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  1. She had it 2” from the camera. At least a raccoon didn’t get at it.
  2. I was way off but had a feeling it wasn’t that big. Tail was too small. But she could of had giant ditch digging hands.
  3. Set the dvr. Sure there will be some pig testicles going down the hatch.
  4. Was that caught in a dragger net? That was prob my flukezilla that came unbuttoned 3 years ago. need to do some BMH canyon trips in Feb.
  5. Fluke season already? she has that fish so far away from her and up in the camera. 17.4 lb my guess and i want the scallops
  6. How long are her arms? Need to know that info for the calculation.
  7. some people claim there are multiple channels for live tv and sporting events. not saying there isnt but i cant find a good option but i havnt really tried too hard. it all depends on your build. movies are pretty good but if you ever used kodi before its hit and miss esp new movies. what kodi is is just a program to locates a bunch of streaming sites. Its basically a search engine to find streaming sites. As you know a lot of these sites dont work or ask for a password so you move to the next option its pita sometimes. older moves seem easier to get to work. sometimes you can get a good version of a movie still in theaters. I have IPvanish not sure which is best for you
  8. Don’t touch the remote. Or the comforter.
  9. I like to watch my Olympic curlers steroid free sooo I’m protesting.
  10. Be careful they’ll get you back one way or another.
  11. What happens when you have to go to the bathroom?
  12. There’s always the margaritaville cruise on the bmh to look forward to every year. Reserve now
  13. It was mob owned we didn’t know at the time. The owner got gunned down at the marina. Port Atlantic marina si
  14. God forbid. I need my fajitas and margaritas. Can do that every day. When I had a boat on Staten Island I was in a marina that had a restaurant and a outdoor tiki bar. We would fish for 5 hrs go back to the marina and eat sit at the bar then go back out. Margaritas all day. Those were the days.
  15. See how fast they broom that ice. You need an advantage upper body strength.