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  1. Neither. Your a hot dog man. A dirty water Razz dog eating red blooded merican. Your palette can’t handle any excess mercury.
  2. Hope those flukeys swim down to the Rooners boat Friday along with their mother’s.
  3. Maybe he wanted to preserve the species
  4. You don’t strike me as the sushi type.
  5. holy chit
  6. I just wouldnt eat at a place that doesnt sell a lot of sushi. don't want it to be lying around like gas station sushi. once they pull out the fish and only sell a couple of rolls it will sit in the fridge they are not gonna throw it out. Now if a well known steakhouse that sell alot of sushi i wouldnt have an issue with it.
  7. Heres why i believe this. Raw fish should be fresh and not defrosted and put back in the freezer. When a sushi place is good and thats their main seller the turn around is often and the fish is fresh. When you serve Sushi in a steak house with a million other items and people kinda come for a steak and not order sushi then it suffers. Oh Billy bob someone ordered sushi man i cant believe it pull it out of the freezer, well noone else ordered today put it back in the freezer.
  8. That advice was to anyone new to sushi. The thought of Kev ordering sushi at a steakhouse never crossed my mind.
  9. And even then you have to find a good one. One that dont smell fishy. (insert Snappio joke here)
  10. Never order sushi from a steak house...... Never order Sushi from anywhere other than a ummm.... Sushi house.
  11. Its Po'Gee Time!
  12. Pictures are always welcomed.
  13. Try the fajitas and report back. I think the level of goodness is a location thing. Had it at a different location with bad results. Add a few pitchers of presedente Rita’s and live like a squid. Nurse just asked me to dinner on Tuesday. Musta made an impression
  14. Looks like they took it over again.
  15. I see a lot of little people on the bow of the mohawk again on today’s report. Didn’t see Snappio.