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  1. he is what my son calls a " try hard "
  2. I got the stache growing in though....
  3. I wish I had that much hair
  4. Wow... fricken cool depth... this pict is in HD?? Pinch and zoom on the white caps, holy **** ...
  5. What’s with the glowing trees on the upper right??.
  6. Junior Wells was the fricken man on the harp...
  7. Poons are in the channels down Isle Capri area, thick... 70-90# range....
  8. he is the present day zappa.... pure garbage
  9. he should get a pass for creativity
  10. Damn that looks nice...
  11. right... it reads they never recovered his body in the 2 articles I read... but maybe Ernie can reread them for me....
  12. Feral Pig... and skinny monsters...
  13. I think so, comprehending though.....
  14. this picture is amazing.... colors, textures, reflections... did you use a filter at all??