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  1. i,d say your sharpie is a little dull on one end
  2. i find this whole thread quite amusing. i have met Ksong several times codfishing on trips put on by SOL,and knew that his passion for fishing is off the charts,i think its great he is developing a line of rods for differant types of fishing,but i have never been a fan self promotion or the pretense that a certain product will make some one better at something ,when a whole range of products will do the same thing in the hands of some who is acomplished in the task at hand.would a black hole rod catch more fish for me than my lami's i doubt it,would they tire me out less i doubt it,would they cast farther maybe.i am not afraid to say that i have a commercial license and fished the canal 4 or 5 times a week from mid june till late september, i caught many large fish this season and almost all the fish i sold were over 30 lbs, at least 10 over 35.i did release 99% of the fish i caught and one that i am sure was over 50lbs, i don't weigh fish unless i am selling them,and could care less about catching a 50lber.sure plenty of guys caught large fish this season in the canal ,but i guarantee the guys that know what they are doing caught way more and much larger than others. there were plenty of nights/ days where only a handfull of guys had success.
  3. for the longest time needles accounted for about 90% of the bass i caught,then out came the SP minnow.i still fish needles often,and probably have a needle for every occasion,many differant varyations of the same plug
  4. Having worked in a tackle shop for 10years,i can tell you that the long faces and angry looks comes after deal with the many aholes that come thru the door.in this life you usually get what you ask for.i am sure their were people that came into the shop that i worked that thought i was an **** when they left,butmany many came back or called because i spoke the truth
  5. the few times i have needed finger protection,times when i have cut or burned my index finger doing wood work,i have used the waterproof tape sold under varoius company names.the trick is to heat the tape up with a lighter before wrapping around finger
  6. if anyone is planning on skiing Sugarbush,let me know,i coach there on the weekends and can usually get out midweek.skiing has surely become a rich mans game,if i didn't live a few miles from a resort and work there i doubt i would ski too much.
  7. leasing is the way to go,if your kids happen to grow out of the boot during the season you can trade them in,the same with skis after a few times out they may need a bigger or smaller ski.i coach a seasonal weekend program and most of the kids 6 to 12 years old lease.
  8. eliminate recreational harvest of bass if you want to eat bass you buy some
  9. i have a bunch drilled and painted in varoius sizes,i can try and get some pictures up a little later if you are interested
  10. once again looking forward to the mass of boats that will arrive when word gets out that the bass have arrived around RP..always had mid may till almost end of june without many boats fishing,now the crowds as soon as the word gets out
  11. that video brings back memories,i worked on a relay on the SI side in the late 90's,we didn't have haulers other than some local kids that we hired to pull the rope in. many of the guys i worked with are still doing it on the NJ side.
  12. Yup,it is that John,boy do i miss those nights at Moriches,can't believe it was 20 years ago.i will never forget the night in mid Dec that we were fishing in the back when it started to snow aroum nd mid night,when we left in the morning there was about 6 inchs of snow and snowing,it snowed all the back to Vt.some were i have a picture of a 19 lber in the snow that i caught that night will give a call tonight John
  13. Ronnies big big gulp,just add some color
  14. Marty,it is John anybody that fished the canal on a regular basis this past season,more than likely had large numbers of fish well over 40 inches.cruxify me but i have a commercial permit,i sold 10 fish that were 35 /36 lbs and all my others were between 24 and 34 lbs. released a few that were over 40lbs and one that was 50 or better.on the other handin the area i fish nightly my best fish was 34 inchs a sad testimony of the state of our bass as far as the large gap in size distribution.
  15. Brad you are sitting right on top of a tape measure,by the looks of the fish in your hands,i bet the most that fish weighed was 25 lbs,but id say 40inchs 20 lbs