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  1. I buy them a couple of mega packs at a time at Sams. Local grocery has giant ones if I am looking for something special. Right into the smoker, preservative and ready to go when I want them. Put them a dozen to a bag and freeze. Take 'em out to thaw and then either on the grill or onto the fryolator.
  2. this project went very well. New car battery in place, wires extended. Oil changed and fresh gas. Choke out, few hits to the starter and she fired right up! ran for a few minutes and checked the oil level, topped her off, ready for the crap winter.
  3. I'm with hophead. Would be a career ender for me. Too much at stake. Even a dui would probably be an issue. The Office of the Professions (OP) of the State Education Department will have to review the conviction and make a decision. Under New York State Education Law 6509 (5) (a) (1), any violation of law by a licensed nurse constitutes professional misconduct. For a DWI offense you may face penalties such as censure and reprimand, fines (up to $10,000 for each violation), license suspension and/or a probationary term.If it is a first offense, generally censure and reprimand and substance abuse counseling is the usual sanction. If drugs were involved and not just alcohol, then likely they will insist on a voluntary surrender of your license and participation in the substance abuse program.
  4. Low and slow, done when the meat is done. 9 hours, 12 hours, 15 hours...done when the meat is done. Pit master problem not the meat.
  5. Not a lot of shore in choko and EC, but the canals can be a lot of fun running along 41 from naples to miami. Can rent kayaks in EC and if interested I can show you some pretty productive fishing spots just across the bay. Can rent at the ranger station in EC as well. Shoot straight across work the far shore line/mangrove islands. Should be a fun and productive day. Most important thing out there is to be sure water is moving.
  6. Thanks Tim, was considering a car battery. This is a beast to pull in the middle of winter when freezing temps.
  7. It is designed to not charge, kind of stupid. Thought about the external application as well...going to be a pain. Will let you know how this goes.
  8. The everglades are an estuary. Shark, Snook, Reds, Tarpon, Trout, Snapper, Grouper. Off shore - a couple of miles, all the previous and Permit, Cobia to name a few. Typical Florida stuff without the crowds. Yak fishing in choko bay can be terrific. Fall and winter mostly reds, trout, some snook, some poon's.
  9. Dear Penn Fishing, Let me share a little story with you. I have a residence on the island of Chokoloskee in Florida. It was flooded, along with everyone else's when Irma pelted us with 80-90 miles an hour winds followed by a 10 foot storm surge. We survived the wind, the surge not so much. We lost nearly everything. And all I could think about were my brand new reels, in their boxes, in the shed. That was about September 10th. About the 21st my son got down there to salvage what he could. I told him where to look and indeed he found a storage bin, filled with fishing equipment, and filled to the brim with saltwater and marl. He threw everything away that looked ruined. My Penn reels came home. Muddy, crusty with salt, but turning smoothly. I was astounded!!! My spinfisher V 3500, 4500 were alive!!! My 750SSm is alive!!! the arms to the bail, on the side opposite the line bearing is crustier than crap, will have to sand that a bit but otherwise I am putting these reels back into service after spending at least two week immersed in a saltwater cocktail. Now I can't recommend anyone else do this, but I am happy and thankful they made it out alive. I lost most of my plugs, jigs, etc. I got some rods back that had been stored high, but will start rebuilding my saltwater gear again. Thanks Penn,Ii will always be a customer. Scott PS, several other reels came home...a couple are fair but several went in the trash. None of them made out as well as my Penn reels.
  10. THanks Bob, what at a pain in the ass to remove. Not doing that again. And I am too freaking busy to remember to charge it once a week for an hour or two. My tractor is attached to a battery tender and it is brainless, just unhook and go. Going to do this mod to it and make it easily servicable. Even if I wanted to move it to somewhere else or loan it out they can take the battery with them or pull start it. Although pull starting this beast when it is 20 degree's out and hasn't run in a month...shoulder replacement may be required. S
  11. If you are in the planning phase for your winter trips to florida I am going to ask you to do me a favor. My second "home" is on the island of chokoloskee. As you may have heard both chokoloskee and everglades city were decimated by irma. Here is where you come in. They have busted their nuts to make the area accessible again. Restaurants are opening, guides are guiding but the infrastructure is still rough. 85% of homes uninhabitable. If you could make it a point to take part of your vacation as a trip to EC for a meal or the havana cafe on chokoloskee for a meal, or maybe hire a guide for the the day or do an eco-tour or an airboat trip(yuk) from that area you will be doing more than you could ever imagine. I have recommendations but will hold off unless pm'd. What I am hoping is that you support the area in some way. Come down and spend a few bucks. Give people here something to work with so they can get back on their feet. Everglades City, Chokoloskee are open for business. Try the area out. You may find you really like it! I did! EC and Choko are about 40 minutes from naples and marco, 90 minutes from fort meyer, 4 hours from Orlando, 100 minutes from Miami or Fort Lauderdale. 4 hours door to door from marathon to chokoloskee. Thanks for considering it, good on you for doing it!!!
  12. So I have a generac xp8000 generator. Has a pull start and electric start. The battery was shot, a real hassle to get to, remove side, drain tank, remove tank, undo bracket, etc, but I got it out. Before putting in another battery I wanted some advice. I would like to go to a motorcycle battery, externally placed and hooked to a float charge. The generator charger is max 48 hours every 29.8743 days for no more than 48 hours blah blah blah. Real pain in the ass to manage. It also does not charge with generator running. So what I want to do, because the generator is in a dedicated location, not moving etc, is to put in a MC battery to a battery tender. I want to extend the battery cable lengths to accomplish this and just run them external to where the battery was. I know to keep from chaffing, avoid contact, keep them from burning etc. Can I just buy some longer leads, maybe two feet instead of one foot, set the battery up and put it on a float and expect that to work? The battery is a 12v 10aH POS chinese type. please let me know what you think. Scott
  13. there are still 7 weeks of hurricane season.
  14. gonna be like dating a new girl! Left hand here he Comes!!!!
  15. I live at ORA and all the rigs there for the summer have been destroyed. Many shed moved and many boats lost. But there area will be rebuilt!!!