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  1. as far as numbers of fish i catch as many as ten years ago probably even more, the big differance is size from the beach. spring,may june i still catch lots of big fish from the kayak,but rarely do they come on the beach as they did years ago.i would be willing to bet that the number of bass today is more than ten years ago they are just 10 to 24 inchs
  2. no complaints about my season.early season may/june was schoolie mania. caught my first bass april 28.had some decent fishing off the kayak may and june but missed some good weekends due to my trips back to VT.early july to mid september i hit the canal about 4 times aweek,some of the best fishing was when nobody was around the .the fall was a bust size wise, but still caught plenty of schoolies.caught 1 bluefish off the kayak and 1 at the canal.gone are the days of catching literally a thousand blue a season
  3. i have been using a pair of anglers choice SS needle nose pliers for almost 15 years now,a little rusty but they still work nicely to remove hooks from a fishs mouth.they cost 8.95 when i brought them. no one is going to convince me that any other pair of pliers will do a better job of removing a hook from a fish mouth.regardless of cost.if you have the means to buy a 300 dollar pliers and are something you like by all means buy them,but don't try and justify there purchase
  4. Mike,in my old age i have probably forgotten how to fish
  5. CTMF you are a better man than me,fished the canal about 40 times this season,caught lots and lots of big fish and lost quite a few plugs and retied many many times.guess i have a lot to learn
  6. M@Ds tackle and Canal bait and Tackle.for the longest time i would have agreed with reelfire on Shimano's service but my last experience with Shimano was horrible
  7. i read this tread all the time , just don't like the title.Fish Report,nothing worse than fishing reports to ruin an area no matter how vague.what we have around Ptown is nice and quiet these days,you can fish anywhere on the beach in peace and quiet,it wasn't all that long ago that these beachs had crowds,almost as bad as the canal this year.as i learned from my father well over 50 years ago loose lips sink ships.
  8. 2 all yellow 1.75 oz darters left 27.00 shipped
  9. Joel,54.00 total
  10. Black 2.5 and burple 1.75 and 2 minis sold to Zero,that leaves 1 pink 2 yellow and one herring 1.75 and a white and a yellow/white 2.5 oz. Joel has first dibs on whats left
  11. zero,black 2.5oz purple 1.75 and two .75 oz darters would be 40.50 shipped check or money order. Joel that would leave 2 2.5 oz darters if you want them 27.00 shipped no paypal
  12. Zero,the none of these are large size,one black is 2.5 meduim the other is black purple 1.75 small size if you still are interested i might split
  13. thanks
  14. a lot of 10 darters, 3 at 2.5 ozs 5 at 1.75 oz and 2 at .75 oz, the minis have screw eyes 135.00 shipped, check or MO,no paypal
  15. well i also work a day job,but i didn't let that get in my way of fishing the canal this season.from early july to mid sept. i fished the canal 4 or 5 times a week even having over an hour drive each way.i had only 4 trips where i didn't catch at least one fish and only one day where i didn't at least hook a fish.if anyone put in any amount of time fishing the canal this season with no luck they might want to think golf next season or stock up on horseshoes