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  1. that's funny right there.
  2. My uncle has one, why I don't know. He owns a pizza joint down in baltimore. Gets 10mpg that I do know.
  3. matt,
  4. I'm out, to busy with work.
  5. cyclone please,
  6. The tundra is a great truck for what it is but the mpg stinks and here's why. They either come with a 4.10 gear ratio or a 4.30 gear ratio which is terrible for the size truck. If it had a 3.73 ratio it would be better. My 2500 ram with a 6.4 liter gets better mpg than that thing.
  7. in that range, but on the lower side.
  8. nope, beauty of a deer though. probably shot in mass.
  9. george one of the fb pages I belong to posted a monster that was shot over the weekend. Shot in NH monadnock region, 201 lbs 209 inches. Guess they have been watching this deer for 3 yrs and decided to take him. What a friggin beauty it was.
  10. nice job. But I'd be scared to do that big of a floor myself. I'm not a fan of doing tile I only do it because I don't want to pay someone else to do it. The room was a little less than 100 sqrft. Inspection was this morning passed with flying colors.
  11. he got the house from his grandfather, no mortage no kids. Wants to get it out of the 70's. All new doors, trim, taking down walls opening up the floor plan. Plus re-doing the basement over.
  12. Project is all done, final inspection is this morning. Wish I could figure out how to load photos via my phone. Bathroom came out really nice. Doing the upstairs one after the first of the year along with a bunch of other stuff in his house.
  13. this thread has me in tears,
  14. "Licenses, we don't need no stinking licenses,"
  15. I hate you, damn that is nice.