checked all these companies were up to speed with their marketing distribution and pricing. So often anymore there isn't a single employee of said company that ever lays eyes or even a hand on the product before it's on a shelf or on a mail truck. And so often I've seen the...send the product in for repair.....and I get a new one....Which is cool......but you know damn well they don't have a repair technician never have never will....the cost of a warm body to even open the box costs more than the product ((again...not singling out ODM...but countless other compnanies the beauty of it is often you get a package in a day fulfilled by amazon....gee.....about that warm body....)
  10. I interviewed a Shaniqua who's email was Gimmethatblkpython@hotmail never forget that......we decided to schedule her just for the fun of it.
  11. WHat about a waist pack.. I wear one in the yak and sketchy areas. During the summer I'd imagine they'd be a bit toasty
  12. I live 5 to 15 minutes from some of the hottest FW spots...Spruce Run round valley....Ken lockwood gorge (was there during the lightning the other day) Raritan river Duke island park is 5 mins away. the north branch is almost my back yard. SO bouncing from river to river at 9am just checking around (not really worried to much about catching 12" trout and being on the water at the whistle ) was shocking to see nobody out.. I was at the new shop on 22 hanging with the owner who's a fishing buddy and friend for the past decade....lots of people in the store getting the essentials...but nobody on the water at the normal crowded spots....usually 30 cars on rt 22 and the milltown road spot......NADA......1
  13. Ooooooof....that's pretty friggin impressive!! Congrats!!! I remember years ago jigging the pump at spruce (pre 9/11.....had a massive state record sized crappie at the boat and my father literally bashed it in the head and broke my line. He hit it so hard it stunned it and almost got it by hand...but alas she came too and shot away with my jig.
  14. That noise definitely shouldn't be there..that loud raspyness sounds like a crunched or corroded bearing. Or a number of things not acceptable in a 500$ brand new reel. (some new reels have a rasp...but even a bone dry improperly lubed Nasci doesn't sound like that.) That raspyness is pretty loud. And that's a pretty quiet reel