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  1. In a food comma went to sushi with 3 people and we ordered 10 rolls. Mostly specialty large rolls. Sake and soup. Should of took a pic for slackle.
  2. Yes I can go whenever I want with no one to answer to but I prefer to fish with friends if I can. Kinda boring when you don’t know anyone. So there that’s why I ask who is Fishing. Normal friends don’t fish at all. Most hate it.
  3. This pic made it to my phone today. Said pool winner. Don’t recognize who these people are.
  4. What time does he sail? Depends on how late I get home tonight may go.
  5. Why do I need to be taken I got big boy pants on.
  6. Gen X. Generation of slackers.
  7. Snappio has a report coming.
  8. Live at let live. To each his own.
  9. Sounds good. I like the Hawaiian pizza thing. Sweet and salty is good.
  10. I didn’t see that. He was booked for the weekends. Maybe someone canceled
  11. Me? Was trying to get ppl to go but I guess nobody a fisherman in here. May jump on stray cat or something tomorrow. Don’t wanna do party boat
  12. You can’t just jump on when you want. He’s been booked for a while now
  13. I was at a scene from goodfellas by accident on Staten Island. Saw Ray L there didn’t know who he was but everyone was looking for Robert denero but he wasn’t in the scene. The scence was toward the end of the movie when Henry and that babysitter was running around with the drugs and he gets on a pay phone to say the helicopters were following him.
  14. Just trying to spark a little interest before it’s over.
  15. What’s that chain connected too? And he’s drinking my juice.