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  1. Unless the main job sucks big time I would go to the 30. Run the side business and take it full time at 30 years. Side jobs can be great until they are your main job.
  2. Are you talking about Chokoloskee Island park or Parkway? I believe both are up and running not sure CIP has any units though. Should have sites though and you can always look at renting at ORA - campground with trailers for rent. All of them online Sorry for not getting back to you sooner!
  3. Awesome news!!!! Hope the healing continues!!
  4. I would have to say my father. He was a total @&&hole who spent a lot of time telling me I was loser, beating when he felt like it and convincing me to I was going to a garbage man on the near west of Cleveland. A huge weight was lifted from my shoulders the day he died. But, I learned how to be a father because of him, I praised my boys and lead them and loved them and demanded their best efforts. I never belittled them, devalued their worth, or beat the crap out of them because I had a bad day. Thanks Dad, I did the opposite and it was perfect! The are great kids today because of you! The good news is I have long ago realized my father was ill prepared for fatherhood. He was born to a 58 year old father, whom he hated, and a Mom who was in her late thirties and she died when he was 9. No siblings. No guidance, no direction, self made engineer. The military taught him how to parent. Ah well. I have had other very positive male role models, all of them after I was an adult. Good friends, good family.
  5. how ever you heat it get a couple of large fans to blow straight up to push the warm air down, like a reverse on a ceiling fan.
  6. Felt it in Kingston NY. fourth floor of the building. Little shimmy. Some stuff fell off the shelf in lab.
  7. No matter how you look at this it is a crappy situation. The guy came in with pennies because obviously all he has are pennies. And they aren't rolled because counting to 50 is strenuous, so the clerk will do it, for a 125 dollar fine. So 12500 pennies and 13 hours later on the tab of tax payers this douche thinks he has made a point. On principle he should have had a smack down. Crapping himself is bonus material.
  8. I assume you have a motor boat, did not watch video but assume it teaches you how to coil properly. Rope, cords, line, all have a natural twist built into them. Learn how to manage the twist and learn to coil and you can stop accidentally slapping your nads and just go back to the purposeful times you do it.
  9. Lauers options...take his lumps or eat a .45 acp. What say you judges???
  10. Nancy Pelosi. I think it is time for men to come forward and announce their plight of sexual harassment!!!
  11. Thermoworks has their Mark 4 thermopens for like 80 bucks and their older version for like 64 bucks. Good pens, good customer service, now is the time to add one to a stocking stuffer.
  12. Had a couple of brothers, Tom and Chris Wang. Good friends all through school. We would go over to their aunt and uncles house, Shirly and Harry Wang.
  13. Actually no. Had some items I wanted to get but nothing really shocking to me. Prices about the same for the last week or two.
  14. Not unusual for ribs to take up to six hours. Can do a 3-2-1 method or leave them unwrapped, as I do and 5-6 hours is pretty common at 225.
  15. this is perfect! Go ahead and put it the smoker, hot and fast. Take it to 265 internal and let it rest ten minutes. Cover with ketchup and should be good to go.