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  1. don't look like a thumb to me LOL,the grass is getting longer by the minute.last half hour of lunch was not bad for me,but nothing after work
  2. a total disappointment for me. .after spending 4 hours in the car I get to the show at 12;45,i talk to my old friend Slipnot for a few minutes,by the time I go inside,there were only maybe 6 displays left.if you advisetise 3pm as a closing time people should have the coutesy to stay till 3 I have done plenty of craft shows in my day and none would let vendors leave that much sooner than closing
  3. not sure why anyone would poach fish unless they were going to eat them or sell them.and yes if you keep every fish caught you are a poacher since we as civilized people have laws to abide by
  4. America,s fish? for the longest time it had no value other than fertilizer.now its value is only to some granola crunching hipsters who think they are gods gift to them ,its only a fish, and a pretty easy one to catch at that.i will continue to eat some and sell them some as long as I am allowed to .
  5. At 63 years old I certainly like the new school way of doing things makes life much easier
  6. yep,crush the barbs,easy in easy out whether your hand or a fishs mouth.haven't lost a fish of a life time with crushed barbs as so many are afraid of
  7. for me most big fish are taken when they are in front of me and they are feeding.over the last 25 years I have had fish over 25lbs in every type of condition that you will incounter.in the area I fish I am more apt to catch large in a heavy SW wind winds over 25knots,moon phase doesn't play a part.some years back the same went for NE winds,but so much now.the more you fish the less you need to know,you just go
  8. about a week ago,still waiting for my first hit,studded Crocs the new canal fashion
  9. Phil,my bags are always packed before I go,and all my stuff is packed before I head back,so no my plugs don,t hit the ground.at 63 years old I got say fishing the canal is a lot safer than the skiing I do all winter and the mountainbiking that I did.knowing how to fall is abig part of being safe on the rocks,just as it is in skiing and mountainbiking
  10. I have a gsb1321 m that was custom built by Lou Carurso,AKA redhawk from this site,not much use but does have signs of wear.i am out in Truro,but couldmeet around the canal.i think 200would be my priceo
  11. I might be mistaken but tetnus is associated with animal fecal material coming in contact with punch wounds.as said by others crush your barbs and no need for cutters other than for your friends.use a little common sense that's the best way to avoid injury.the most dangerous part of the canal are the idoits in the parking lot
  12. disregard,thought I read Brezzy tackle.Very sad lots of conversation with him years ago in the plug form
  13. did he post here under the handle Johnny SI? RIP
  14. almost to the day
  15. where we gonna fish at lunch if herring cove lot is gone/closed?