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  1. A nice size Carp eating off the lily pads what may I️ use to catch this guy? CDE2ECAC-0CFE-4928-B822-39F3E41A055B.MOV C20EDD7B-2438-4154-A24A-67DF14715730.MOV
  2. Saw this beautiful Owl It was stalking my frog lure that was jumping from lily to lily
  3. I️ appreciate all this feed back!! Thanks to all Once I️ get some free time I’m hitting the lake again until I️ finally land one!!! Sharing some photos of the other day..
  4. Interested Can ya post pics?
  5. Mack, Thanks for taking the time out and helping me. Here are some photos of the lake I️ Fish. Maybe you can give me an idea on how to proceed. Thanks again.
  6. Last try....................
  7. Did some research, not the direction I'm gonna head. Thanks for the post I'm always looking, I got mostly everything else covered, except spinner baits - buzz baits. Would ya post some pics? Thanks.
  8. Wow this is extremely helpful! Thank you! I've been doing the complete opposite from what you describe above, as per the 10-15min of poppers, I'd do 10-15min of worms/soft baits, spending majority of my time throwing top water/hard plastics. As far as buzz baits, The lake has a sand bottom, some what clear water and near the banks/shores lots of vegetation/grass in the water (lost one floater and get caught up a lot) there is a boat house with a pretty descent size dock/ramp (that isn't in use while I fish) a lot of small fish around. What should I throw in these types of conditions? I appreciate the post Mack26!!!!
  9. Has anyone fished the surf for shark down in Florida?
  10. So, I start my morning at the lake around 5:15am, sunrise is approx. 6:10-15am. (I’m lucky to work at a college, surrounded by a huge lake and every morning, I see dozens of bass boat launch) My First choice is top water poppers typically then to a different style top water, of a few different patterns, colors, sizes, etc. My retrieval starts slow, a pop at a time. At times I let the ripples fade away then make another set of ripples or I pop frequently and at faster rate. I have also used jerk baits. The Lake is smooth as glass and bass are jumping all around me. And still NOTHING!!!!! What I'm I doing wrong??? Please advise
  11. Fish Bucket is an individual that in this world now a days is hard to come by! We have met on a sale done on SoL a few years back and the man is true to his word (sorry just thought I️ should throw my 2cents in) Hope your doing well!!
  12. Like the Red Fish and Bass pics
  13. Sorry I’m in the sunshine state will cover shipping if it’s an option