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  1. these are my boxes from my last solo competition. Member Dan here was at that comp!!
  2. the money muscles you get on mid west pigs is far superior to what we get here. I have mastered trimming a butt and still only get money muscles that 2 inches in diameter. definitely better in the mid west. The new rules allow taking to 140, an edible temp and then parting and working separately. My boxing goals included a pile of pulled, a pile of chunked and sliced money muscle.
  3. coolie = pocket book = mousey = snatch = snookie = ???? Have heard some many names in my years of medical care it is insane.
  4. more lube, less girth, stop sticking your dry finger in there.
  5. so far seems like a regular prep. The amount of $$$ gone into comps now has removed me from competition. A lot of money. The other thing about ribs is to look for those with straight ribs, arc'd is ok, but strait. He did spares not baby backs right? Chicken is a specialty all unto it's own. I have spent days working on chicken prep's and getting the right bite. Have even deboned and tried them. They did ok in comp. I think most expect the bone in though. When you trim your ribs, take the last rib on each end off but leave the meat. If you foil it reduces the chances of piercing the foil. so far loving the details Little.
  6. yeah, me too. Wife was asking about perogies in it. Thanks for posting!!
  7. I got the "XL" model what ever it was from sams. Have been using it to do some stuff and pretty happy with how it does. Going to do some of my smoked wings in it this week I hope,
  8. shoulda asked for a dremel tool to manage the toenails. Dude, can you blur those out next time?
  9. gotta be willing to go. My zombie apocalypse plan includes getting to NYC or the coast and stealing a big sailboat with some fishing equipment and sailing away. Welcome to join us . There is also a unwritten but well known plan to blow the bridge into everglades city and say good bye to the rest of the world.
  10. no society lasts forever, doubt we will make to Roman duration. But I agree, we have lost nearly everything as a society. And if I recall you are still carrying a US passport....
  11. I KNOW what they did that was inconsistent with their religious beliefs, how does stalin and mao and castro etc play into the discussion on parenting in our country??