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  1. is that factory paint on that?
  2. do you have any nice cyclones to trade? I can get that spoon lip for you. Mint condition also.
  3. never ever seen that pattern before. very cool,
  4. you wouldn't happen to have a spoon lip in purple glitter would you?
  5. to bad it wasn't in his wonderbread pattern. He did a killer wonderbread pattern.
  6. do yourself a favor and buy the expedition and be done with it. Bought mine when the exchange was low. Less than 800 shipped to my door.
  7. I'd be curious how much the employees have paid into their so called pensions. My mom is a retired teacher in NH, collects her pension, tax free because it's pre taxed and ss. Has taken out more in her pension benefits in 5 yrs than she paid in in 35 yrs. A town over from me the deputy fire chief retired after 30yrs of service and his pension is 9800 a month. I went into the wrong line of work. If I got in as a firemen in my 20's I'd be retired in about 10 yrs with a great pension.
  8. well said gary and spot on also.
  9. anyone in line yet? Have fun waiting outside all night long, no thanks.
  10. gonna figure out how to use my ipad to post picts. Maybe tomorrow after I'm done working.
  11. I have to agree with dave on this. Other sites I go to no pop ups at all. I'm glad your trying to fix it also. I know rome wasn't built in a day but how long does it take to fix something like this?
  12. going to try and post some from my ipad. Might have to have my daughter help me do this.
  13. hey what ever happened to you on this?
  14. i gave up using my ipad and phone, now just using my hard drive with no problems at all.
  15. how long ago did you get this one? I'm interested. I'ma sucker for old school rm scaled plugs.