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  1. Have to admit thats a heck of a tool, gives a great advantage.
  2. Nice move on the catch and release, the fishing Gods should bless you. Nice feeling for both the finder and loser.
  3. How long till something that size makes it to the table?
  4. I think this ends with you buying a new one.
  5. Probably state purchasing laws which require them to publicly bid this, they should amend their law to allow local or in state purchases if within 5% of lowest qualified bid.
  6. Underhanded play, womanlike behavior. At least give the seller the chance to decline the $120 offer before stepping up with your extra dollar offer. Cheapshot. And no consideration at all for stepping right on the guys throat. None of my business but this just isn't right or even decent.
  7. Gotta ask? How do you save that kind of money just by buying from out of state and getting it shipped? Are cars cheaper in Iowa than Mass. ? Bad part is if its a used car, you can't personally inspect without a visit, makes buying a car more of a nuisance than it already is. And before you title and register in NJ you pay the sales tax 6.78% or something like that so hopefully you are including that upcoming thorn. Temporary tags or chance it with fake tags and notify your insurance company that your buying a car and will be driving it home. In fact send them an e-mail and request a response so you know your covered. Call your state MV folks and get clarification from them and then contact the state your buying in and see if things will work easily. I wish you luck.
  8. He wasn't graceful but he could hit. Great fundraiser for NYC Police and Firemen throughout the years and was loved by the city. He was known in Montreal where they also loved him as Le' Grande Orange'. And he did have good ribs. Thanks for the memories, RIP Rusty.
  9. Ruined almost all of them from Sea Bright to Manasquan Inlet, thats an honest 25 miles of beach. Notching didn't help erosion one bit. Government coin, it moves forward without hesitation or success.
  10. An air conditioner and bug spray. Not to mention a dentist and a hairdoer for the wife. Best of luck, your a bit off the SW surf scene, time for cats and carp.
  11. Sorry to hear, my condolences to all affected. He looks like he had a good life, soak up the memories.
  12. And I assume the profit margins are huge, these designers are business people first. They set the price so its fair to all their distributors, so no price fluctuation to the customer and the distributor and manufacturer sow the profits on MSRP list prices. In addition, if some of the larger volume distributors feel they deserve more, they probably are treated very well by the manufacturers, much like car manufacturers do for their dealers, the bug guys get more butter and bread. That way the small guy can't get sore and the big seller makes it back from the manufacturer who takes care of his best sales folks. In the end, the customer pays it all. Lucky us.
  13. The 200 or 250 is too hand heavy, the 150 is the right size and it gives you a reel for 7,8 or 9 foot rods. I don't dunk so I've given up on VS and ZeeBaas, found the always reliable Daiwa SS2600 to be my choice in spinning reels for lighter plugging. I'd consider a Shimano Saragosa but my interest in experimenting isn't what it once was. I will offer some good advice though, as long as your spending a small fortune anyway, buy yourself a Daiwa SS2600 and fill it with line, keep it readily handy and when you need a reel , give it a try. In all my years< I;ve never found anyone that didn't like them. The handle is sketchy but it works, the rest is perfect. For a little over $100 you have the best spare around.
  14. Thats good advice, fish swim between Raritan Bay/Sandy Hook and Cape May. Google earth will show spots that fish may be attracted to, like inlets, structure, estuaries etc.. You should also look at different towns and their parking laws, it ain't easy to hide anymore. Your already familiar with Sandy Hook, thats 14 mils of the best surfcasting NJ has to offer, both bay and ocean sides. You can spend years there finding favorite spots. For the Monmouth and Ocean County coastal towns, the biggest issue is finding a spot to park without being towed, ticketed or robbed. Daytime fishing is also a problem, cell phones have ruined what little enjoyment was ever found in daytime hunting, best to spend some nights without the crowds. Best wishes, times have changed, the best wishes is sincere.
  15. I don't own a pair of the Snap-On needle nose pliers that you have pictured but cutting a 4X 3/0 hook with those might be an effort. Maybe your gorilla strong, but I've found a diagonal cutter to be much more effective. How much for a pair of them, just curious?