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  1. meh....
  2. whew, the second was back to crappy.
  3. The first funny one you have posted!!! That was a real chuckler!!!
  4. Was interested in adding a dash cam with a rear view camera. Anybody have any experience? I don't want to replace my rearview mirror on the car. Just add a back up camera and a dash cam. Scott
  5. OCD...that's tough
  6. take a viagra and hope it get's longer than her nose.
  7. After Irma last year everyone in our associate got a 1000.00 bill for extra expenses. My HOA's are a bit higher than the average because mine comes with a boat slip.
  8. Down south they call what you have sheep humpers disease. Stay out of the barns for a few days and it should pass on it's own. And for God's sake do not get Bubba Joe's colic.
  9. interesting view....can easily see this going back to society in general, just pushing people through because they participated. Never making sure they know how to do the job, own the job, feel the responsibility in what they are doing. Too bad.
  10. HOA's are made for Red, or rather that collective group. If you have no outdoor activities planned and do not use yaks or camp or boat, then the HOA may be the deal. But get ready for the HAO police. There are a truck load of old timer looking at your grass, the stain on your lawn, the oil spot on your drive, it gets nuts. But if you like all of it looking clean and the same then an HOA is the way to go. We have one in Florida and it really keeps the place nice. We spend a lot of time there in the summer so no one else is there so I can pretty much put the chitter in the front yard and no one bothers ya. Do not expect to meet red in a place like this though.
  11. yes, the length is what had me worried, I am wider shoulder guy so will have to find some longer shirts . thanks
  12. go bow, are you just wearing a loose shirt over that or a jacket?
  13. thanks BA, good information. Will look at the others mentioned. Thanks
  14. So looking for a holster to carry this. OWB style preferred. Anybody use the sneaky Pete set up??
  15. back to the OP....When my son was inducted in the honor society it was an induction based on academics. So many parents complained that their child was just a point or two shy of the honor that they eventually all got added. My son turned to me and whats the point. If i work my ass off to maintain the grades and volunteerism and all the other stuff and they just bitch a little and get in, whats the point of the honor in it. He got it. today everyone gets in to what ever they want. just cry loud enough and you can have it too.