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  1. snagged a blue heron one morning. Was able to get the plug first then we cut the line. I wanted no part of that thing.
  2. let me know if you want to sell it. I love the old style abu reels.
  3. off topic but I ran into a SERE instructor for the Navy a couple of yrs ago that lives in Maine. He says the Navy leases a giant piece of land up that they teach the new up an coming SEALS the art of SERE. Interesting guy to say the least.
  4. beautiful watch, to bad I'm not a watch guy I'd grab this in a second.
  5. okay, I have that one already.
  6. what color is the a40? Yellow or chartruese?
  7. in the canal.
  8. you ain't kidding, man is that good.
  9. dave, I do this for a living and I can tell you right now no way are you doing a remodel in a week. I just a full gut on a 10x10 full bath. Right down to the studs and original subfloor. All new insulation, electrical, plumbing, new subfloor, moisture resistance drywall, paint, tile, vanity, etc. 15k, start to finish was 3 weeks.
  10. 2nd one down marc for me, thanks.
  11. wow jason. That is just crazy right there.
  12. slim medium swimmer just like the one above, red head green body for the chicken scratch one?
  13. I'll get back to later today via pm.
  14. send me a pm with your info.
  15. I can text you photos of it if you want. Maybe we can work something out for the rod and those cyclone peanuts you have?