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  1. I am not sure what markers you are talking about. I just look at the general topo. There is probably a key for icons and such....never really looked into it. I am not much of a power user of that map. I hope it helps.
  2. The one I have is red...when it dries it sort of looks closer to pinkish but bright red when wet. I bought mine at a retail pep boys automotive shop. did you see my post in the main forum...there are pics there and those are accurate. chamois tails- bucktailin I am not sure if it would matter a ton....the color. Most my uncle josh would discolor pretty quick and it never seemed to be a negative thing..other than psychological. Its two bad there is no two tone. I really liked that about the uncle josh.. I have thought about dressing some bucktails with both red and white. More of a curiousity than a belief that it would make a difference.
  3. This could really come down to application. I have experimented many times ...with and without. I always get more action with it. Going without you get better casting distance and a faster sink. That can absolutely make a difference in some cases. With a pork or similar trailer there is a flutter added that I really helps transmit action and embellishment of the angler.
  4. I would only bother with gulp or squid if I were fluking. I feel they add no value and have less motion than the pork and pork alternatives. Regarding spro bucktails...I would lean away from them and stick to andrus, bluefrog, joebaggs, and similar. Bigger thicker wire hooks. Thanks man. I am a bucktailing junkie....no need to be skeptical. I have been using them exclusively this season, they have been great. I even threw a dozen bucktails onto the vise and tied some in. A couple drops of superglue and some tying thread. I have been using the triangle scraps created by tapering the tails to dress my teasers... Bucktail, a little flash, and a think strip of the chamois scrap. I have been using the dimesions of striper strips....5.25 x 5/8. I measure the 5.25....and eyeball the 5/8.
  5. Right on Emmitt Wiggins .
  6. Skinners book is comprehensive for striped bass , as noted above no three way swivels....and no jigging action. Straight and steady with an occasional subtle twitch...but really buy the book its an easy read and covers everything you need to know in a very no-nonsense manner. I fish half ounce through 5 ounce....it all has to do with water flow. Everyone fishes topwater when fish are showing. Fishing bucktails will reveal fish that are not showing on top...... and/or allow you to get to the bigger bass below when the fish are on top. I rarely fish topwater. It has its place, but you will catch more fish with a bucktail.
  7. Thiink of them as different disciplines....rather than a when. Like I noted. I fish them a lot and use them in every condition. They are very versatile. Bait fishing mostly is passive. You set the trap and wait. Lures and bucktails are active methods. You are the hunter and you use your skill to convert fish. You search with them, you move from spot to spot. Eels and active chunking are cross overs. One swims Bucktails from the surf for striped bass rather than classic jigging. There are tons of videos on the topic and also the book I noted. Good luck.
  8. As noted above...google and navionics.....fish the shore...get korkers or grip studded boots...know your tides and be safe!!! https://webapp.navionics.com/?lang=en#boating@13&key=u|`aGla_pL This is not spot advise but the best advise I can give to any angler. Learn to bucktail. Most plugs will not probe the water column or convert fish the way a bucktail will. They are both effective and safer for a new angler and you will drop fewer fish. At $5 a piece they are economical. They are always the method I use to scout an area and are the first method I use whenever I fish a spot. When you get good at it, you make a mental map contour of the structure in front of you and you can even map how the current moves through a spot. Good Luck. pick up john skinners book. "fishing the bucktail" buy quality surfcasting bucktails with larger stonger hooks. Andrus, blue frog, joebaggs....etc. this will save you money....and I have been using them all spring on the bass...they do not care. You need a tail on a bucktail and these work better than any artificial on the market.....but at 1/10 th the cost.
  9. Scott Wilson is a surfcasting guide out there. He is solid. He will get you on fish. http://www.fishwhisperingri.com/home.html
  10. Some of it is ignorance...some of it is lack of courtesy and self involved personalities. Even though fishing is part of the New England heritage, it is probably considered a fringe activity by most...like hillbilly a passtime....therefore less important than what they are doing. It is not as bad here as on the west coast. One of my buddies out in CA had a woman come up to him on the beach and screamed at him "Don't Hurt the Dolphins!!!"....over and over...each time progressively louder. Clearly a nut job. Thats whats great about surfcasting. You are out there in the night. Normal people are scared of the boogiemen. We are the boogiemen....hahahaha. Any to answer the question....courtesy is dead....even between fisherman.
  11. would you consider selling the two yellow needles for 30 or two yellows and a black for 40? Thanks!
  12. Although not the question asked...i agree completely. For jigging as well. For upper water column spinning is fine but for lower a small coventional is the way. I like the calcutta or luna.
  13. that stockpile is a little nuts. That one milk crate has 140 jars or about 1200 dollars worth of pigskin. hahahahhahaha. time for an intervention. I will take ten jars please.
  14. Jim, Anytime you want we can fish...so you can try before you buy. I fish almost every weekend through winter. I am the master of finding and catching the dumb less sophisticated trout. I will bring a rod to the next csa meeting so you can check it out.